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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My next purchase...

Don't you think this is just what the Molly Lou family needs? Candy Spelling is graciously giving up her home and "downsizing." Now it is time for another family to step right up and claim "The Manor."

This is just perfect for us. We could enjoy all 56,000 square feet and we could explore and practice counting the actual number of rooms and bathrooms, since no one seems to be sure exactly how many there are.

When we weren't totally in love with each other and wanting to spend all of our time together, we could totally spread out to get some time to ourselves and enjoy different rooms. Although, we might need to set up some kind of system or else it could take weeks to find the minis if they started roaming. Hide and seek could go on for weeks which would thrill Mini #1!!

Sure, we have a quaint and charming little Cape Cod now, but doesn't this home just look warm and inviting? It has all of the ammenities that I have been looking for: barber shop, beauty salon, wine tasting room, flower cutting room, gift wrapping room (seriously, I have always dreamed of one of fun!), bowling alley, servants wing, and the MUST HAVE, can't live without temperature controlled silver storage room.

I think this might be the perfect way for my husband to show how much he loves and adores me and is eternally grateful to me for carrying his precious children. And the price tag of $150 million dollars is reasonable considering all the home has to offer. I mean where else can you find a silver storage room and home with 16 carports?

OK...sarcasm over. Let's get serious here. $150 million dollars??????

The Spellings have lived in this home for 20 years and still don't know how many rooms there are? Don't you think with your entourage of servants, you could pay someone to count them?

Do you know what could be done with that money? Do you know how many "normal" homes could be bought with that much money?

Do you know how many people and families could live in that mansion and not have to even see each other?

Candy, if you want to invite me out to stay and play for a few days, I will be happy to bring my pen and paper and count all of the rooms for you? I will also be happy to check out the beauty salon and test out the silver by the pool. It is important to make sure the silver keeping room is working properly before the new owners move in. Call me.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I think you should! Go for it - I'll come live with you guys & bring Mr. Potts & Hayden & Pepe Cat.

    If you don't, could I at least visit with you when Candy invites?

    150million. Made my stomach do somersaults!

  2. If you move in, I'll move in too. But I need a large apartment in that place all to myself because my crazy cat doesn't play with others, but I can't live without her. Mmmmkay?

  3. oooh....the puppy boy and i would be glad to join you!

  4. you might have competing bids, hee! hee! that's quite the mansion....i could take a wing or two! ha! ha!

  5. I just gave Candy a call. She said she'll be happy to fly both of us out on her dime. Isn't that sweet? Do you want to make the plane reservations or shall I? :)

  6. Oh Candy. What a place. She should totally give it to Tori!
    The Good news is that even if we all moved in we would have plenty of space! I wonder how often you run into people?

  7. Seriously, who doesn't know how many rooms are in a darn house? Figure it out, Spellings! (Or pay me and my Name Twin to!)

  8. Between the gift wrapping room and the wine tasting room I doubt I would ever leave. Let's go in halvsies...shall we?!?! I'll gladly hunt your Minis down twice daily if you keep the wine room stocked. Deal?

  9. If Candy calls you to count rooms, please tell me and I'll go along with you. You know, for quality control purposes...I mean, you could lose count or something and I would be there to help. ;)

  10. How many cleaning people do you think they have?


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