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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Let's Give it to the Dogs!

So, it is time for Molly Lou Gifts to pick a new charity to donate 10% of its profits too. We were supporting the Boys Home of the South and thanks again to all of you that helped contribute to this fantastic cause.

You know after I posted the too adorable, Fenway, child of Perfectly Pleasant that I got the hate mail about me not being a "dog person." I am not going to jump back in to that pool, but in trying to reach out to my dog loving friends and perhaps customers, I decided that we needed to focus on those canines.

Hmm...where to look? It must be friend, The Prep-E Girl is there to save the day! This is just meant to be. Erin has decided to try to raise $3000 for a fabulous organization, Puppies Behind Bars. This organization places puppies with prison inmates to raise them to become service dogs for the disabled or explosive detection canines for law enforcement.

When reading their website, I saw this "...prison inmates would make excellent puppy raisers, and started the first guide-dog/prison program. Not only do inmates have unlimited time to spend with the puppies, but they benefit from the responsibility of being puppy raisers in ways that are especially important to their rehabilitation: they learn patience, what it is like to be completely responsible for a living being, how to give and receive unconditional love, and-since puppy raisers take classes and train the dogs together-how to work as a team." I spent a lot of time looking around the organization's website was just in awe of this mission and what they are hoping to accomplish!

How is Ering doing this? She has created Katie & Olive Puppy Love Collars with hopes of raising $3000 for this wonderful charity. She is making dog and cat custom colors in different sizes and fabric choices. You can have your collar with a minium $20 donation and all profits go to PBB.

Where does MLG fit in? Oh, so glad you asked! Molly Lou Gifts will give 10% of all profits to Erin's efforts for Puppies Behind Bars. Any purchase you make from our shop, know that you are helping this great cause.
Thanks Erin for doing this! We wish you great success! If you're looking for a fabulous gift, you know we have it. Think of all those showers, birthdays, parties, weddings, hostess gifts, or certain items you have been wanting for a while. Buy and know you are helping this great effort! Don't forget to stop by Katie & Olive to order your collar!
Have a great day!
PS-think I will slowly be let back in thos good graces of those that were horrified by my not owning a dog????


  1. Thank you so much!!! :D



  2. Hey Friend!! Love how your helping out Erin! I love your big heart too!! So, does this mean I need to go shopping again at MLG's? LOL
    I think Miss Khaki needs a new collar;)

    I love the mission behind the organization. Awesome!

    {ps tag, your it!}

  3. I think this is so wonderful of you. I'll have to go & see what I can find. :)

    Just so you know, I never thought you were bad for not being a dog person. In fact, I think even more highly of you. There are too many people who won't devote the time needed to a dog but still get them. Those should be the ones to be ashamed!

  4. What a wonderful cause and thank you for donating some of the proceeds of your sales for this cause. Must also go have me a look around Molly Lou Gifts.


  5. MLG is awesome!

    ps - you should have some books in the next few days, I mailed them this morning!


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