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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weeds and Mosquitose will not win!

The words "weeds" and "mosquitoes" are quickly becoming four letter words in the Molly Lou house. I HATE WEEDS AND MOSQUITOES equally. I cannot stress it enough...HATE THEM. That whole "love all living things" bit doesn't work with me and those two awful things listed above. When God and Noah's Ark occurred, why were the mosquitoes spared...I mean what good comes from a mosquito besides sucking the blood out of me and my precious minis? You all know my complete disgust with lizards, but even I can see why someone like God would like them. Forget that they are slimy, disgusting creatures, perhaps some see them as adorable litlte lizards that eat their bugs.

Even with bug spray on, we are still getting bit and I cannot kill enough. Trust me I feel NO GUILT when I smash one.

Weeds aren't much better in my book. At one time, years ago the "interesting" one had some great landscaping put in. I'm sure it cost quite a lot as I have met this woman and I don't think she could even understand the words "sweat equity." Anyway, I'm sure that back in it's day, the yard was fantastic and while I can see the "good bones" of the yard beneath the overgrowth, it is driving me crazy trying to get there.

I know what you all are thinking? Why doesn't the Molly Lou family hire a landscaper to make the yard beautiful again. Well, you see we don't really work like that. Mr. Molly Lou is someone who has the mentality of "Why should we pay someone to do what we can do?" While I can understand that, the real reason is that we should spend what little money we have feeding our children, keeping the AC running, and perhaps contributing to their college fund. The landscaper fund is slim these days. We are making major improvements and it started with the actual mowing of the lawn. It was amazing to see the two to three foot tall grass mowed down and this past weekend he did it again and it looks great. The backyard is looking good too. Now, the front beds are where the weeds I mentioned above are killing me. The front beds have some good shrubs and the outline of stones looks great. The problem comes from the 98437508745 weeds that have been quite happy making their home there for years as the interesting one continued to get boob jobs instead of weeding her yard.

My poor hands will NEVER look the same. Not that I had great hands and am always in need of a manicure, but now there is DIRT that is permanently making its home permanently in my nails and crevices on my hands. I also have cuts that I am not exactly sure how I got. It is instant gratification though...I get a little jolt of excitement when I look down and see a small patch that is weed free.

I swear though thatI pull up 4 weeds and then I look down and there are three more. They are worse than rabbits...where are they all coming from? You know how I have mentioned before about how I truly believe that I was meant to be royalty and obscenely rich in a previous life? Well, at night I am going to dream being that rich and watching a completely fab landscaper transform my yard and making the leaves disappear like magic.

Have a great day! Cheers!

PS-Mr. Molly Lou and Mini #1 were able to get in to the pool before dinner last night! YAY! It isn't completely clear, but I went to the pool store again yesterday with a sample. Everything checked out so it is completely safe to swim and we are adding a better clarifier to it. The woman explained that since the pool was so completely lagoonlike and disgusting to start, it is just taking MORE time to clear up and ADDITIONAL products....thanks again Interesting One. GREAT JOB!!! Perhaps if we didn't have to spend all this money on just getting the pool clear that I could actually have that landscaper.


  1. Weeds & skeeters...wait...were you standing in MY yard?? I'm an "all you can suck" buffet for skeeters and my flower beds, well, they're not looking so swell. Even with the weed barrier we still have weeds...durn mulch!

  2. How fun that you got to use the pool - yeah for that success!

  3. Hearing you talk about the mosquitos makes me think of Sweet Home Alabama where after smooshing one the Dad says "Careful, you just smashed the state bird!"

  4. Yay for pool time! I loved having a house with a pool when I was little!
    I can't stand weeds or mosquitos either - I am so sorry you are dealing with them!

  5. I'm sure mini #1 loved the pool! I have skeeter bites all over me from Saturday night. Wouldn't it be nice to have a landscaper? When The Boyfriend and I win Powerball (it is going to happen soon I just know it) I will send one your way!

  6. i HAAAATE pulling weeds. i ALSO hate mosquitoes! They are so annoying. Im not sure what the point in them is!

  7. Have you tried the skin so soft spray by AVON for getting bugs to leave you alone? I sell it on my blog if you go in my AVON store. It's only 3.95 a bottle right now for the summer sale price. It works wonders and smells great :)Not at all like bug spray.


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