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Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's...

SUPER PIG! That's right. Move over Batman and Superman, SUPER PIG is in the house!

Who is SUPER PIG, where did he come from, and what are his special talents?

Well, the library storytime yesterday had the theme of farm animals. We read some animal stories and sang some animal songs (the librarian that did it was so lame. A gnat has more personality than this woman...she was THRILLED to be singing along with a group of preschoolers and toddlers...that is a rant for a whole other day, so stay tuned.)

Anyway, the craft was a pig mask: color, add some string, and viola SUPER PIG was born. Now, Mini #1 is famous for his disgust and will repel any kind of mask or head adornment, but for some reason, we were really feeling the connection with the PIG.

He wore it ALL day and was combo ghostpig when Mr. Molly Lou came home-"Boo! Oink Oink! Boo! Oink Oink!" He even went to bed wearing the pig mask. When I went to check on him, this is what I saw-SUPER PIG'S do need their sleep after their busy days of fighting off bacon eaters!
The funniest part was when I was waiting to check out our books and Mini #1 proceeds to "fly" around the library, flapping his arms and saying "Pigs can fly." Mini #2 just ate much for dutiful sidekick!

Have a great day and weekend! Can't wait to hear all about the exciting weekend happenings.

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  1. yay for super pig!

    That is so cute! I can't believe he fell asleep with it on his face!

  2. LOL!!! That is too funny and way too cute!! Love it! And I love reading your blog!! :D

  3. Mini #1 never quits making me laugh!


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