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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Haphazard Thursday

We all know that I have a lot of randomness (and a few rants) going on in my head at all times, so I am dubbing Thursdays to be "Haphazard Thursdays." I will just let it all (well, perhaps not all) out and we can chat it up based on what is going on in Molly Lou World. I know you're all thrilled.

1. Darby Update: (If you missed Darby's intro. to the Molly Lou family, click here.) Ok folks, I think the Darby has WORN out her welcome. I am trying to be patient and while it is humorous and fun to watch, sometimes that little $%^& is causing problems. All of the reasons that I don't believe in spanking my children, do you think that would apply as well to imaginary friends? Here is the best from yesterday...I was pulling out of the driveway and all of the sudden, the door opens. The car is moving and Mini #1's door is open.

I freak out and say "What are you doing?"

Mini: "You left Darby. She was chasing us. We can't leave her at home."

I get out and close the door (first assuring that the child lock is now actually on) and then say "Is Darby all set? From now on, if Darby isn't in the car when it starts moving, then she doesn't get to go. Ok?"

Mini: "Did you hear that Darby? Mom said you can't go if we are moving. She means it, I can tell."

Glad that Darby got the picture...Don't make me come back there, Darby! Darby also doesn't like to eat her lunch, but likes to try to sneak a fruit snack out of the cabinet. Mini #1 put Darby in to timeout and said "Darby, you are getting a time out because your ears aren't on and you are having a hard time listening."

Hmmm...where do you think that line came from?

2-Jon Gosselin-he is making me crazy. I was always on Team Jon, but now I have jumped ship. What a flippin' moron. You are now dating your wife's plastic surgeon's daughter that is over a decade younger than you and there are magazine pictures of you smoking while in the south of France just 19 days after your wife filed for divorce...great for your children. You are so right, you are there for your kids and doing what is BEST for them. Oh, by the way, why did you wife need to have plastic surgery? Right...she had 8 children, 6 of them at once and they slightly resemble you! WAY TO GO JON!

3-We have been going to a new church. It's nice and last night, we went to the Wednesday night deal. You know the drill: covered dish meal, old people that you don't know touching your baby, followed by children's fun time and then adult study/discussion. I really wanted to go because Mini #1 is going to VBS there next week alone and if you know him or have read my blog, he is not loving strangers and unfamiliar situations. We met some more nice people and the "class" was only like 35 minutes. The kids had fun, but here is my rant. COVERED DISH MEALS MAKE ME CRAZY!!!! Someone brought a 3"x6" platter of raw broccoli and someone else brought a package of Oreos. Are you f*&%ing kidding me? THAT WAS THEIR CONTRIBUTION!

4-Have you ever taken one of those colors tests? Choose your favorite color from a list and then it defines you as a person. I did one the other night when I couldn't sleep. I know what you're thinking that there were about 278 more useful things that I could have been doing instead of this. Take your own here and see if you can guess mine. I bet you can.

5-I look like a battered woman. All this manual labor in my yard has given me about 45621 bruises. I bruise so easily. This manual labor thing is getting old and I so wish I could Bewitch myself a laborer.

Thanks for indulging me on "Haphazard Thursday." Have a great day!


  1. Darby has a lot of willpower to chase after a moving car. : ) I love these stories!

  2. Darby just makes my day! I'm sorry she makes yours so different.

    And I hate covered dish things, I mean have some common sense people! At least put an entire veggie tray together!

    The Boyfriend looks like I beat him right now since he fell on the boat Monday and his entire right upper arm is a bruise. I'm just glad we're not going to see the MIL before we leave for vacay since I'm sure she'd think I did it :)

    I still promise you a yard man when I win the lotto!

  3. I'm DONE with Jon and Kate foeva.
    Covered dish meals are insane and unfair.
    I'm cracking up about Darby. Please post more on that subject.
    I'm totally taking a personality test after this. Because I'm at work and that's how I do.

  4. Jon and kate...make me sad. I don't even like to talk about it anymore...but Jon does look more jerky everyday!

  5. So funny about Darby! I gave up on JK+8 a long time ago, when all this fit started hitting the shan.

    About covered dishes... that's freakin not right to do that. I'm in a young singles group, and we have potlucks with better contributions than that.

  6. Ok I just peed ma pants...especially about Darby!!!

  7. Ahh, poor MLG! I do have to say that I love Darby, of course, she's not living with me, so I' allowed to say that :-) LOL!

    As for the swap, I don't know what to do, I can't get my partner to respond to me. I am so excited to shop, but don't want to without her tastes and at least her address! Oh well, maybe next time if I don't hear from her soon!


  8. So glad I found you...however, I must empty my bladder before reading your posts, nearly peed my pants!

    Love Darby, to have such a fantastic imagine is wonderful AND funny!

    I'm with you on Jon, he's acting like a 16 year old love struck DOPE! But I do have to say that after 10 years of being brow beat by Kate, he just wants to have some fun...but please do it in private Jon...Please!


  9. My partner contacted me! Yay! We did have the wrong email address. No matter, we're on our way! thanks for the help!

  10. Well, there is certainly no putting Darby up for adoption cause the long term emotional damage would cost you a fortune in therapists. So, Darby better start behaving! Yes, Jon is an idiot. Covered dish must have a new definition that I wasn't aware of, but thanks for letting me in on the deal. I won't worry so much about what to take to the next covered dish supper! haha

    Love your posts!!

  11. Darby sounds like a pain in the ass to me! I guess her mother didn't raise her properly! :) But the stories are cracking me up. I read them to my parents who also enjoy them!

  12. Oh, Darby! What a scoundrel!

    And old people are touching your belly, huh? Any reason why?

  13. lol... Darby is cracking me up. Great blog!


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