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Monday, April 12, 2010

Picasso Prodigy?

Mini #1 is quite the artist. He loves to paint, draw, play-doh, and cut just about anything to make a masterpiece.

Our home is a museum of his creations and our newest budding artist, Mini #2.

Mini #1 prefers to create his pieces in the abstract sense. It gives him more independence in his creative form and allows his audience to create their own conclusions about his work.

I mean, he could create a masterpiece of a million squiggles and streaks and dots, but after really looking at it and perhaps discussing with the artist, you can clearly see and feel the train station, passengers loading the train, the strong engine steaming out from the platform and the birds soaring in the sky above it.

Or another drawing may be of a bad storm coming. Or a skyscraper still under construction. Or a bouquet of flowers.

You know you never ask a child, I mean artist prodigy what something is, you just ask "abstract" questions to get the details out because obviously just from looking at it, you know what it is.

Well, my friends, the pure abstract stage is out and now Mini #1 is now focusing on portraits.

Step right up and your Mini #1 masterpiece could be next.

Lovely isn't it? Simple, but perfect.
This is a big deal in our family. You see, we have been so focused on perfecting and truly mastering the abstract stage that this is our first OBVIOUS person.
Look at that smile, big blue eyes, and little button nose.
Who is this? Who did Mini #1 decide would be the muse for his portrait debut? Who will one day grace the halls of the Guggenheim or the Metropolitan Museum of Art as the famous Mini #1's first "real" drawing done with a simple blue marker?
It's ME.
I was outside finishing up some planting. Mini #1 was inside with Mr. and his sister when he abruptly stopped what he was working on and explained "I need to draw Mom."
You know when the creative inspiration hits, you just can't supress it. Blue is his favorite color. I wish I had big blue eyes like Mr., Mini #2, and now my portrait.
Perhaps he really is a Picasso prodigy. He can mix his love for abstract with this new found genre.
Again my friends, step right up and you could be next!
Have a great day.


  1. Ohhhh I LOVE it!! How old is he again?

  2. "I need to draw, Mom" = PRICELESS! Seriously so sweet. Reminds me of my little brother who is going to be 23 this summer (OMG where does the time go?!) He used to draw very similar pics as a child (everything was always smiling! Flowers, sun, soccer balls, you name it)

    Turns out he is actually a brilliant musician and photograhper now...I can't wait to see more of Mini #1's beautiful creations!! :)

  3. Awww! He loves you enough to draw you! So sweet!

    How's he feel about dogs? I've always wanted a portrait done of Marvin...

  4. P.S. Come on over and visit, I have an award for you, beautiful!

  5. P.S. Come on over and visit, I have an award for you, beautiful!

  6. It seriously is Picassoesque :-) xoxo

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I love how he all of a sudden said that he had to draw you. True love, I tell ya!


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