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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Haphazard Thursday

Happy Thursday all! As usual, many random or haphazard things are running around this little brain of mine...

We have a new member of the Molly Lou family, Dorothy. Dorothy is our new fish. Mini #1 has wanted a pet and before we moved to the new house, we told him that he could get a fish. Dorothy was welcomed in to the family yesterday after quite an interesting trip to Scales & Tails pet shop. Dorothy is adjusting well although she is quite a "lazy" fish which has me slightly worried.

So, let's chat about Scales & Tails. Pet shops really creep me out. They always have that smell and then there are so many random animals in cages all over the place. The walls of fish bother me too. I have always had a fear that something from a movie will occur and the fish tanks will explode right as I am standing there and all these slimy fish and water will be all over me. (I know that I am weird.) Scales & Tails was your typical pet shop with your typical pet shop worker if you know what I mean. We get Dorothy in the bag and then the man is showing Mini #1 how to feed him. He then mentions that goldfish will eat anything and that if we wanted we could give them bloodworms, peas (without their shells) and that really big goldfish like brine shrimp.

OK-this is a small goldfish people that will live in a bowl for the pure enjoyment of my 3 year old son. I am not going to give the 25 cent fish bloodworms or shrimp and if you think that I am going to take the shell off peas to feed a GOLDFISH you really are insane. I let a little giggle when this was being explained. I said, "I think we will just take the flakes."

I could go on with my pet shop experience including some of the other interesting customers that were shopping...

The Molly Lou family is expanding quite quickly. First Darby came and then did I tell you about Sam? Sam walked back from PA. Yes, he walked back. We were having lunch on Monday and Mini #1 looks towards the door and says, "Hi Sam." Mini and I chat about Sam and I even get Sam a cup and give him some grapes. Sam walked back from PA because there wasn't any room in the car. Now, add Dorothy and Mr. Molly Lou better watch out. His spot in the bed may be taken soon.

Have a great day!

PS-Don't forget that we are donating to Katie & Olive Puppy Love Collars to support Puppies Behind Bars. Great time to buy a gift and know that you are helping a worthwhile cause. We also have the new Coyne and Pinckney giveaway going on until Sunday. Enter here for your chance to win your choice of stationery set.


  1. Dorothy as in Elmo's fish?
    And I give you a huge thumbs up for giving Sam some grapes. I mean, it's the least you could do after the poor guy walked back from PA, right?! *whew*

  2. Welcome Dorothy! Can't wait to hear more about this experience!

  3. I agree, the smell of pet shops gags me! But it sounds like Dorothy will be worth the smelly trip!

  4. Wow! Sam really had a long walk! He must have been exhausted! Have Sam and Darby met yet?

  5. ok so I got the scoop on my dad's imaginary friends from when he was a kid. There were 3 of them but you will have to e-mail me to hear their names! I have been forbidden to write about them on my blog!! Hilarious!

    Secondly, when I was in about 4th grade I went into Woolworths and went to look at the fish. Unfortunately I stepped on one that was dead on the floor and I'm pretty sure I almost fainted. I will have NOTHING to do with them now. At all. Ever. Sick.

  6. I hope you guys have better luck with your fish then I had with mine. I got three a little over a week ago and now I have 0...yes they all dies! :(

    I do plan on getting more though.

  7. Wow, your family is expanding by the minute! :)

  8. I am sure that Dorothy is feeling right at home.. Hmmm? I'd love to know who picked out her name?

    and wow! Sam must be pretty fit...walking all that way!

  9. A fish, how exciting! Dorthy is a great fish name.

    Sam is quite the trooper!


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