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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Remember when my fever was rising and I was self-diagnosed with baby fever a few weeks ago.

I don't have to worry about that much longer as it looks like a new mini will be joining us soon!!


I know that was a pathetic attempt at a 4/1 prank or joke. I actually don't really like this holiday and never have had one of those great "I got you" moments

Apparently Blogger is also playing the joke on me. I had this great picture and different post ready to write away, but Blogger won't let me upload any pictures and I NEED THE PICTURE. Every time I try to upload it, it shuts my browser window down. I guess Blogger can have one of those "I got you" moments while once again, me notsomuch.

You all are so sweet and wonderful and instead of a grand affair and I hope you all know this was my silly attempt at a gag. (Which by the way I hate that word.)

It looks like a goal for 2011 will be to perfect the April Fool's fool.

I am not pregnant, but do still have that baby fever. For now, I will just keep snuggling and loving those two precious children that I have. I will definitely keep you posted for real next time.

Today is Mini #1's big Easter egg hunt and bash at school today! We are painting terra cotta pots, planting sunflower seeds, finding eggs, having lunch, and eating cupcakes. Oh what a fun day!

Happy Thursday and Happy April Fool's Day!


  1. Oh you brat! You totally got me, and I got super excited! I hate April Fool's and this is why!

  2. Oh man! You totally had me! (But I'm with you...this holiday and I don't really understand each other.)

  3. You did fool me! I totally gasped and clapped with excitement! I don't really get this holiday either! :)

  4. Fooled me too!! Meanie! :) Not like to play jokes on a REAL pregnant person! ha!

  5. HEEHEE!! You totally got me on this one. Especially because we were just talking about baby fever. I was thinking of you earlier today before I read this because I've been bit by the bug and majorly have babies on the brain. Good one!! :)

  6. You are a stinker!! haha Hope the Easter Egg Hunt was a success!! xoxo

  7. You DID fool me!!! You are a mess... ;)


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