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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

They Really Do LIKE Eachother...

at least for 5.2 seconds. This completely voluntary act by Mini #1 to take his sister's hand while strolling through the zoo was priceless.

My heart just melted as I whipped out the camera to document this rare sight. I had visions of them being best friends as teenagers and just knew that deep down they really do like each other.

Then the screeching and fighting occurred. Mini #2 was bored with the affection and started screeching to retrieve her hand.

Mini #1 started yelling "I just want to hold your hand now! Let me have it."

More screeching. More yelling.

Snap back...And then we were back to reality.

At least I was able to document it.

Have a great day!!

PS-I can't seem to upload any Easter pictures. This picture was on the other camera. Oh the technology.


  1. What a precious moment, so awesome that you captured it. Loving the mini's outfits - her with her sweet bow and he with that darling polo (collars up!) :) And I for one have a feeling that they will be best friends for life...I know my siblings and I are!

  2. Hahahah. SO sweet for a second! Hope you had fun at the zoo! Can't wait to see your Easter photos.

  3. Such cuties!! I want to go to the zoo, but we don't have nice zoos in my area. Bummer.

    Do I spy a popped collar on Mini #1? Love it!

  4. I love it! Mine are older and this STILL happens...

    "Stop touching me!"
    "I was only trying to give you a back rub."
    "Stop touching me!"
    "I'm trying to be a nice brother."
    "You are weird."
    "No, you said your shoulder hurt when you fell off your bike."
    "Stop touching me!"
    "You're a jerk." (punch)

  5. Cutest. Picture. EVER.

    That is all.


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