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Friday, April 16, 2010

Protective Measures

You may be asking "What in the world is going on with Mini#2?"

Game of dress up?


Is that a shower cap she is wearing while eating her dinner?

Why yes. She is indeed sporting this season's hotel shower cap.

Normal dinner attire in the Molly Lou house?

No, but perhaps should be.

I have discussed MANY times before and even provided picture evidence on more than one occassion on the MESS that is Mini #2 (especially when eating.)

Remember Mr. and I play "Rock, Paper, Scissors" sometimes for who has to get her out of the chair and clean her up particularly dirty or dark sauced meals like enchiladas or spaghetti.

Back to the picture. The minis played outside all afternoon and were extremely dirty so they took baths before dinner.

Just to spite me, Mini #2 will sometimes run food through her hair and smile at me. Normally, I smile right back because 3 seconds after I get her out of the chair and cleaned up enough to go upstairs, she gets a bath.

What to do, what to do about the bath before meal predicament????


Put a shower cap on her to keep the sweet smelling and clean hair sweet smelling and clean.

She thought it was funny and we did a few rounds of she takes off, I put back on. But the thing about Mini #2 is she loves to eat so eventually she gave up and left it on so she could enjoy her dinner.

Score one for mom! Mini #2:265432 Mom: 1

Have a great weekend!


  1. This made me LAUGH! What a cutie! And what a brilliant idea! :)

  2. Love that pic! Yep, my son does the same thing. I probably need to stock up on shower caps myself.

  3. This is a brilliant idea--my daughter sounds just like mini #2! I'm going to have to try this. What a cute picture, she looks like she is having a ball!

  4. That is too much... what a mess! And you know I mean that is the cutest way possible.

    And love that you scored 1!

  5. You're a genius! Honestly, a genius! Perhaps I should make the husband eat like this...

  6. She is so darn cute...and the shower cap is genius!


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