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Monday, July 27, 2009


Have you seen the previews for ABC's new, Cougartown starring Courteney Cox? Interesting...Obviously the title gives it away. Courteney Cox is a 40 something divorced woman with a teenage son that decides to spice up her dating life and go on the prowl. Right!

Yesterday I wrote about different perceptions. So, I give you part 2; Cougartown-a train wreck waiting to happen or pure sitcom revolution?

Thought A:
*Who uses the word cougar anymore in a cool way? It's kind of lame and really 5 minutes ago.
*The previews are terrible. The jokes are bad, just bad.
*Have you seen the one where Courteney Cox is pulling at all of her copious amounts of flab? LIKE ANYONE IN AMERICA IS GOING TO BELIEVE THAT WAS REALLY YOU AND FEEL SORRY FOR YOU! That is not a way to attract viewers?
*Everyone loves Courteney Cox on Friends and there is no going back once we see this show.
Thought B:
*What courageous producers and writers this show has in bringing back the word cougar. Good for them...perhaps it can be cool and we could even expand the definition of cougar so it could appeal to a broader audience.
*Perhaps the jokes aren't bad, just misunderstood. There are PLENTY of bad jokes that have stuck and continue to be repeated...perhaps Cougartown will start a trend.
* Courteney Cox found flab??? Oh no, plastic surgeons are going to get even richer and weight loss remedies are going to explode...just fixing the recession and economy.
*"Friends???? What's Friends? I only know Courteney Cox from that awesome show on ABC Cougartown. She is fantastic and a true role model for women. I so relate to her and just adore her. " It could happen...
I guess we will just have to wait until September 23 to see what Cougartown brings to our lives. I am pretty sure that even if it is a train wreck, I will have to take a peek...
Have a great day!


  1. I know. I want to hate, but I feel as if I'll have to watch at least the first episode to be a fair judge.

  2. I'm not sure about this new show. I def agree with everything you said. I'm not sure I can look at her and not see Monica Gellar-Bing. Ha!

  3. I hate to say it but let's go with Thought A! :)

  4. Great, now I HAVE to watch it. It sounds too bad to miss!
    And on a side note, I think my husband will watch it just because it's called 'cougar' & we have a dear friend with a Cougar (car) but the 'r' has fallen off... so naturally, we will call this show "Couga" and sound so, so cool.

  5. My thoughts lean towards "A". I HATE the word cougar. Ew.

  6. matter how you say it...can't see this running for 100 episodes!

    and your other commenters comments...too funny!


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