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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I am still having some upload issues, but here are two to document the holiday. The minis woke up bright and early and enjoyed their egg hunt and loot find from the Easter Bunny. We are still down visiting Mr. since it is spring break and the internet access has been less than perfect, so I have my fingers crossed that is the only problem with the upload/email/general internet issues.

It's funny how I have changed my stance on pictures of my children. Before I wanted every picture to be perfect, the children would be smiling, there would be this halo effect over their perfect little heads, and if together in pictures, they would be frolicking in some way.

Now, that has gone out the window (remember the Christmas card debacle?). I do appear to be relaxing as I get older and now have a much broader vision of a "perfect" picture when it comes to my little minis.

I just prefer that they not be crying, or at least both crying, no sign of physical abuse between them, and if we could keep the snot out, that would be great!

While not perfect, both children are smiling and appear to be enjoying/tolerating sitting next to each other.

Don't they looked thrilled? Perhaps this is the morning sugar overdose kicking in?!?!

Happy Wednesday. Have a great day!


  1. I love the pink dress!! So sassy!!
    I think it is a great picture.

  2. Nothing like a pink and green palmetto tree smocked dress. Only in South Carolina baby!

    And so glad to know you love Tea Garden!

  3. How adorable are your children?! Yep, my kids had the sugar high and crash Sunday morning as well. By the end of Easter services, we could barely hold them up. :)

  4. So adorable!! Love these. My daughter's First Easter picture is a lovely image of her screaming her head off! haha. It's now one of my favorites! xoxo

  5. Oh I just adore your minis, they are so sweet and scrumptious! I love the outfits, especially baby mini's South Carolina smocked dress! That sweet baby girl wears pink and green well! :)

    Thanks so much for your email yesterday, meant a lot to me :) I will w/b when I can get my head above water with work!! XOXOXO Sending big hugs!


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