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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

100th, Well 101st GIVEAWAY Blowout!

So, I'm baaaaaack! Can't wait to share all the tales and tribulations of the past week and a half. Of course, in true Molly Lou style, NOTHING is ever easy and after many, many days of waiting and "issues" the oh so nice internet man just left and granted me access back in to the world! I addicted? I really felt like a drug addict going through withdrawals this week without all of you and your updates, tweets, and emails! Even on vacation, I have access, so this was a real test that I am proud to say that I, the minis, and Mr. Molly Lou made it out of alive. Thanks to Molly Lou sister who posted my short still alive message so all of you dear friends didn't forget about me. Thanks to Sherwin Williams pain, gallons of bleach, and scrubber brushes, I am pleased to announce that the house is fab and there are barely any traces that the DISGUSTING "interesting one" previously resided here.

I have so much to catch up on...if anyone of you posted anything huge that I need to immediately know about, please comment or email me so I get back in the loop asap!

But this post is all about my 100th (now 101st post) post giveaway blowout! That's right, I said BLOWOUT! I know this tiny little 100th post is just a small feat compared to some of you, we are thrilled and it feels like only yesterday that we were just becoming Blogland friends.

Get excited...drum roll please! For this giveaway, I have decided to do $100 in Molly Lou Gifts products!!! YAY! The winner of this fantastic giveaway will receive:

*1 set of personalized social stationery or 1 set of custom invitations for your summer soiree!

*1 personalized pail-perfect with a monogram and great for housing odds and ends, writing utensils, plants, etc.

*1 set of NEW personalized coasters that I am in love with!

*1 set of 4 handmade blockprint art greeting cards

*1 memo pad box set

*1 ribbon notepad in the adorable black and white damask pattern with blue ribbon

*1 $10 Molly Lou Gifts gift certificate for your choice of fab item!

Also, there will not be one, not two, but THREE winners to this giveaway! The grand prize winner will win the above mentioned treasure box and two other lucky winners will win Molly Lou Gifts gift certificates!

So, the nitty gritty to the contest:

Contest will run from now until July 10, 2009! Anyone can enter and of course, there are several ways to enter!

~Become a follower or let me know you are already one.
~Refer someone who becomes a follower. If they tell me you sent them over, then you get an additional entry. We are close to 200 us get there!

~Blog and/or tweet about this. Comment that you did one or both and provide a link to the blog post. You can get up to three entries for this (Blog three separate times about this and link us back each time and you will get three entries).

~Head over to our website, peruse around and come back and let us know what you like, what you don't, and any suggestions you may have. I have always wanted to have a shop that provided great, affordable products and offered the best customer service. I need your opinions!

~For every $10 you spend at Molly Lou Gifts, you will receive an entry. Order a birthday gift for a friend and get an adorable packaged item and entries...see, it really does pay to shop! If you are buying a jump present for Spirit Jump and you mention it in the notes section of your order, you will get double entries. Remember, use code spirit15 for spririt jump gifts and we will give you 15% off and will wrap and ship your item directly to your recipient! :)

Whew! That's a lot, but well worth it! Get entering and tell a friend! Thanks to everyone! Can't wait to catch up!

Have a great day! Cheers!

Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm Alive (Barely!)

I'm still alive and I apologize for my lack of posts... the internet is still not hooked up. Lots of stories to share! The 100th post giveaway will be even bigger because it is now the 101st! I can't wait to catch up. Don't forget about me! Have a great day! Cheers!

P.S. I totally forgot to announce the Lola's Girl Giveway winner... babalisme. CONGRATULATIONS! Email me and I'll hook you up with Lola's Girl and you'll claim your prize. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Smile Big...

WE CLOSED! Hallelujah!

People often ask me where the name Molly Lou Gifts came from. Most assume that my name is Molly Lou and I have been referred to as Molly Lou many times since MLG's creation.

When I was student teaching many moons ago, my mentor teacher read the class, Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell. It is a wonderful children's book and quickly became my favorite. It read it to my students throughout the years, even to a group of sixth graders. After the birth of Molly Lou Mini #1, I first read him this story and he loved it. It quickly became a favorite in our house and was read daily. When I set out to create this shop, I decided that Molly Lou Gifts would be the perfect name after the story's character, Molly Lou Melon.

Molly Lou Melon is a short "just taller than her dog", clumsy, eccentric child with interesting talents and a great attitude towards life. Her grandma gives her great advice, telling her to smile big, walk proudly, and sing loudly. After each of grandma's wise offerings, the page always follows with "so she did." Molly Lou moves to a new school and is met with a bully, but each time Ronald Durkin tries to embarass or harass Molly Lou, she remembers her grandmother's wisdom and entertains her new classmates and puts Ronald in his place. David Catrow offers perfect illustrations to accompany the wise story. The story and illustrations just bring a great big smile to your face.

While it's a children's book, but has so many of those valuable life lessons that we all can appreciate. My favorite line from the story is "Smile big and the world will smile right alongside you." Even if you don't have minis, read this book. Go ahead, I won't tell anyone! Perhaps my next job should be a Barnes & Noble book critic! :)

So my friends, walk proudly, smile big, and sing loudly!!

TOMORROW IS THE BIG 100! Can you believe it??? MLG is celebrating 100 posts! YAY! Come back for the BIG reveal and party. NEW giveaway celebration coming tomorrow! Celebrate with us!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Real To Do List

As I reorganize and unpack, I came across this adorable hand painted plaque, The Real To Do List that used to hang in Mini #1's bathroom. I went to hang it and just read over it again and thought I would share:

Smile at Strangers.
Keep learning.
Notice Kindness.
Eat ice cream.
Count your blessings.
Love some more.

Enough said. Can't wait to hear about all of your weekends. Have a great day! Cheers!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Don't Hate...

Ok, so for those of you that tuned in to Saturday's "Snapshot Saturday", you saw the adorable Fenway! This Basset Hound's very cute picture was sent in to be featured. It was a great little post, but I got HATE MAIL!

I am not kidding, HATE e-mail. Not about the adorable dog...don't get too upset!

I mentioned that I am not really a "dog person," but Fenway almost made me want one. The HATE mail was in regards to my not being a "dog person." These emails tried to teach me that having a dog was great, dogs bring such love and fun to your life, that I should open my heart to a dog, dogs would be beneficial to the minis, blah, blah, blah!

First of all, I am so thrilled for all of you that love dogs and have them. I agree that dogs bring people joy, love, friendship, etc. I did not make accusations or state anything to the contrary. I grew up with dogs...always had one. I don't mind dogs and can certainly be in a home that has them. Most of my family and friends have them and YAY for them.

Here are some of my arguments against ME having a dog:

When I was two, I was attacked by our German Shepherd. Long story, but I am pretty sure that started my adversion to canines. I made it out fine, but I think it is understandable why I was skiddish around dogs growing up.

Molly Lou Mini #1 is also allergic to dogs, so that poses a slight problem with the dog as a pet in the Molly Lou house. To the one that said that my children needed to have a dog growing up and gain that love and companionship of a dog (I am rolling my eyes at you and perhaps more). I am in no way impairing my children's abililty to have a happy, healthy, and normal childhood. My parents have dogs and other friends and family, so they are around dogs enough and then Mini #1 has his nebulizer treatment and steroid medicine if it's really bad.

Mr. Molly Lou doesn't feel that he is responsible enough for a dog. He used to really want one, but then realized what all it would entail. And let me just remind you that I have two children, a messy husband, business, house, etc. and I DO NOT NEED TO ADD A DOG TO THAT!

I am obsessive compulsive. I need to have a clean house. I already vaccuum at least once a day and add a dog to that mix between shedding, sickness, food, and drool, I might just lose it. Did I already mention how messy Mr. Molly Lou is?

I appreciate all your thoughts on our needing a dog, but hopefully I have opened your eyes to my reasons and certainly hope this doesn't affect our friendship. To those of you who sent the hate mail, thanks for taking the time to fill me in on your thoughts, but might I make a tiny suggestion: GET A CAUSE. There are MUCH more deserving causes and others who need sound life advice that perhaps you could extend an olive branch to.

Have a great day! Cheers!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Octopus Arms Please!

Does anyone else need 8 arms, more than 24 hours in the day, an Inspector Gadget car, and an obscenely rich husband??? One of those days...

On a different note-Molly Lou Gifts' blog is getting ready to celebrate our 100th post. Can you believe it? WOW-it seems like only yesterday we all became friends and part of our daily routine. In honor or our 100th post, we MUST do a giveaway and contest. I mean it is an absolute MUST! I'm taking suggestions on the prize(s) and the contest requirements and details. Take a peek around the shop and let's make this fun...I need your help and suggestions. Get thinking!!!

Hope you're having a great day. Cheers!

PS-Happy, Happy Birthday Molly Lou Momma! We love you so much and hope you have a wonderful day and year ahead. You are such a great Mom and Grammy and we are so blessed to call you ours! We can't wait to see you! Happy 27th Birthday Mom! xoxoxo

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Mr. Molly Lou! We all love you so much and our minis sure are lucky to have such a great and fun daddy.

I love watching you with our two children and see their excitement when you come home and the giggles and squeals they make when you play and tickle them.

Thank you for being such a wonderful father. Enjoy your day! I love you!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all of the other fathers, daddies, uncles, friends, step-dads, grandfathers, papas, grandpas, etc.

Have a great day. Cheers!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Snapshot Saturday~Fenway's Fantastic!

Check out Fenway, my good friend Perfectly Pleasant's Basset Hound! This is what she said about this cute, cute, cute picture:

"He probably spends 18 hours a day sleeping and while he looks cute all the time, it totally warms my heart when his ear falls over his eye like his own little personally eye mask!"

If I had to be reincarnated as a dog, I would soooooooooo want to be Fenway. He just celebrated his first birthday with a huge bash. Seriously, a cookout, bone shaped cake, and PRESENTS (a whole table full)...Fenway is the first "grand dog" on either side and is spoiled. Visit Perfectly Pleasant's blog for the pictures of his big day!

I find this dog to be absolutely adorable. Some of you know that I am not a "dog person." However, I find this dog to be so cute that it almost makes me want one.
Send us your "Snapshot Saturday" photo to be featured here! Email us a .jpg and a brief description of your photo and you'll get your 15 minutes of fame right here on our blog. We love funny, cute, interesting, and thought provoking snapshots. Everyone has a story to tell. Send us your shot here.
Happy Weekend. Have a great day! Cheers!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Get ready...

For this story! I so wish you all could shut your eyes to truly get the visual of the story I am about to tell you, but that wouldn't work out so well with you reading the story and all. So, take a minute to breathe and clear your head so you are ready to


First and most importantly, WE CLOSED! Hallelujah! Amen! Praise the Lord! The Molly Lou's are moving on up. The children are being dropped off with Molly Lou sister and Mr. Molly Lou has already been painting at the new crib.

Ok...second, and a really great part of the story. We were supposed to close at 2:30 but it had to be moved to 4:30. Why you ask??? Because the moving van (YES, she STILL had too much stuff in the house after a 3.5 week closing time and then the closing getting delayed a week) that was packing up the rest of her stuff decided to dump all of her belongings that were in the moving truck already all over the driveway. Yes, that is correct...all "interesting one's" things were sprawled ALL OVER THE DRIVEWAY after she and the moving man had a screaming match in the driveway because she didn't have the funds to pay the moving man. RIGHT. So, interesting that this happens at 2:00 pm and the closing is set at 2:30, you are 20 min. from the attorney's office and your clothes and junk are now spread around the driveway like you are having a yard sale on Thursday afternoon. I have closing moved to 4:30.

I meet Mr. Molly Lou at the attorney's office and the "interesting one" followed him. Ok...time to really concentrate. What were your bets on what she would be wearing? We totally should have started a pool for this because someone would have been rich.

The woman shows up in a spaghetti strap tank top with the Connecticut sized boobs hanging out and VS plaid PAJAMA bottoms with "PINK" on her bum. She accessorized with old flip flops and a RED claw clip just stuck in her head. (For those of you who don't remember she is 60 years old, leathery brown skin, 6 boob jobs, wavy hair down to her bum, and the first time we met her she had her g-string hanging out of pajama bottoms and her belly button ring was is this for SC high class.)

Another tidbit, she didn't bring her purse or driver's license to closing, so she got really mad when she found out she couldn't get her check today without. After learning this, the attorney came out to formally introduce himself and meet us. "Interesting one" was so peeved about the check bit that she REFUSED to shake the man's hand. Hello? Are we twelve?

Then, during the closing she proceeded to get mad about the amount she was actually taking away from closing, the fact that she had to sit there, and after the attorney made her sign an agreement that we were giving her until noon tomorrow to have all of her #$^% out of the house, she proceeded to tell us how "ungracious" we have been to her and that she NEVER would have sold the house for this amount if she didn't have to. (Again, I am sorry, but if you don't sell it to me it will be taken next week.)

There are numerous other stories and if we could all sit at Starbucks, I would tell every last detail and include impersonations and wild hand just can't get the full effect in Blogland.

You can see a pic of the house here and perhaps catch up on any tidbits of the "interesting one" that I didn't include in this post. That offer still remains for all the fun, food, and drink you can take while helping to unload, paint, and move. I promise a good time. We'll expect you anytime.

Happy Weekend! Have a great weekend...can't wait to hear all about it. Don't forget today is the last day to enter Muffy Martini's 600th post giveaway with Molly Lou Gifts personalized plate set or platter as the prize! YAY! Go enter and tell a friend! "Snapshot Saturday" coming tomorrow~"Fenway's Fantastic." Stay tuned! Cheers!

PS-My AWESOME friend Holly over at Pink is My Signature Color was my swap partner in the 4th of July Swap. My fantastic package arrived yesterday and I was so excited. She is the minis new favorite person after all the great finds she left for them. A formal post with pictures will follow. Thanks're the best!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today is the Day! (Again!)

Ok, friends! Deja vu time! Today is the day we are set to close on our house! The Molly Lou's are movin' on up (hopefully)!

Just so you know, I might REALLY lose it if this doesn't happen this afternoon. Stay tuned to your evening news tonight. If you hear of a woman going postal in SC, it was probably me. Please rally to send me some attractive jump suits. While I do love orange (clearly I'm a Clemson Tiger), I don't think the bright orange that jump suits come in is really my shade. Think they would let me bring a Kate Spade to spice it up a bit?

Again, we'd love to have you join us. Think of all the laughs, good talks, and fun we would have. We promise to feed and hydrate you well as you unpack, move boxes, and paint.

Don't forget about Muffy Martini's giveaway with the prize from Molly Lou Gifts and the MLG hosted giveaway for an item of your choice from Lola's Girl. See details at left and enter, enter, enter!

Have a great day! Cheers!

PS-Happy, Happy Birthday G.G.! We love you and wish you a very happy 85th birthday! WOW!


Anyone heard that Chastity Bono is undergoing the sex change from woman to man?

Does this shock anyone? It came up in conversation with a stranger yesterday while out with the minis at this play gym. I honestly have no idea how this subject would come up in "mommy talk." Would this be in the top 5678 topics to discuss with a Mom stranger? Probably not. I rolled with it as she brought it up and she acted genuinely surprised.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I can't believe this is even news. It was way more shocking when Clay Aiken came out as gay or Bill Clinton admitted to having sexual relations with that woman.
I'm sure that her book will go flying off the shelves as readers are so intrigued with her shocking new life choice.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Worthwhile Wednesday~Affordable Accessories

Happy Wednesday all! I know we have all used the word "hump day" before, but does it annoy anyone else? Where in the heck did it come from? Who said it in random conversation and then whoever heard said, that is awesome. I must use it everytime I say Wednesday. I really don't know why, but everytime I hear it that little rage inside of me takes over and I get completely annoyed. Of course, everytime I think of the word Wednesday, I automatically think of "hump day." I know it is weird and the more that I vent on the bloggy blog I realize that perhaps I really am crazy. I am having one of "those days" so perhaps things annoy me more than usual.

Today's Worthwhile Wednesday are all about some affordable accessories that are perfect for yourself or for gifts. We all have gifts to give and also with so many get togethers and parties this summer, small little hostess gifts or "thinking of you" surprises are necessary.

Lists, reminders, notes...they are found all around our home for the 4554897 things we have to do in a given week. We have the perfect and stylish solution: personalized sticky note pads. We have several different designs and can change some colors and fonts too! Each notepad is 3 x 3 and contains 50 sheets and at $5, they are the perfect surprise for a friend or hostess. They are found in our Paper Palette here.

Stickers here, stickers there, stickers EVERYWHERE!! We have just added personalized stickers to our shop. We have so many different designs and they coordinate with our personalized shirts and pails. The stickers are 2" and come in sets of 24 in this adorable little tin. These would be great gifts and perfect to keep on hand for your little one. Add them to books, toys, notes, create your own personalized notecard, and are PERFECT for personalized cards to stick on gifts. I have ordered some for my children and our family.

I also just sent them along with a personalized stationery set for a graduation gift. These aren't just for children...the designs are adorable and our little alligator looks like that of Boatman Geller.For a great gift for a child's birthday, baby shower gift or bridal shower gift with the couple's new name or monogram.
Dress up an envelope. I get so excited when I get a handwritten note in the mail and these stickers would make great envelope seals to add that extra touch!

Since they coordinate with our clothing and personalized playcases and pails, you could create a gift pack with a shirt, stickers, and pail. Be the talk of the party with your creative style and ideas. No gift bag needed, put everything in the new pail.
Speaking of pails-I love these. We have several colors to choose from for your pail or bucket and so many different designs to choose. These are perfect for holding ANYTHING...pens, ribbon, mail, toys, crayons/markers, craft supplies, snacks, etc. They are durable and you get to choose all aspects of personalization. You can change any colors and you choose the fonts. These are all around my house and office. They are great for organizing, but also great for parties and showers. Use them at the pool party to hold snacks or create unique centerpieces that coordinate with the colors and theme of your bridal/baby shower or birthday party. Even give away as prizes at a shower. Use monograms, names, or sayings such as "be creative" or "be inspired." Also, make part of a gift and save on the expensive gift bag...put everything in the pail and voila! I love, love, love these and at $13 are affordable and fun.
I also added some new invitations to the Invitation Station. This is the last week to get Kara Rosenberry products 10% off. Check them out here...such adorable and original notes. We love having her.
Don't forget about Muffy Martini's giveaway where the prize is from Molly Lou Gifts and the MLG hosted Lola's Girl giveaway. WOW-you need to get busy!
Tomorrow is supposed to be "the day" (again). Send happy thoughts our way and pray that the "interesting idiot" has her stuff out and shows up. Have a great day! Cheers!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I've let you down...

I'm so sorry Blogland friends that I have let you down. You all know of my love and somewhat obsession with Kate Spade. I know it's unhealthy, but I do really heart her and all of her fab designs. I covet my KS items and almost sold a mini once to get a new bag.

But, I have let you all down. Apparently there is a Kate Spade sample sale going on at her website. That's right, I said SAMPLE SALE!!! Items up to 75% off. HALLELUJAH! I did not know about this glorious find until my sister-in-law clued me in a few hours ago and then my lovely friend A (Perfectly Pleasant) just thought of me and sent me an email. What great friends!

I am truly depressed and embarassed by this. I mean why kind of KS lover am I if I didn't even know about this glorious find??? I think these two minis are really sucking the life out of me and I fear that one day not far from now, I will be wearing mom jeans, a ratty t-shirt, and carrying a denim handbag around.

Oh, GOD! I think I just had a slight nervous breakdown. Please don't let that happen. Nightmares are sure to come tonight.

Check it out and you know that I would adore anything you care to send my way. Cheers! Go now!


Most of you know that I love me some Etsy. I mean I could spend hours upon hours perusing that site and all the great finds. In fact, I have spent more time than I will admit to browsing around and not doing a darn thing I was supposed to be doing. Those minis of mine are really cramping my browsing time. If you haven't spend endless amounts of time wondering around Etsy, don't start now. I have warned you and as your friend, I am only looking out for you because it is serioulsy addicting.

Back to my topic at hand, the dear Jozen has a NEW Etsy shop, Lola's Girl, which features adorable children's clothing sewed by her. Her tagline for her shop is "sweet. simple. stylish" and after taking a peek around her shop, I would say that fits perfectly. She has dresses, skirts, iron on appliques, and head scarves. She is just starting out and is sewing up a storm to create and add new products. (It's funny how above I said to stay away from Etsy, but completely ignore that and head over now. GO!)
Lola's Girl offers great quality products at very affordable prices. Lola's Girl also loves a custom project and can create EXACTLY what you're looking for.
I am so jealous that she can just "whip something up" and make it sound like it's nothing and just like running to the fridge to grab a snack. She also has two little minis that are about the same ages as my minis that keep her running all day long. I so want to be a master sewer and whip up my own things. Maybe one day...

I am loving this "Strawberry Limeade" dress and think that Mini #2 must have it. Here is the best part-it's only $12! Can you believe it??

How about this great "Fun Swirls Twirl" skirt! Perfect for a summer day of play and fun! And...only $8!

Here is where the fun comes. I am hosting a giveaway! YAY! You know how much we love free things! This is perfect-free and adorable things. Even if you don't have a mini, you can give as a gift. You can also let all your friends and family know about this giveaway. The prize from this fab Lola's Girl giveaway-ANY item of your choice from her shop!!!

Here are the details:
The contest will run from now until Monday, June 22nd with the winner being announced on Tuesday, June 23rd.

To enter: Take a browse around Lola's Girl and then come back here and comment on what items you like from her shop or something you would like to see(1 entry)

Become a follower of this blog or let me know you already are (1 entry)

Tell a friend about this contest. When they enter and mentioned you sent them, you get an extra entry. (We are trying to get more than 100 followers...we're so close! We could totally start a blog revolution!)

Head over to Lola's Girl blog and leave her a sweet comment and tell her who sent you(1 entry)

Blog and/or Tweet about this giveaway and link back to Molly Lou Gifts and Lola's Girl (1 entry/2 entries if you do both). If you're not following us on Twitter (mollylougifts), you should be. All the cool kids are doing it.
So, get entering and tell a friend. She also has a special June promotion, but I'm not giving it must head over to find out for yourself. Let's help support this great new little shop! Have a great day! Cheers!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Al Roker: The ATTACKER!

I know that you all know my love for the Today Show. Well, that love includes Al Roker. Yes, he tells cheesy jokes, but you just smile when he tells you what is going on "in your neck of the woods."

New blog friends might not know, but the rest of you know that I don't feel the love for Spencer of Heidi or the EVER SO ANNOYING new "Speidi" term!

Anywhoo...anyone catch the interview with Spencer and Heidi this morning on Today? Al Roker interviewed them and they were going to regale tales of their Costa Rican jungle experience. In most "Speidi" interviews they chat about how great they are and what big celebrities they are, well NOT in this one. BAM! Al Roker showed them. He was tough on them and tried to pin them for their ridiculous behavior and what a total jerk Spencer is. He even made fun of his Stephen Baldwin "baptism"...IMAGINE that! I don't feel that the interview was harsh, I feel it was good journalism on a reputable news show.

The lovely Celebutante Sisters (if you don't follow or haven't been to their site, you really should) twittered about this and I became too engrossed in this fiasco and then the rage took over.

Heidi on Ryan Seacrest's radio show:

"I was shocked at how rude he was. I was crying afterwards because I felt personally attacked because he was yelling and saying, ’Do you feel proud of this?' We were going there for a great interview. I just wanted to talk about the show and my experience there and how fun it was. He just made it uncomfortable and an awful experience. To be honest, I wouldn’t be interviewed by him again. And I’d advise women to be careful around him because I feel like he definitely attacked me and I didn’t deserve that at all."

AL ROKER AN ATTACKER??? Are you kidding me?

Speidi-I believe your 15 minutes of fame ended about 5 minutes ago!

***I realize that it is completely unhealthy for the amount of pure rage that I feel whenever I hear those two people open their mouth. Mr. Molly Lou is exploring various institutions to send me for a 12 step "Speidi" anger management program.***

Muffy Martini Celebrates 600 and MLG is the PRIZE!!

The lovely, lovely Muffy Martini is celebrating her 600th blog post (gasp)! Can you believe it???

A big CONGRATULATIONS to her are in order! YAY! She is doing a 600th post giveaway and the prize is from Molly Lou Gifts!

I know how excited you all are, so head on over to her blog post for all the details. I am not telling you what the prize is, click your way over. I love the items that are the prize~personalized, stylish, affordable, and oh so useful this summer!

If you don't already read Muffy's blog, you so shoud. She is so much fun and is absolutely delightful. Thanks Muffy for including Molly Lou Gifts in your big celebration.

Have a great day! Cheers!

Think Like a Child

Thinking like a child can be a fantastic thing, but it can also be not so fantastic. I present Exhibits A,B,C:

Exhibit A-NOT SO NICE: We did not close on the new house on Friday. Boo! Why you ask? Plain and simple, certain people are idiots. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but that is exactly the reason. People cannot do their jobs and the seller of this house is as mentioned above and in several posts before- an idiot. It amazes me at her ability to still function. The people that cannot do their job think like a child in the fact that their attention span is that of a gnat or two year old and can't finish a task on time. You know when a young child does something wrong and when confronted it isn't their fault; it could have been that wooden Thomas the train toy that magically hit his sister on the head and made her cry or it could have been that they just don't have the faintest idea what you're talking about. "Mini #2 was hit, I don't know how that happened." Same thing in the case of closing the house, people mess up, but of course, it isn't their fault-there are 984,097 reasons why it occurred and none of them have to do with them being an idiot and not doing their job: thinking like a child. (Thanks to all the thoughts of good luck for the move-we are set to close on Thursday afternoon-keep you posted.)

Exhibit B-NOT SO WISE: Mini #1 after turning three learned what it meant to argue. Mr. Molly Lou and I are fairly intelligent and level headed people. However, Mini #1 knows just how to push our buttons. The other day I told Mini #1 something while riding in the car and he proceeded to argue with me. It can be "Mini #1 look at that fantastic blue sky." "No, it's not blue, it's purple. Don't say that Mom." "No, it is a blue sky. Look at that bright blue sky. It's so pretty." "I said IT'S NOT BLUE. I said it's a blue sky."This could go on indefinitely until I mentally register what in the hey I am doing arguing over the color of the sky with a 3 year old. Take Mr. Molly Lou and Mini yesterday. Mini did something he wasn't supposed to be doing. Mr.Molly Lou reminds him, then he does it again. Mr. Molly Lou says "Don't do that again. I have asked you and you know better than to do that." Mini #1 says "I don't know better." And then round 2, 3, 4, and 5 proceeds with "you do know," "I don't know" until Mini #1 is fed up and leaves whining. This thought process of arguing like a child is not so smart. We are the intelligent parents, but somehow Mini #1 wins this match too many times.

Exhibit C- REALLY NICE: We had a cookout at Mr. Molly Lou's brother's house on Saturday night. It was a lovely time and Molly Lou Mini #1 was able to have his first experience at catching fireflies. There were lots of fireflies in the backyard and Mr. ML Brother took on the opportunity to show Mini #1 how it's done. He took Mini #1 running around the backyard spotting them and then chased them around the yard. Mr. ML Brother got a glass jar, drilled holes in the top and then it was on! Mr. ML Brother, Mr. ML Brother's girl friend, Mr. Molly Lou, Me, and Mini #1 were all running around the yard trying to catch the little boogers. I so wish I had the camera and captured this event. Mini #1 loved it and enjoyed watching his new pets in the jar after we finished. We added some grass and then he carried the jar around. If the jar was shaken slightly, they would go to town with their light storm. Before we left for the night, we set them free as the little fireflies "need to fly home to their mommies."

See, thinking like a child can be wonderful. It was such a great sight to see these adults running around the yard, chasing BUGS all for the enjoyment of a child. We all were having fun laughing together and running around-we get so caught up that it is fun to sit back and be that kid on a hot summer night again! This was a first of many summer nightly activities. Fascination with glowing bugs in a jar: thinking like a child.

I love watching Mini #1. It is so fun to see how his brain works and to try to see things through his eyes. We have so many wonderful experiences and it is truly amazing to see how children perceive things. It's refreshing to see and watch such a smart little boy have such a graceful and innnocent perception of things. Mini #2 is growing so quickly and is really seeking out new things and objects. She is so intent as she studies something new and tries to figure out just how it works and what its purpose really is. I so love that little boy and little girl and so enjoy thinking like a child with them.

Hope you had a great weekend! Can't wait to hear all about it. Use code summer15 for 15% off your total Molly Lou Gifts purchase. Have a great day! Cheers!

PS-I know a secret: a big giveaway contest is coming later today. THE PRIZE IS FROM MOLLY LOU GIFTS! I know you're excited. :) Stay tuned later for the details and links!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Spirit Jump!

I have told you all about the great non-profit organization that Molly Lou Gifts and the Molly Lou family is thrilled to participate in: Spirit Jump.

Spirit Jump was started by two cancer fighters to help other cancer patients "jump their spirits" during the course of their treatments. Spirit Jump joins "spirit jumpers" (us) with those needing a jump. You can send notes, small gifts, or other "pick me ups" to these fighters! I am so in awe of these two brilliant and strong women that have started this organization and know what great things we all can do.

It's easy to do...just takes a minute to send a note to a friend to let them know you are thinking of them and just think of how much that cheerful note would mean to the recipient.

The Molly Lou family has sent several spirit jumps and Molly Lou Mini #1 is really enjoying it. We jumped the spirit of a three year old little boy and Mini #1 picked out all of the little surprises, drew a special picture, and sent the little guy a note from him. It has been so wonderful to watch Molly Lou Mini #1 start to "get it." He told Mr. Molly Lou all about what he drew for his friend when he got home. I have always wanted my children to grow to be compassionate people and this organization is so wonderful and is great for all of us to do a little something.

Molly Lou Gifts is also joining with Spirit Jump. We are offering a 15% discount with the code spirit15 and we will also wrap and ship your spirit jump gifts directly to your recipient with a personalized gift message from you.

In trying to raise funds for Spirit Jump, they are going to start doing raffles for great prizes from participating shops. Molly Lou Gifts has made a donation that we love. There is a personalized bucket that says "Be Inspired" and is filled with a paper palette. There is an assortment of our handmade block print greeting cards, and three sets of handmade stationery notes. Visit the Spirit Jump website for details on their raffles and doings.

Visit their site and get jumping. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Cheers!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Snapshot Saturday~"Summer Cutie"

Meet the adorable Owen! This snapshot was taken by her aunt and my great friend, Daphne over at Flip Flops & Pearls. What a little cutie this mini is and we are loving the pink and orange combo. Move over, Owen will be on the runway soon.

Thanks Daph for sharing this with us! Tune in next week for another "Snapshot Saturday." To have your snapshot featured, send us a .jpg picture and brief description. We love adorable, funny, cute, and intersting pictures. Everyone has a story and a picture really is worth 1000 words. Send us your submission here! Have a great weekend! Cheers!

Friday, June 12, 2009


I apologize for not posting the winner sooner.

You know I love to cue the Dancing with the Stars music for our dramatic reveals, but I know some of you may not feel the love for DWTS, so feel free to cue your own very dramatic music...

The winner of the Kara Rosenberry Co. chandelier note and sticker giveaway is


Her comment was "Swinging by from "THAT GIRL" and just had to comment about this stinkin' cute stationary!! Love it.Hope you're having a great week!"

BIG SHOUT OUT to Whitney for sending the winner over!! rock! Michelle email me and I will get your awesome set off to you as soon as possible.

Thanks to all who entered. Remember the Kara Rosenberry line is still 10% at Molly Lou Gifts and you really need a set of these adorable notes...perfect for a gift too. Go check it out.

Today is the day!

Today is the day for the Molly Lou family to close on our new house.

There have been some "paperwork" issues that may cause us not to close today. I am going to go on a slight rant here. Ready-I.AM.SO.FREAKING.SICK. of people not doing their jobs. When I was a teacher, I stayed until it was finished no matter the time, when Mr. Molly Lou has a deadline, he stays until it is finished...if that means working until 10 and then going back in at 5, then he does it. IT IS HIS JOB. I know those work hours stink and certainly shouldn't become the norm, but seriously, you set a deadline for a project, do it. We sent all paperwork and items as soon as they were asked and now for three days, all I hear is "we're working on it. Trying to plug away. It's with _________ now who is on the last step. It's no problem on your end, just trying to get the pieces to come together." COME ON PEOPLE, we are adults and this childish excuse is making me want to pinch you. HARD. Also, I talked with the paralegal yesterday and the "interesting one" needed to get her some more information and hadn't yet done it-she must not have been able to fit in to her very busy schedule, you know the one without a job, significant other, or children. I guess when you have boobs the size of Connecticut it must take you much longer to wash and therefore cannot have a job. Did I ever tell you that she was regaling us with her medical problems and the most severe being "genetic back problems." Let me just say that I am no doctor, but I am pretty sure there is nothing genetic about her back couldn't have anything to do with the 20 lbs. of silicone. She asked the paralegal what the balance was on the first mortgage. She doesn't know because she hasn't been paying it. Anyway, she told her and "interesting one" responds with, "Oh, I hoped it might be less. I thought they might feel sorry for me and take some money off." SERIOUSLY.

Keep fingers crossed and say a little prayer that all goes well. You know the realm of possible outcomes that could come from the "interesting one". I wonder what kind of tales she will share with us today. I guarantee them to be WOW Crazy and will share with you asap. I'm sure there will be great stories to share. Any guesses on what she wears to closing?

Mr. Molly Lou and I have a weekend of painting, moving, cleaning, unpacking, oh my! Pack your bags, bring your muscles, and join us!

The minis are off to spend the weekend with Molly Lou sister which means they will probably be in a sugar coma when they return. Perhaps if we don't close, I should still ship them off and enjoy a quiet weekend. Oh, just think of that glorious prospect!

Have a great weekend! Cheers!

PS-I have come to a realization that I say seriously way too much. I apologize for this random and rantful post...Seriously!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Heart Cupcakes

Did anyone see Martha's bit on Today yesterday morning? It was all about cupcakes-I LOVE cupcakes and of course, hers are so darn cute! I mean really, who doesn't love a cupcake and smile when they see the little colorful drop of heaven at a party or dinner. It's a great "pick me up". Martha has even written a new cupcake book, Martha Stewart's Cupcakes: 175 Inspired Ideas for Everyone's Favorite Treat . I mean 175 different cupcake recipes, frostings, fillings, oh my! I think I have to have this book, but you know Mr. Molly Lou has some major hate towards the Domestic Queen.

I think that you all should get the book, whip up some yummy looking and oh so tasty cupcakes and send them my way. Molly Lou Mini #1 loves him some cupcakes too. We could have a cupcake party at the new house and sample lots of different cupcakes and then choose a winner. Barnes & Noble even has the book for $14.61...what a steal! That equates to only 8 cents a recipe! Hello, I'm in love!

I mean just think of all the color combinations and cute things you could do with your cupcakes and then add in all the fillings available and cake!

Cupcakes are a great treat at any event: birthdays (less clean up too with munchkins), showers, picnics, holiday get togethers, weddings (how adorable and preppy to have monogram cupcakes with your colors in the icing and monogram), and on Fridays (or any other day).
Just in time for Father's Day, we have this one...
Can you believe 4th of July is just around the corner? Here is a cute flag cupcake that you could serve on your festive new platter from Molly Lou Gifts at your Independence Day shindig.
Won't this just take away any stress you have (at least for the 3 seconds it takes you to eat it)...
Come take a dip in the new pool! Don't forget your towel and these cupcakes...

You need to order some of those adorable invitations that I posted about in yesterday's Worthwhile Wednesday and then create a fabulous cupcake for the big event. I so need to be on a diet, so perhaps I will just drool over these pictures and close my eyes to remember the taste of a yummy, yummy, yummy cupcake. Have a great day! Cheers!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Worthwhile Wednesday~Soiree in Style!

I have to get this off my chest before I do anything else...Ok, I love the RHONJ. I know some of you aren't feeling it this season, but I enjoy their drama more than the other sets of girls. BUT...that hairless cat makes me insane. I seriously want to vomit whenever I see it (no offense if any of you own those little creatures). Mr. Molly Lou hopes they will show it more so I will get grossed out enough and change the channel...he has some hate towards the New Jersey gals. The other thing...anyone else want to pinch Teresa with the way she kept calling them "bubbies" OVER and OVER and OVER again? Oh, I forgot one more thing...can Danielle not pay anyone to be her friend. I think having your personal sex talks with your 10 and 14 year old is sad and not necessary. Whew...I feel better. Thanks for letting me air that...

We have a great Invitation & Announcement Station. I have raved about my friend Erin before, but seriously how cute and unique are the designs we have featured. She is amazing and is so creative it almost makes me sick. I am so lucky to share her line at Molly Lou Gifts and have her as my friend. She has been with MLG pretty much from the beginning by creating a bridal shower invitation for my sister before Molly Lou Gifts expanded to anything, but stationery. We have several new designs and I have some more to add as well. There are TONS of designs and options there, but here are just a few!
Planning a summer birthday party, get together with friends, baby shower for a dear friend, a bridal shower for a family member, a housewarming partyfor your swanky new digs, christening lunch for your new little bundle of joy, retirement party for a loved one, or perhaps bon voyage soiree? Come on over to our shop and see what we have.

HOW STINKING CUTE IS THIS GIRAFFE??? I want to throw a party just to use these cute invitations. We also have a blue/lime and lime/blue color combination. These are so bright and fun and just scream summer fun! There is also a really great new owl invitation design that you must check out.

Moving? Check out the FABULOUS design at the top of the page. You know the Molly Lou family is getting ready to plant our roots in a new spot and I am loving these lime hydrangea moving announcements. We also have them in a really bright and fun purple color combination that is sure to pop. I think this girl and her family may need to announce their new digs with this hydrangea pattern. I know that some of you are secretly planning a move just to send out cute moving announcements and make your friends jealous of your awesome style. Take a peek around the Moving Announcement section and let me know if you have any other suggestions to offer.

I know some of you lovelys are getting married or have BFF's that are. I am loving these new damask party invitations for your engagement parties, bridal showers, bridal luncheons, bachelorette soirees and more...get creative. In addition to this "oh so lovely" mocha/pink pattern, we also have lime and blue too.

Enough about invitations, how adorable are these new personalized folded note cards. I love this bold and bright chick. You get to choose the personalization, so be as stylish and creative as you want to be. These would be perfect for dropping a note to a friend, sending with a mini to camp, makes an adorable gift, or thanking someone for something cute. We also have matching invitations. One can ALWAYS use personalized stationery and our prices are the best! You can see all of our personalized stationery designs here!

A little bit of housekeeping...Today is the last day to enter our Kara Rosenberry Co. chandelier thank you notes and sticker set giveaway. See the link at the left. Invite a friend and enter if you haven't yet! Everything in her line is 10% off too! Also, today is the last day that we are giving 100% of our profits to the Boys Home of the Stouh. We will continue to get 10% to them as well as donate to Spirit Jump, but if there are any gifts that you have had your eye on or little surprises for yourself or a friend, know that you will be getting a great product that is adorably packaged and the best service around!

Have I ever mentioned how much I despise packing? You would think after as many times as I have done it, it wouldn't bother me and be second nature. NOPE. I am sooooooo not feeling it. Let me know when you want to come pack! Think of how fun it will be. We can chat, laugh, drink something fun, throw some stuff in boxes, look at how cute the minis are as they are screeching and Mini #1 is trying to unpack everything we just packed~what could be better???? Have a great day! Cheers!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm Dreaming of...

THIS!!! A tranquil, secluded, white sandy beach.

I know you all were thinking this was the view from my backyard, but sadly it is not. I would love to plant myself in that chair with a great book and listen to the waves all day! Care to join me???

Perhaps if I close my eyes, wiggle my nose or fold my arms and blink I can be transported there right now. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. Nope, othing, nada.

Still one mini trying to eat her way through a book and another trying to build four train tracks while screeching "toot toot." I'll keep trying though...

I recently learned that Mr. Molly Lou is a fan of the blog and has been reading. How sneaky of him. Glad I haven't posted anything really juicy about him. Our five year anniversary is coming up and I know this is where that sweet husband is taking me. Wink, wink!

Tomorrow is last day to enter Molly Lou Gifts' newest arrival~Kara Rosenberry Co. notecard and sticker set giveaway. Everything in that adorable line is 10% off...visit it here. See details at left! Have a great day! Cheers!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Summer lovin' had me a blast
Summer lovin' happened so fast
I met a girl crazy for me
Met a boy cute as can be
Summer days driftin' away, to uh-oh those summer nights....

Oh, excuse me! Everytime I say that, I think of the song from Grease and immediately bust out in song! Trust me, I could go on. Just be glad you aren't actually hearing me sing! The minis are scared.

Happy Monday all! Hope you had great weekends and are off to a great start on your week. We spent the weekend down at GG's (great grandmother to the minis) and had a great time. The minis enjoyed the pool and yard and we celebrated my grandmother's 85 birthday. WHEW! I know how much this amazing woman has seen and experienced over her 85 years.
We have posted some new ADORABLE children's and youth shirts (sizes 3 months to Youth 12) on our site just in time for the 4th of July. These new designs are too cute and can be worn all year long, but do show a certain patriotic spirit. Check them out here!
We are also offering a new discount code to all of our blog friends. Use code summerfun15 to receive 15% off your total purchase from Molly Lou Gifts. This is good off of your TOTAL purchase, so go crazy. We have been adding lots of new products over the past week, so we have great options for weddings, birthdays, summer surprises, showers, and more! Take a peek around our site to see what's new.

Also, we have new invitations and announcements. Announce those summer soirees and parties in style. Visit our Invitation and Announcement Station to see our stylish and unique designs!
While you're there, also visit our Children's Depot. We have tons of items on sale and great ideas for surprises for the vacation car ride, treats for camp, or even new items to help entertain the minis on rainy summer afternoons.

Don't forget to enter our newest giveaway. Details at left on how to enter...follow the link. Also, tomorrow is the last day for my friend Brittany's giveaway on her site!

Also, remember all of our new line of Kara Rosenberry's social stationery line is 10% off...just $9.00 for a set of original designed notecards. Use that new discount code! We are also continuing to give 100% of our profits to the Boys Home of the South until Wednesday. We hope you'll take a peek around our shop and find great gifts for those hostess, showers, engagements, birthdays, weddings, new arrivals, and more. Know you'll find the perfect gift, neatly packaged, excellent customer service, and also know you helped a great children's charity. Have a great day. Cheers!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Life is Good

My good friend, D over at Flip Flops & Pearls often writes about her life, experiences, her children, things she has learned, and general funny things in life.

The other day she wrote about taking a long walk along the bay. She had a lot of time to think and ultimately came up with...


How right you are! We are all so blessed and so darn lucky in our lives! I need to remember stop each day to reflect a bit on my life and know that my life is good!

Happy weekend! Cheers!

PS-Don't forget to enter our newest giveaway and check out our introduction of our new blank social stationery line. Giveaway ends on Wednesday!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Snapshot Saturdays~WeddingFun!

Kelly Bryan van der Vaart sent us this adorable picture for this week's "Snapshot Saturday." This picture was taken at ther wedding. She was playing with her ADORABLE flower girl trying to make her smile. Check out this "action" shot as she drapes her veil over the cutie pie girl. Love that smile!
Thanks for sending this Kelly! We love it. Send us your .jpg picture and brief description of your photo choice to us to be including in "Snapshot Saturday." Have a great weekend! Cheers!

Friday, June 5, 2009


First, let me just say that I love reality tv. What in the world did we all do before the birth of reality shows? Reality TV=Mindless the end of the day when I want to finally sit down and relax, I want some mindless fun and drama to watch and laugh at. That is why I love the Real Housewives series and am actually digging the NJ girls.

Second, I love NBC. They have the best news, Matt Lauer and The Today Show, and have brought us such great hits like Friends, Cheers, and The Cosby Show. I tend to hold NBC to a slightly higher standard than the other networks.

These points tie me in to my rant for the day, has anyone seen I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here? I mean SERIOUSLY, WHAT. WERE. THEY. THINKING. I cannot believe this show and feel that FOX must be taking over NBC. I know tons of people don't like Jeff Immult, but if he thought this show was going to save NBC and GE...HE NEEDS A BRAIN SCAN.

This show is like a car accident, you don't want to look, but you HAVE to. It's like Survivor, only worse and trashier. I mean there is the camp talk with all of the celebs bantering, there are challenges where bugs are eaten, the dramatic Lost Chamber, alliances, vote offs, and more, but something is just off and the hosts are really annoying.

Perhaps it is the celebrities they have on the show. I understand that they weren't going to be able to get A-list folks like Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Aniston, Will Smith, etc., but come on people, Spencer and Heidi and Rod Blagojevich's wife are the BEST you could do? I hate Rod Blagojevich and just thinking of him makes my blood boil, but did they really think that his wife, Patti, I think would was going to save the show and send the ratings through the roof. I think she is mute. I saw an interview with the snake and his wife last week and they were talking about how "they have to provide for their family," their daughters have to eat, and they made a committment to NBC and since he was unable to venture to the jungles of Costa Rica, she had graciously gone in his place. NBC couldn't find ANYONE better, more interesting, or at least someone who would speak?

Back to Spencer and Heidi. I know many of you love you some Pratts, but they are making me crazy. I mean did anyone catch Monday night when someone should have shoved Spencer in to a straight jacket and gagged him? And if Heidi complains of her hair one more time, I'm going to hit her. Also, they just left. They couldn't handle it, and then of course, in true TV drama fashion, begged their way back all in the name of helping charity. Funniest bit this show has produced was Spencer declaring that he and Heidi are as big of celebrities as Brad and Angelina. RIGHT. I am the spitting image of Heidi Klum too.

John Salley is the most normal one out there and is quite the nice guy. At least the comedy duo Frangela (never heard of before this) are quite humorous. It is a real shame that Sanjaya hasn't busted out in serenade yet. I need someone else to watch this show with me for the next few weeks so that I have someone else to join in my rant. Because as much as I have just complained and ranted, I know I will probably tune in some of the time over the next three weeks to watch this mess continue to unfold.

Also, this is the last weekend for all of Molly Lou Gifts' profits to go to charity. My great friend, Perfectly Pleasant said, "It's not really's giving." What a wise woman she is!
Don't forget to enter our new Giveaway! Details and links on how to enter at left. New giveaways coming! Check out those other giveaways too...last day for Muffy Martini's and Stroller Patroller's! Happy Weekend! Cheers!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Completely Randomness...

I know we have all seen this before, but this particular tagging is meant to share completely random and perhaps hidden ones as well. I don't have ay deep, dark, and scandalous secrets to disclose, but even if I did, I don't think Blogland is the best place to disclose. I was tagged by my friend, Stacy over at Obsessed Mommy, Sister & Friend to tell these 7 completely random and perhaps hidden facts about me. You know the saying "You learn something new everyday." Well, my friends, today you are going to learn 7 new things. Now, let the learning begin! Here goes...

1. Matt Lauer: I have a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE crush on Matt! I adore him. I watch the Today Show faithfully everyday (I would even if Matt wasn't on) and just love seeing him. Knowing that he has three children makes him that much more attractive. Mr. Molly Lou know about this love affair and is coping with the fact that perhaps Matty and I will run away together. :)

2. Fuzzy Bathmats: I HATE fuzzy bathmats. Ever since I was a child, I have hated things in between my toes. (I love flip flops, but that is just one toe and is completely, completely different.) I used to come home from school everyday and ensure that there wasn't any sand between my toes by checking each one. Anyways, I hate fuzzy bathmats when you step wet feet down on to them. The fuzziness and wetness get in between my toes and cause serious anxiety issues. Poor Mr. Molly Lou, he loves a fuzzy bathmat, but by choosing to spend forever with me, he has said goodbye to the fuzzy mat. R.I.P. fuzzy bathmat!

3. Lizards: I hate lizards. I mean really despise and HATE, HATE, HATE lizards. They totally freak me out. You would think that after living in South Carolina and Florida, I would get used to them and those little chameleons wouldn't bother me in the least. I HATE THEM. When we were in Jamaica, a tee tiny baby got under the door of our apartment and it totally freaked me out. Mr. Molly Lou came home to me and Mini #1 (who was 7 months old at the time) on the couch that was moved to the middle of the room. He chased the little thing and threw it outside and proceeded to laugh at me for days. The little ones are the absolute worst. They are so quick and even more disgusting looking than their bigger friends. I have dreams and nightmares about them getting in to my house. If I ever disappear, it's probably the lizards that came after me.

4. Molly Lou Mini #1: I adore Molly Lou Mini #1, but I hate his name. I seriously spent the first 6 months of his life calling him a nickname that Mr. Molly Lou had given him in the hospital. At six months, I decided that the mini was going to have identity crisis if I called him something completely different than what the rest of the world was calling him. When we found out Mini #1 was a boy, Mr. was jumping up and down, SCREAMING because he was so excited. I thought I was going to cry. I wasn't upset that I would have this beautiful, smart, funny, and compassionate boy, I was upset on what his name was going to be. When Mr. Molly Lou and I started dating in college a bazillion years ago, he always said that his first son had to be named Molly Lou Mini #1*. It's his father's name and Italian tradition, blah, blah, blah. Keep in mind, it isn't a bad name and isn't weird, but there are just some names that you really don't like. I never thought much of it until we were expecting the mini. There was no caving and no compromise. The deal was that every child we had after mini #1, I got to name and he had/has NO SAY WHATSOEVER. He does like Molly Lou Mini #2's name and I was so incredibly generous and did give him an opinion.

5. Martha: I love me some Martha Stewart. I mean no one LOVES that she broke the law and went to prison, but the woman is amazing. I want to go to Bedford and see her royal digs. I could never be Martha, but I dream of being her cousin or sister. Mr. Molly Lou doesn't think so highly of Martha and I mentioned before about her Encyclopedia of Crafts book he wouldn't buy me for Mother's Day. I really wish I could be as creative as she is.

6. Obsessed: I am cleaning obsessed. I love to clean...there is instant gratification when you clean. It's dirty, I clean it, BOOM! Sparkling clean and it always smells so fresh when the house is clean. I hate to fold laundry though.

7. Pregnancy: I love being pregnant. I had just about the two easiest pregnancies. I was really nauseous with Mini #2 for months, but that was it. With Mini #1 all was perfect and he cooperated unlike Mini #2 and came a week before her scheduled c-section, leaving us with no one to care for Mini #1 at 12:30 am and I was a slacker and was still packing my bag. I digress, the Molly Lou family wants another baby and I can't wait to be pregnant again. (I know I TOTALLY just jinxed myself and when said Mini #3 is on the way, I am going to have the worst pregnancy known to man. You can all secretly laugh at me then.)

Won't you join me??? Come on, let's hear it! Think of it as free therapy!

Happy Almost Weekend! Also, don't forget to enter the Molly Lou Gifts' newest giveaway for a set of Chandelier Thank You Notes and matching Chandelier Stickers from our new Kara Rosenberry Co. line....contest ends Wednesday. Invite a friend to follow and enter...we love new friends here! There's also the Stroller Patroller Combi stroller giveaway, my friend B's giveaway of her favorite things at Living in the Moment, and Muffy Martini's many giveaways, so little time. Cheers!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Giveaways You Must Check Out!

I have some lovely friends that are offering awesome giveaways that I must share with all of my friends in Blogland!

First, hop on over to Mother Goose's Stroller Patroller site for your chance to win a Combi Cosmo Travel System! It is awesome and I so want it. How cute would Mini #2 be strolling around in our new neighborhood in that great stroller. Love the Moonlight color too. Head over to her site and check it out. Don't feel you HAVE to enter as I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win this! Mother Goose is quite awesome and is the place for all the stroller know!!

Second, my adorable friend B over at Living in the Moment is having her first giveaway in honor of her 100th post (actually 101st post~that just makes it more fun.) Anyway, she is giving away GREAT prizes and one of them is from Molly Lou Gifts. She is giving away a personalized mousepad from MLG, a Vera Bradley notepad set, coffee, book, and more! She has a great blog and a great name! Go now and enter! If you can't wait to win this contest and just have to have an AWESOME personalized mouspad for yourself or for a great gift, you can see all of the designs here. They are really, really, really cute!

Tell both of these lovely women that Molly Lou Gifts sent you! Don't forget about our NEW contest and Molly Lou Gifts line that we just launched today!

SO MANY GIVEAWAYS, SO LITTLE TIME! Have a great day! Cheers!

Worthwhile Wednesday, Introduction & NEW Giveaway

At Molly Lou Gifts, we are so proud of our stationery line. We have a variety of pieces that fit all styles, occassions, and budgets. When I started Molly Lou Gifts, I set out to open a shop that featured a variety of papers and designs, all unique and stylish. I also wanted to house designers and companies that were small and couldn't be found at every shop around. I wanted customers to find that special something that would bring a smile to their face or the face of their gift recipient and have products that would be functional too!

We are excited to welcome and introduce Kara Rosenberry Co. to the Molly Lou Gifts family. We are thrilled to welcome Kara's line of unique and creative social stationery notes, stickers, and invitations. Kara lives in Denver and has been a blast to work with thus far. She is fun and full of ideas. All of her original designs are hand drawn. Her company is officially 5 years old this summer, although Kara has been involved in many other creative endeavors since her childhood. With an English degree, Kara enjoys pairing words with images to create her designs.

We have social notes for all occassions and these sets make great gifts. These are great to have on hand for those hostess gifts, housewarming gifts, teacher gifts, birthday gifts, etc. Some designs have coordinating stickers and invitations too. We have set up a Kara Rosenberry Social Notes page on the Molly Lou site that you can check out here. Take a peeak around and see all the fun!

There are a variety of adorable, chic, and unique designs including a chandelier, nest, prince/princess, pear, cupcake, gateau, piece of cake with candle, Under the Big Top, Scottie dog, wedding cake, wedding dress, bee, dragonfly, and more.
These note, invitation, and sticker sets are stylish and oh so affordable. A set of 8 notes or invitations is $10 and a set of 10 stickers is $3. To welcome Kara's line to the Molly Lou Gifts family, we are offering 10% all of her designs. When you visit the site, you will see these items have already been discounted. Also, if you order a note and coordinating sticker set together, the stickers are 20% off. So many savings...

These notes make great gifts for everyone. Buy for those summer birthdays and showers and keep a few on hand for those last minute gifts: hostess gifts, teacher gifts, "thinking of you," showers, housewarming, etc. They come adorably wrapped up ready for gift giving!
I love our Happy Birthday cupcake and piece of cake with a candle. Use these as greeting cards...much more affordable than card store greeting cards and more unique as well. How about our Happily Ever After cake and two different designs of wedding dresses to use as wedding cards to send to the happy couple or give as a gift to the new bride and she can use as wedding or bridal shower thank you notes.

Now for get you all excited about this new line, we are offering a GIVEAWAY! We have been like Giveaway central lately! The winner of this giveaway will receive a beautiful Chandelier note set and coordinating chandelier sticker set to finish off your correspondence. Your chandelier Thank You note is featured in saffron yellow...bold and bright and sure to bring a smile to your recipient's face! This chandelier design is a Molly Lou favorite and you will love writing notes on this note.

To enter in this giveaway, pop on over to the Molly Lou Gifts site and check out this new line. Come back and let us know what's your favorite product! You can also invite a friend to be a follower, once they follow you and the friend will receive an entry. For every $5 spent at Molly Lou Gifts, you receive an entry~remember all of our profits are going to charity. Giveaway will run until next Wednesday, June 10th! Get entering and tell a friend!

ALL KARA ROSENBERRY CO. LINE IS 10% off. Have a great day! Cheers!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

South Carolina's Most Interesting...

I am from the South and proud of it. I love South Carolina and feel it has so much to offer. I am a proud graduate of SC public schools and Clemson University, taught in public schools, and have lived in various parts of the state. I think South Carolina is beautiful and a great place to live and grow up.
However, I swear anytime that something scandalous or dramatic happens in this state, they find the toothless, dirty, and non-grammar perfect resident to speak. This always gives a bad taste in the mouth of someone from another state. This state is full of educated, well-groomed, perfectly pleasant, and attractive residents with manners that would make Emily Post proud, however, recently I have met and seen some interesting folks around here:

Exhibit A: Have I told you about the woman that we are buying our new home from. Close your eyes to get this full mental image: 60 years old, long brown and blonde streaked hair reaching her bum, wrinkly fake tanned skin (she has a tanning bed in one of the bedrooms upstairs and used to own a tanning salon), smokes, and has breasts the size of Rhode Island. I am serious...double Pam Anderson's. This is not an exxaggeration at all, you can't help but stare at these disturbing freaks of nature. The first time we went to look at the house, she was in the driveway and we got to see all of those features as well as the belly button ring and G-string hanging over her pajama bottoms...SERIOUSLY!!!! I was scared to death to go inside, but somehow, somewhere the inside was beautiful in comparison to her train wreck of an appearance and life. Within five minutes of meeting her, I knew her entire soap opera life with WAY TOOOOOOO MANY DETAILS.
I could write a best selling book on this woman, her life, and some of the phrases that come out of her mouth. In the south, we have this saying "Bless her heart." That is truly the only thing I can say for this poor woman.

Exhibit B: Taking the minis to Target the other day for some home necessities, there is a woman dragging her child out of the store and proceeding through the parking lot. He doesn't have a shirt or SHOES on. This child is walking around the PARKING LOT and was in the store without a shirt or shoes on. Ewwww!

Exhibit C: At the grocery store the other day, Mini #1 was pushing the cart and we were shopping and looking at things. We overhear another mother in a not so nice tone say to her child: "If you don't stop that, I am going to give you a whoopin' right here in this store. I don't care who watches and you ain't gonna get no Mountain Dew for days. You ain't gonna get nothin'. You best stop doing that before I raise my hand." Perhaps she should write a parenting book. I'm sure Dr. Phil would be calling.

Exhibit D: Molly Lou Brother-in-law was at the Fresh Market. He told the deli man that he wanted 2/3 lb. of this turkey that was on sale. The man looked at him, looked at the scale, and just stood there dumbfounded for a moment. After a few moments, he turned to the other deli man and said "how much is 2/3 of a pound?" The man replied with "About a 1/2." I am not kidding.
New contest and new line being unveiled at Molly Lou Gifts tomorrow! VERY EXCITING...Be sure to stop back by. New giveaway to announce too! Have a great day! Cheers!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Melt your Heart and Giggle, Giggle, Giggle!

I know I'm bias, but how adorable is this little mini! She just makes you want to giggle and smile! Have a great afternoon! Cheers!

Kick off to Summer Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to those who entered our "Kick off to Summer Giveaway"! Mini #1 is in need of a vacation from this very important job, so chose our winner this go round!

Congratulations to Suburban Prep! You are our winner! YAY!!! Email us to get set up with choosing your prize and personalization.

You can all check out our complete personalized tableware line including plates, bowls, platters, trays, and new water bottles. We also have this ADORABLE line of personalized mousepads that I am in love with. New giveaway coming on Wed...aren't we just Giveaway Central! Cheers!

Movin' On Up!

Cue The Jefferson's music here...

So, I know some of you know that the Molly Lou's have purchased a new home. We are super excited and are closing in just 11 days. This new home is an ADORABLE Cape Cod style home with hardwood floors, nice yard, and a SWIMMING POOL. I have always wanted a swimming pool and used to BEG my parents for a pool: "I'll never ask for anything again, EVER!", "This can be my birthday present for life.", "Molly Lou Sister* and I will be so good and we will swim everyday.", "I'll clean it everyday.", etc. This NEVER worked (sigh) and has carried in to an adulthood desire. Molly Lou Mini #1 is very excited too, especially about the yard and pool. He has already deemed a certain part of the yard as his fort spot.
There are two bad things about this house and the second one is HUGE! The home is a good size, but if it were slightly biggerwith one more bedroom, it would perfect. We still have some room to grow though. I hope you're sitting down for this one...I will be 25 minutes from TARGET!!! AHHHHHH! I am having a breakdown just thinking of it. I have never in my whole life been that far from a Target. 10 minutes MAX. When we lived in Vegas, I was less than ten min. on either side from two Targets. Mini #1 is starting to have nightmares about this as well...that boy loves some Target. 3, 2, 1...1, 2, 3...Breathe.

We were starting to search for homes and this one kind of fell in our lap. I don't know if I have explained the Molly Lou family crazy life story, but here goes. Mr. Molly Lou and I married 5 years ago. He works for a large construction company and I was a school teacher. Just a few short months after getting married, he emailed me at school one day to tell me that he was moving 2,200 miles to Las Vegas for a project the following MONDAY. We decided that in the best interest of our young marriage, I would teach until the semester's end and then follow him. I did, and we lived in Vegas for 10 months.

You know the saying: "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." Not so true...just a few short months after arriving in Sin City, I was expecting Molly Lou Mini #1. I was seven months pregnant with the mini when this project was over and Mr. Molly Lou was going to take a job in Jamaica, but having a three month stop over in Toronto before going to site. We bought a house in Columbia, SC where I grew up so that I would have my parents close to help with the new mini. We did this and then when Mini #1 was 2 months old, we packed up and went to Toronto for a month to be with Mr. Molly Lou. We came back, Mr. Molly Lou went to Jamaica and when Mini #1 was six months old, we started going to Jamaica for a month, home for a month and then back. We did this until the mini turned 1 and Jamaica was over.

Then, Mr. Molly Lou did some work in California and the mini and I went for a few weeks to visit, then he came back and was doing some work in the home office in the upstate of SC where we started our newlywed life and he commuted from our home. Then, came Florida. Mr. Molly Lou did a project in Palm Beach County and we decided to follow him. It was hard for Mini and Mr. to be apart and we had spent so much time apart that it was best for our family to be together. We kept our home in SC, but lived mainly in FL for 1.5 years. Molly Lou Mini #2 arrived during this time. Sadly, our time in FL came to a close and I agreed to do one more project before FIRMLY planting our roots somewhere. We packed up Florida, our children, and were headed to the great swing state of Ohio. We put some stuff in storage, the kids and I came back to SC, and Mr. Molly Lou had to finish up in FL for a few weeks. Just before we were to move, we got a call that the project had been "slowed" due to federal funding and we weren't moving. Mr. Molly Lou got put on a great project back in the upstate of SC and we decided to follow again. We got a temporary apartment until we were sure of our life plans, so for the past few months we have been stepping over each other in this apartment. This new home will feel like the White House as we seem to have forgotten what a spacious home might feel like.

This crazy life we have has been interesting and fun. I am so happy to finally have a resting spot and know that this is home for a long time. I am such a "home body" and Mr. Molly Lou has always been a "pack up and go" kind of guy. Our children are ready to slow down too and we look forward to many happy memories.

Bring your suits and come visit! Have a great day! Cheers!

PS-My apologies if you have been singing The Jefferson's theme song and will be for the rest of the day. Know that I am too!
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