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Monday, July 27, 2009

All About Your Perspective

Ok, so last week my friend over at Just Playing Pretend offered two options on attitudes while regaling her rather interesting. Loved this idea and decided to borrow it for today to fill you in on the Molly Lou family road trip. Everything really is all about your perspective and how you look at things...

Attitude 1

a. Stuck in the Molly Lou family car with Mr. Molly Lou, both minis, Mr. Molly Lou's brother, and his girlfriend for over 13 hours on Thursday/Friday cramped like sardines and getting nauseous as Mini #1 and are stuck in the way back and feel like we are on a constant roller coaster ride while Mr. Molly Lou is erratically driving. We left at 11 pm on Thursday night and arrived at our destination around 12:30 pm on Friday.

b. Arrive at destination and have many, many people to see. Mini #2 has bruises on her cheeks and hams from being squeezed and kissed so much over the weekend. Some of the family has new significant others that we get to meet and let's just say that some are quite interesting.

c. Mosquitoes eat me alive and I couldn't quit scratching all weekend.

d. Mr. Molly Lou was catching up and acting like he was in college again all weekend while I had sole Mini duty. Mini #2 loves plants and feels that she should eat them all.

e. Mini #2 decides that she doesn't want to sleep in the crib and Mini #1 doesn't want to sleep in the "nest" on the floor, so both nights all four of us slept together in one bed.

f. There was more food in the home than at your local supermarket, so as a form of entertainment, I just ate. I needed to be rolled out of there. I need some miracle cleanse and fasting.

g. After being there for about 48 hours, we decided that was enough and all jumped back in the car to ride those 13 hours back home together. We were all tired, fatter, and down right crankier as we embarked on this return journey. You know the trip home is never as much fun and the Minis were NOT feeling it on the ride home. Mini #1 was particularly cheery as his DVD player wouldn't work because the new "universal" car charger I bought didn't feel like working. My shift of driving was also the last 4.5 hours that ended at 2:30 this morning and included a torrential downpour in which I couldn't see a good portion of the trip.

Attitude 2

a. I got to spend quality time with my family in the Molly Lou car riding up to PA. We sang songs, chatted, and just loved being together. Mini #1 were able to get bonus entertainment as we got free amusement park rides from sitting in the back. Also, we were able to help the planet by only taking one car and conserving gas.

b. Mini #2 has a new reddish complexion with hints of blue on her skin from all the loving people that just couldn't get enough of this sweet, sweet girl. Perhaps she won't need makeup when she is older. We got to meet new significant others this weekend and loved getting to meet new people.

c. I lost weight this weekend since the mosquitoes loved feasting on my body. This could be a new diet fad.

d. It was such a trip down memory lane to watch Mr. Molly Lou with his family and childhood friends. I loved spending that extra quality time with the minis exploring the lake home we were visiting and was able to deeply appreciate the little things that he does at home when he actually acknowledges that he has children.

e. Sleeping together always brings a family closer. Thankfully, I wasn't able to sleep so deeply this weekend that I might miss something. Also, another great weight loss tool as I was sandwiched between my children that radiate heat and sweat so much each night.

f. I am so thankful to have had such wonderful food this weekend. Great food and great company. I won't need to buy groceries this week as we ate so much that our bodies have at least a week reserve.

g. It was great to hop back in the car on Sunday. We got to squeeze back in the car together and recap the weekend. We were able to see new parts of this great country and visit some gas stations and restrooms that helped build my children's tolerance to germs. Mini #1 was really able to appreciate how he normally gets to ride with a video and is now able to understand how we used to ride in the "old days." I got to really get in touch with God as I prayed so much to make it home through the storm.

I'll let you decide which attitude stance I take...perhaps a bit of both! :) Hope you all had a great weekend...can't wait to catch up!


  1. Oooh, that's a toughie. There's a fine line between optimism and honesty. Maybe you should combine them and meet in the middle. You know, a kind of "could have been worse" attitude, lol.

  2. Don't ask me, I've got nothing for ya' - :-) That is a tough one, a mixture of both!

  3. Ummm I think I would be having attitude #1, but it is fun to get out of town most of the time, no matter where you go! So with a few days to recover, maybe attitude #2 will start feeling better!

  4. LOL! I love this post!

    ANd seriously, with all the moving and opening and closing of doors, I totally relate to this.."I lost weight this weekend since the mosquitoes loved feasting on my body. This could be a new diet fad." I love your take on the welts all over my legs and arms!

  5. I tend to be a glass half full kind of person, so I try not to complain TOO much, but all of us have to break every once in a while...I think it's just important to not always have attitude 1. However, some situations just call for it!

  6. I love this! I might borrow as well!

  7. Really Great! I love the two prespectives... a good trick for real life too!

  8. This was pure fun! I love that there was a positive point of view...but the first was hilarious! And the second was funny too since there was the first one to compare it with.

    After reading the first perspective, the second one also held a touch of sarcasm... (my hubby has a bit of that sarcastic type humor :o)

    I will have to tuck this away for a future post.

  9. What a great idea!

    I'm glad you survived the trip. But where did Darby sit?


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