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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Meet Darby

Blog Friends meet Darby.

Darby meet Blog Friends.

Who is our new friend?

Darby is now living with us, has a spot at the table and didn't want to eat her dinner, prefers chocolate milk to water, a special bed with two pillows and stuffed animal,a prime spot right in the middle of the sofa for stories at night, loves swimming (she's really good at jumping), makes the best sand castles, and she has a new baby sister named Claire. Claire is also here although I didn't see her after we finished dinner. Perhaps I should be worried about that.

How long will Darby and Claire be living with us? Indefinitely, but Mr. Molly Lou has already said they have to go when it starts costing more money. Now, they are just grateful house guests, but when they start asking for things, eating too many snacks, or expect a college fund, he will file for eviction.

Darby is Mini #1's new imaginary friend. This is our first dip in to the "Imaginary Friend Pond" so I am just rolling with it. It's been interesting to say the least and quite fun to watch him with Darby. I never had an imaginary friend or have no recollection of it and I don't recall my sister ever having one either. Mr. Molly Lou says he never had one either although he talks to himself in the mirror now...does that count as an adult imaginary friend?

Ever play Hide and Seek with an imaginary friend??? Interesting...thankfully most of the time Darby hid with Mini #1. We only had almost one new friend catastrophe.

I still carry Mini #1 up to bed every night after stories and last night, I carried him, but had to hold Darby's hand up the stairs so she wouldn't fall. Darby loved Lyle Lyle Crocodile last night and wants to read that book every night. He is very protective of Darby and very considerate of her as well. He asked her what she wanted for breakfast and told me that she didn't like the cup that I got out for her. She even took over my seat at the table, but the host that I am graciously allowed her to sit where she wanted. She was slightly rude when it came time to pick her placemat. Mini #1 said she didn't like the choices, but finally decided on a lobster one (you know the adorable ones at Molly Lou Gifts). Darby also found it necessary to sit right in front of the refrigerator and I had to politely ask her to move each time I needed to get in there this morning. My politeness will quickly run its course if this behavior keeps up.

The adventures of Darby and Mini continue...any bets on what they get in to next?

Have a great day!


  1. You are quite polite! I don't think I would have had that much patience and would have had it upon the refrigerator incidents! Kudos to you MLG! :-) Did Mini#1 come up with the name all by himself? How creative!

  2. Love the name! I actually hope that L makes an imaginary friend one day!!

  3. How funny! Have you started the Cecelia Ahern book yet? If you have you'll know why this is just so funny to me!

  4. That's too cute. I love that he chose a she to be his imaginary friend instead of another boy to hang with. You do have a lot of patience with Darby. Looking forward to more adventures!

  5. So cute! He'll be requesting bunk beds for him and Darby next!

  6. That is hilarious! I don't remember ever having an imaginary friend either, but that has to be fun to watch!

  7. that is just adorable! I didn't have one either but I remember pretending one time because my friend did and I wanted to.

  8. My PD had imaginary friends. Betha was one. I can't remember the other one. It was rather hilarious at times!! xoxo

  9. Oh so happy you found me, it allowed me to find you and I am so glad I did! I've been perusing through your blog and I LOVE IT! You are so funny and your kids are adorable! I'm adding you to my blog roll....I wouldn't want to miss a thing!



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