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Thursday, April 8, 2010


I have visions of sweet smelling flowers, trimmed shrubs, layered perennials and annuals in a rainbow of colors, no weeds, new mulch, birds singing around their fresh water birdbath and new food being added, freshly cut grass, and a clear, sparkly swimming pool.

There are a few other things on a list for Mr. to help me with this weekend too. (He will be thrilled.)

That is what I am working on.

Except my visions keep getting blurred by this haze. POLLEN. Even the minis are yellow at the end of the day.

The constant sneezing, sinus headaches, runny noses, and yellow film covering us are making this family slightly miserable. But does it keep us inside, no. It is hard to tame the minis when they just want to run and play (and sneeze) all day long.

I am from this great state of South Carolina, so I know it is bad. This year seems to be much worse as everything just exploded at once.

Will the allergies or my obsessive compulsive personality to get everything finished and "looking good" win?

I'm pretty sure the latter will prevail. It usually does.

Except for the pool...a yellow film over that vision of clean and sparkly isn't exactly what I was going for.

Happy Thursday. Have a great day.


  1. This pollen is horrible. We are heading to NC this weekend and mom said apparently it is HORRIBLE there too. There is no escaping...

  2. Rain, rain
    come today
    Wash this nasty
    pollen away!

    I have never looked forward to rain so much in my life!

  3. It is bad here too. I bet I'm going on 100 sneezes today. And poor L had an allergy-induced asthma attack in the middle of the night. I'm making a stop for children's Zyrtec after work. Feel better!

  4. I so feel your pain, it is miserable here too. I really want to enjoy the windows open but my allergies just can't take it! I love thinking about your glistening pool and beautifully manicured gardens!! :) Happy thoughts!

  5. Worst pollen season ever. I'm heading tomorrow to pick up the zyrtec D & hoping that will help me out some!

  6. It is HORRIBLE here, too! I cannot keep my car clean! Which you know I hate!


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