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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

We all love getting awards, right?

Well, I really, really, really think it is lovely. It's the closest I will get to wearing my fabulous red carpet dress, smiling for the paparazzi, and making my acceptance speech in front of all the A-listers.

I've been given the I Love Your Blog Award by two of the BEST blog friends: It's a Golden Day and Pink Preppy Lilly Lover. I just adore both of these women and sometimes feel like we are BFF in real life. I jump to check their blogs each day and always love what they have to say.

Bevy is an SC girl too with two precious boys and one sweet husband. Trish is just fabulous and always puts the best photographs on her blog. She has one sweet husband too and I am really working on adding some precious minis to her life too. (No pressure!:))If you don't already know them, click on over and say hello.

This is where you get on the edge of your seat to read 10 things that I love!

Ready, set, GO:

1. The sound of the minis laughing. Even better if they are laughing together while playing. There truly is no better sound than that of a child's laughter.

2. Thoughts of my grandmother. Everyday, at some random time a thought or memory of her will pop in to my head and I always get a smile on my face. She loved the spring time, so it happens more now. It could be something I see, a smell, or a face the minis make. It's amazing how sometimes a thought of her can stop my dead in my tracks.

3. Peanut Butter Patty Girl Scout Cookies. Oh sweet things! GS cookies came out over Lent and with my abstaining from chocolate over those 40 days, I am just getting to savor and enjoy them. Peanut Butter + Chocolate + Cookie=perfection. How could you not love that? I feel sorry for Mini #1 that he doesn't get to taste that little circle of goodness since he is allergic to peanuts.

4. The beach early in the morning.

5. Tulips, daisies, lillies, daffodils...everywhere you look there are gorgeous spring flowers popping up. Even the weed flowers and dandelions that the minis excitedly pick for me is perfect too.

6. Sparkling swimming pools...They are just so inviting and always refreshing, especially after yard work or general summer hotness.

7. The smell of fresh cut grass. That is definitely a smell everyone can relate to. I also love the look of a fresh cut lawn. Makes you just want to lay down and get lost in the sky.

8. Snail mail. I love to send and to receive. Instant love when I flip through the mail...bill, bill, junk, bill, catalog, junk, bill, flyer, HANDWRITTEN NOTE FROM A FRIEND!!!

9. Books! How I love to read and just don't do it enough. I could find a comfy spot on the couch under an old quilt or find a lounge chair on a warm afternoon and read all day.

10. Monograms. Can you really have too many monograms or things personalized in your life, that of your minis, or in general your family? Absolutely NO.

Now I get to pass this along to some fabulous blog friends. There are so many that I love and deserve this award and that I truly think of as "real" friends.

The Perks

Experiments in a Galley Kitchen

Living in the Moment

Preppy 101

Namaste By Day

Belle on Heels

Bitsy Creations

Emily's Going Nuts

The Katherine Wheel

Have a great day! Thanks again Bevy and Trish. I heart you both!


  1. Thanks, friend! I'll repost this soon! :) I am with you on almost all of those things that you listed. I'm excited to list my own...don't be surprised if some of them overlap! Thanks again!

  2. Congrats on your award!! You so deserve it!! :)

  3. Sorry it took me all day to get my heinie over here and comment! (That pesky thing known as work has had me tied up all day - BOO!)

    I am so obsessed with your post and your answers! First of all you are so sweet and I do really feel like we are already great girlfriends, you know that! I want to seriously plan our girl date! :)

    I think of my grandmother often too. She was such a lady and I find myself saying things or doing things like her all the time. That's so cute that you see it in the minis, must make your day.

    I'll totally be your penpal if you want! I love to send cards in the mail, and I agree, it is such a treat in between junk and bills!

    Hope you're having a sunny afternoon my dear friend! XOXOXO

  4. Thanks my dear! I love it! (and funnily enough, I just scheduled a post for tomorrow that has a different award for you in it!) Great minds think alike!

  5. OK... I officially stink as a blog friend! It's taken me all day to finally get to your cute blog. Love your answers... flowers are so my favorite too!


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