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Friday, April 23, 2010

The sky is falling, the sky is falling...

Just call me Henny Penny. Don't say you weren't warned.

Grab your loved ones, eat your cupcakes, get a venti latte because something crazy is going around here.

I present exhibits A-D to prove that indeed the end is near...

Exhibit A-My son asked for brocolli for dinner. I certainly obliged and not only did he eat all that was put on his plate, he ASKED FOR MORE and actually ate the second helping.

Exhibit B-The minis played together NICELY and happily for almost 30 minutes yesterday and then even shared a snack without any snatching, screeching, or bodily harm.

Exhibit C-We haven't received one bill at all this week in the mail AND I have received some form of friendly snail mail each day. The mail this week has been full of those sun shiny and lovely notes from friends and family and the rest was junk, but not one bill.

Exhibit D-After two nights in a row of putting the children to bed, I decided not to do anything really productive and just read a book. It was truly glorious!

What will we do? Run for cover...


  1. That sounds delightful! I love it when the unexpected happens and it's all positive...

  2. hilarious...definitely the end of the world!

  3. So funny, I love the way you tell stories. YAY for BROCCOLI!!! XOXO

    What book are you reading?? :)

  4. If L ever ate any kind of veggie at all, I think I'd pee in my pants.

  5. My boys will only eat broccoli if it is cooked but with NO CHEESE! Crazy... thank goodness!

  6. What do you mean the store is closed? I ordered something April 7th and was charged for it and have never received it!! What is going on?


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