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Monday, April 26, 2010

It all started with a new faucet...

It started as a normal Saturday morning in the Molly Lou house. The minis, Mr. and I ate breakfast chatting about various things and wondering if it was going to rain all day. Mini #1 told a few funnies and we were just the Cosbys or the Sievers or the Tanners sharing a lovely weekend breakfast together.

Now, it was project time. We bought a lovey new faucet for the kitchen sink on Friday afternoon and this little "activity" would kick off the Saturday fun. (I am so "in like" with this faucet. Yes, I know it is pathetic to get excited and happy over a faucet).

The first 6.5 seconds of the project go beautifully. This is normally how home improvement projects go in this family...start off perfect and then disaster QUICKLY follows

The old faucet leaked and must have for the 20 years the crazy lady lived here before us. Leak=rusty bolts that are impossible to get off.

Mr. uses all his might to get them luck. I even try to squeeze in a different way, end up dropping a wrench on my face which led to an AWESOME (and very painful) "goose egg" on my luck.

Enter Mr. with power tools galore and let the faucet demo begin. I am pretty sure he released some internal rage from the way he was going at that poor, old faucet.

Let's fast forward several hours later and a dazzling new faucet adorns my sink and things are great.

Yes, things are great except when you turn on the water, hot or cold, the pressure is less than perfect. It is a glorified dribble.

A little banging, phone calls to Mr.'s father, a little more banging, some screwing, unscrewing, tightening and loosening, and a trip to Home Depot for some different hoses, it gets a little better. Not great, but better.

We leave it and go on to enjoy the rest of the day. Except there isn't much of the afternoon or day left since this has taken slightly more than the minutes it was projected to take.

Just before Mini bedtime, Mr. says "You know I am going to go under the house and make sure there isn't a leak and that is why the pressure is bad. I don't think that's it, but let's just check."
Bet you can guess.

Yes, LEAK. Yippee, hooray, do a dance. This again is exactly how these things go in this house.

He cuts off the water main, so water is a luxury we weren't having for a while. A few phone calls to Mr.'s father, another trip to Home Depot, he arrives home and says he will start the fix early the next morning.

We sleep with a mini in between us and before 6:30 am, we (yes, I rocked some dirty clothes and was under the house too) were working away.

Things were going great for the first 6.5 seconds (deja vu?). Then, after pipe has been cut it is realized that something isn't right and we don't have the right part.

PERFECT. Phone calls to Mr.'s dad, pictures taken, more phone calls, some yelling under the house, the minis are starting to wake up. They are also wondering who the crazy man yelling under the house is.

Mr. heads to to Home Depot (note-go out and buy some Home Depot stock as my family will be solely responsible for the impressive rise in stock prices).

Forgets his wallet and comes back to go back again. Still no water.

I'll spare the rest of the painful memories, I mean details, but let's just say that Sunday was no day of rest and AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Thank the good Lord for running water. Thanks to my husband, Mr.'s dad via phone, and Home Depot for finally fixing the problems.

It all started with a new faucet...

Hope you all had a great weekend. Happy Monday!

PS-my regular email and the site are down. If you need me, email brittany (dot) giametta (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks.


  1. weren't sorry to hear about the faucet drama!! Honestly it sounds all to familiar when it comes to home related projects LOL. Hope that outside of this the rest of your weekend was relaxing and enjoyable! XOXO

  2. Sort of sounds like the carpet fandango 2010 in our household! I feel your pain girl!

  3. OMG- When I read the title I thought "Wonder how many trips to Home Depot this took" - haha. Not funny....but funny. And the cussing. Can't forget that. At least it was under the house.

  4. Yep, sounds about how things go at our house with projects too. That's probably why we are so reluctant to get our house ready to sell. It's just daunting.

  5. Girl, I feel your pain. Our kitchen overhaul all started with a new garbage disposal.... *rolling eyes*

    Oh, and it's just not Mr. Molly Lou who is responsible for a rise in HD husband is just as guilty. Ya know, increasing HD's worth while draining our bank account at the same time...go figure. ;)


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