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Friday, July 31, 2009

Thoughts and Honesty

I got a card from my Book Buddy the other day and I laughed out loud. It says:

"Tips from the almost-licensed party planner:

When seating guests, it's best not to place all the shallow people together. A simple shallow-deep-shallow-moody-shallow-deep pattern works best."

Yesterday, Mini #1 was on my last nerves and just had an all around moody day. He was so bratty, I don't know what his deal was. Last night, after stories, he was snuggling with me for a moment before I took him upstairs. I said "I missed my sweet boy today. I hope he is back tomorrow."

I tucked him in and went about my business.

He comes downstairs a few minutes later and says "Mom, I checked. The sweet boy will be back on Tuesday."

Where he gets this stuff, I don't know. At least he is honest!

Have a great weekend. Can't wait to catch up and hear all about it. Don't forget to enter our giveaway...Sunday is the last day!


  1. I'm going to try to catch up on my blog reading, so will be going back to the last post I read of yours and moving forward, but I wanted to comment here.

    Mini#1 is too cute! (I may be repeating that comment and will most likely find myself writing that multiple times over!) I love what little ones say... you have to wonder what is going on in their thought processes :o)

    haha, I re-read what Mini #1 said and then I looked up at your post to see what day he said it (Thursday). So, how did he pick Tuesday? haha

    You'll have to post if it really does take until Tuesday for "the sweet boy" to return.

    Blessings & Aloha!

    (oh, I also posted about my wonderful, amazing swap surprise gift from my wonderful, amazing Swap buddy-Sarah. Thank you for hosting the Christmas in July first! I'm glad I was able to join in :o)

  2. Little ones say the darnedest things sometimes. Too cute.

  3. I really like the tip from the "almost licensed party planner" - very true, actually!

    Little ones come up with some of the funniest things, don't they? My niece asked if I would come eat lunch with her when she starts school. I told her of course I would. She then asked me to come every day!

  4. What a great card! And I am sure you will now be looking forward to Tuesday! Good luck this weekend!

  5. That is too funny!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Great card and what a sweet little man!! I know they can get on our nerves sometimes but then they can just melt our hearts by saying the cutest things! Have a fabulous weekend! :)

  7. Oh my goodness. This totally cracked me up. Too adorable!

  8. Oh mini#1 -- never one to disappoint! I'm just curious as to who he checked with :)


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