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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Where I Don't Belong

You all know that Mr. Molly Lou and I headed away for one night last Friday to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. We only had 24 hours, so we stayed close to home. We left the minis with Grammy (my mom) and headed to Asheville, NC.

As a child, I used to go to the Asheville area all the time. It's really beautiful and I was also so happy to grow up in a place that was so close to beautiful mountains and beaches. My parents would pack Molly Lou sister and I in the minivan and we would head to the mountains to pick apples, pumpkins, look at the beautiful fall leaves on the mountains, and tour the Biltmore Estate.

You know that I truly believe that I was meant to be royalty in a previous life. As a little girl, I used to pretend that I was a Vanderbilt and lived in the Biltmore. You know the whole largest private home in America, owning as far as you can see, more rooms that you could possibly run around in one day, people to cook your meals, horses to ride, etc. was really up my alley. Parents always encourage their children to dream and that was mine.

So, back to my original point. I have never really been to downtown Asheville or it has been many years since that little soiree. Asheville is full of artisitic, hippie, granola, tree-hugging sorts. It was nice to be in such a unique place...the weather was great and most of the shops and restaurants are locally owned. I love being in the mountains and this little unique town is cute. However, some citizens take the whole "back to nature thing" a little too far. I saw a woman in dreadlocks and a tapestry dress breastfeeding her child while walking down the street. RIGHT! I breastfed Mini #1 for 13 months and tried with Mini #2, so it isn't that I have a problem with breastfeeding, it's the whole while walking down a street filled people and the disgustingness that has become your head. Birds would fly away in fear after seeing that nest. Every person that was a true "Asheville-ite" had that vegan, yoga obsessed vibe while wearing their peasant inspired "vintage" clothes and some smelling as though they hadn't bathed in a while. When did taking regular showers and taking pride in having that Dove soap smell become a bad thing?

On Saturday, I had on seersucker pants, monogram Stephen Bonanno's, and carried my blue leather Kate Spade bag while Mr. Molly Lou had on madras shorts and Sperry's. The tree huggers were running for their trees when they saw us coming. I mean this town is-sooooooooo NOT ME! Mr. Molly Lou and I stuck out like sore thumbs. It was kind of funny because you could point out other "outsiders" like us a mile away as they too wore clean clothes and showered at their hotel or bed and breakfast before walking out in search of a Starbucks before they headed back to their respective fast paced life full of all that the Industrial Revolution made possible.

They would certainly turn me in to the authorities for bottle feeding my child and feeding her Gerber baby food in clothes that were not recycled, but purchased from Baby Gap. It might just throw them over the edge if they saw that she was wearing-disposable diapers! GASP! And, Mini #1 didn't play with handmade wooden toys, but loud, plastic ones from Target while obsessing over the polluting trains that go through the mountains. They would exile him for not eating organic vegetables, but instead inhaling Goldfish and pining for a taco from Moe's.

"Worthwhile Wednesday" will be delayed this week! Sorry...I know you just couldn't wait to read this morning to see this week's picks! Don't forget that Friday is the last day to enter our GIVEAWAY BLOWOUT. See top or left for details and to enter. Also, we are having a Christmas in July Swap! YAY! Join the fun and get the details here. Deadline to enter is July 10th with partners announced on the 11th. Invite a friend! Have a great day!

PS-It has become a habit that I don't even THINK about taking the camera if the minis aren't around. Mr. Molly Lou and I are going to look back and wonder where the heck we were for our entire lives. Answer-raising children!!! :)


  1. Ok, that made me laugh outloud because I totally know what you are talking about. Dreads are disgusting and why can't people just take a shower? I don't get it. I feel nasty if I don't shower EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

  2. Dear Lord...Mr. Crab and I would stick out there too. Although Mr. Crab has "Green and Leed" certifications, we are by no means super green in this house...and we take daily showers (sometimes twice a day). We too use disposable diapers, hit the print button too many times and wash our hair daily...

  3. ewww breastfeeding while walking down the street!!!
    I could not do that. There is such a thing as privacy!! lol

    Glad you got to get away!!

  4. Next time, head up to Blowing Rock....a bit more your style! ;)

  5. I just love little downtowns with amazing local shops! I'm sure you and Mr. Molly Lou made the best of it. And it seems like sticking out there would be much better than blending in :)

  6. I grew up in a fairly hippie culture, but I've created a love of preppy-hippie combination as I get older, and those kind of hard-core, non-showering hippies freak me out! What happened to love and acceptance?

  7. I don't mean to be rude, but aren't you doing to them exactly what you *think* they do to you (that is, judge you mercilessly)? It seems rather presumptuous to think that about the townspeoples' attitude towards you (the paragraph about turning you into the authorities).

  8. I'm with Perfectly Pleasant on this one! I mean, to each his own but when you feel out of place, you just do! At least you got to get away. I bet the two of you looked FABULOUS!! :)

  9. This made me each their own, that's what I love about the good ole US of A...but when we were living in Arizona and all of the men had barbwire tatoos and wore board shorts, my husband felt a bit silly in his seersucker shorts. I used to joke that our kids would get beat up at the pool in their preppy bathing suits!


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