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Friday, July 17, 2009

Mini #1 Way of Life and Darby Update

First of all, I feel like I have been talking a lot lately about Mini #1 and now Darby, but I just have to share some of the things he says and does so you all know what I am dealing with. I promise that Darby is not going to take over the blog as she is my life, but I present Exhibits A, B, C, and D for your reading enjoyment. Please read Exhibit D and explain what in the hay I should have done...

Exhibit A: Yesterday, I did some MORE yard work and finish clearing out another front bed. There is a part that has more bushes, so more difficult to get in. I had already done one wheel barrow and then filled the second one. I left the wheel barrow on the driveway full of leaves, sticks, small branches, etc. and when we got back last night, he was playing with the wheel barrow and it was tilting.

I said "Please don't do that. If that wheelbarrow tips over and all that work I did spills all over the driveway, I am not going to be happy."

Mini: "Are you going to be really mad mom?"

Me: "Yes, I am going to be mad."

Mini: "How mad? As mad as you were when I put the hole in the ceiling from the bathroom?"

(The hole is he is referring to is when he flooded the bathroom and the leak in the ceiling that occurred. He watched me hammer the nail in the ceiling to give the water a place to flow, so that must be the hole he is talking about. Read that story here if you missed that DAY O' FUN!)

Exhibit B: Mr. Molly Lou had parked his car on the street so that I could get my car out of the driveway. When we got back, he asked me to move his car back down. I said I would and asked Mini #1 if he wanted to come with me and "drive."

He did and loved the whole driving back in to the driveway. He then said he wanted to drive my car. I said that maybe he could tomorrow and that as a three year old, he had enough driving for one day.

He starts his pouting and shouts "But tomorrow never comes for me Mom!"

Exhibit C: We had dinner at Molly Lou sister's last night. Mini #1 and I made brownies while Mini #2 was napping. We made marble brownies, so we had one bowl for the white mix and one for the chocolate brownie mix. When we were finished, Mini #1 stole the bowl to get the goods left in it. I said "Aren't you going to share the other bowl with Darby?"

He says "No, Mom. Darby doesn't like brownies."

Interesting and quite convenient. I bet Darby just HATES M&M's too.

Exhibit D & Darby update: We went to the grocery store yesterday afternoon. We walked out and all of the sudden, Mini #1 starts screaming and runs back towards the store. He stops and starts crying. I am asking what is wrong as I'm completely clueless as to what is going on.

He tells me that Darby got smashed in the door. She wanted to go back in to get something and the door closed.

SERIOUSLY! How should I have handled that because I am open to any suggestions?

***Darby is fine and when we returned home safely in one piece, the minis and Darby enjoyed some juice and a snack. WHEW!***

Have a great weekend! Can't wait to hear about all the weekend happenings!


  1. I am enjoying hearing the stories that Darby has brought to your life! How did you keep a straight face when she got smashed in the door? :)

  2. I'm glad Darby survived the door closing on her... although I'm not 100% sure you are :)

  3. Enjoyed every word...from the first to the last! It's so wonderful that you document all of this, your kids are going to get a hoot out of this when they are grown.

    Your kids are hysterical and I'm glad that Darby survived the door smashing. I'll never get tired of these stories...keep em coming!


  4. I'm loving these posts! Thank goodness Darby survived or you would really have a problem on your hands!! I guess you'll have to start carrying a first aid kit!

  5. "But tomorrow never comes for me Mom!"

    Best line ever.

    I am totally using this on the phone with my own mother later!

  6. fun, fun fun! to read Mini #1's adventures :o)


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