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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Worthwhile Wednesday~Welcome to the Family & Giveaway

Happy Wednesday Friends! We are very excited and pleased to announce the newest member of the Molly Lou Gifts family, Coyne and Pinckney. Let me tell you a few things that made me just love them and want them to join the ML family before I even really explored their products.
The owners of Coyne and Pinckney are a husband and wife team that met at Clemson University (just like Mr. and Mrs. Molly Lou), they were married at Fripp Island (the Molly Lous adore Fripp and went there on vacation with my entire family after their wedding and before leaving for Italy), they are a South Carolina based business (just like Molly Lou Gifts)...are you seeing some similarities? Also, the owners both share names of people in the Molly Lou family and are just all around awesome.

Coyne and Pinckney's stationery sets have fantastic quality, detailed designs, and exude a Southern style that you will love and cherish. You will love sending notes on your new stationery designs and your recipient will appreciate your thoughtful stationery style.My favorites are the adirondack chairs! LOVE THEM! I also love the Palmetto Tree, crabs, alligator, sailing skiffs, the Palmetto pride-you get the idea.

When you need a vacation, go pull out your notes, think of a dear friend that you would like to be sitting under the Old Oak with or chatting with while sipping a summer drink in the adirondack chairs, close your eyes pretending you're there, and then write a note to them! Instant stress reliever!

Molly Lou Gifts is so excited to add their products to our line that we are offering them at a 10% discount to welcome them! Each note set comes with ten notes and the discount is good until August 1, 2009.
Now, in true Molly Lou Gifts style when we launch a new product line, we offer a discount and a giveaway. Discount, check! It's Giveaway time!

We are offering your choice of stationery set from our new friends! Which will you choose??

Now, to enter:
1-comment on this posting telling us which design you would choose and who your first note would be sent to on your new set.
2-Become a follower or let us know you already heart us.

3-Refer a friend to our blog and if they mention you in their comments, then you get an extra entry.
4-Blog and/or tweet about this giveaway linking it back to this post.
5-Buy a set! Think of all the great and affordable gift recipients that would LOVE this set. For every set you purchase, you receive 5 entries.

I will throw all the entries together and pick a winner on Monday, August 3! You have until Sunday, August 2 at 11:59 pm to enter! YAY! Get know you want to!

Now, get yourselves on over to Molly Lou Gifts and check out Coyne and Pinckney's new page! Have a great day!


  1. I love the sea turtles!! I am going to have to show those to a friend of mine who loves all things turtle! :)

  2. The sailboat design is great! I am already a follower.


  3. I would pick the sailboat design. My first letter I would send would be to my boyfriend's grandparents who live in the USVI. I'm a follower.

  4. I LOVE the sailboats and I would write a note to my grandfather!

    I am already a follower :)

  5. I love the Palmetto Pride one! I would write a note to my cousin in Maryland!

  6. I would totally pick the crab-fitting wouldn't you say?

    I think you have an idea of the
    1st person I'd send a note to!

    I'm a follower...and I'm going to tweet about it now!

  7. I love the Sea Turtle and I would send my first note to you of course, thanking you for the lovely stationary and I already heart you!

  8. I like the little crabs and can already think of a few people I would get these for...

    Can't wait to see the tray I ordered!

    And of course - already following on Twitter.

  9. 1-i LOVE the oak tree or the palmetto tree! or the crab. gee!! maybe the crab or the palmetto. i lvoe them all.
    2-follow you on twitter and googlereader
    3-i tweeted this!!

  10. I would either pick the Adirondack chairs or the Palmetto. I'm from SC and so I have a lot of Palmetto pride, but I also grew up summering in a small town in the North East Kingdom of Vermont and I have so many memories of sitting in the Adirondack chairs watching the loons on the lake. :) I would send my first card to my great Auntie Anna who lives in Scotland, because she loves getting mail, and as a widow is quite lonely.

  11. I adore those sailboat cards! Might have to pick some up if (IF) the DH and I start our sailing lessons! :)


  12. I would do the adirondack chairs. So cute. I'm a follower and I've added a link to the giveaway on my blog's giveaway button.

  13. I LOVE the Old Oak Tree Note Set and would send my first one to my Nannie! She loves old trees and she LOVES to get mail! :) I am already a follower and LOVE MLG!! I have posted this giveaway on my sidebar...good luck Coyne and Pinckney!!

  14. I love the adirondack chairs! I would probably send a note to my mom just to make her jealous that i had them!

    I am slready a follower and next time I post I'll include in my post and add to sidebar.


  15. I am already a follower, which I think you know! :)

    I love, love, love those beach chairs. I really need to spend some money in your store one of these days!

    I would send a note to my college friend whose mom is battling pancreatic cancer...can't let her know I am thinking about her enough.

  16. I would select the sea turtle design. My first note would be to my Aunt Helen who is a true luddite and only corresponds in hand written letters/notes.

  17. 1. I love C&P and the crab design is my favorite for summer and because I am a cancer and have family in Maryland (I like it for too many reasons!!). I would send my first note to my cousin.

    2. I am already a follower

    3. I have posted this giveaway on the sidebar of my blog!

  18. Definitely the sailboat!
    I am a follower :)

  19. i am all over the adirondack chair stationary!!! it brings back good amazing of sitting on the beach, watching the sunset!!! the first note i would send to would be my mom, especially because i'm leaving for college soon

    i am also a follower

    and btw... jules sent me!!!

    and i have a link on my blog

    wish me luck!!!

  20. I like the sea turtles because it reminds me of the time my friends and I were snorkeling in Hawaii and we chased a very fast sea turtle. We ended up snapping many very blurry pictures of the speedy guy. My friends would be the first ones to get one of these cards.

    I'm a follower.

  21. Interesting text & very cute picture. You have a nice blog. Keep it up!


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