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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Snapshot Saturday~

We didn't have a submission for this week's Snapshot Saturday, so I looked to my BFF (in my dreams) for some help. Kate Spade provided this week's picture (isn't she gracious?!) When we are chatting over lunch this week, I will be sure to let her know how much we all love the new clothes, shoes, and accessories and that you all have forgiven the dear folks over at Liz Claiborne for that AWFUL purple shoulder strap bag. You should have heard the phone call she made to the powers that be after I discovered that hideous bag. She had no idea and was just mortified over it. I am so glad we got that cleared up before someone was hurt.

Bounce back to reality, Molly Lou, bounce back.

Oh, sorry. So, I mentioned to Mr. Molly Lou a few of the items that I am currently drooling over and emphasized one particular pair of shoes that I MUST have for a wedding in October. He chuckled and not in the "Oh, we think so alike because I already purchased those for you because I thought you would look great in them. I love you so much sweetheart, love of my life" kind of way. When I mentioned that I was serious, I thought he was going to pee his pants. I will just have to step up my game a little.

I want this dress so much. I just adore it's classic look. I love the red tights, but know that these legs of mine would not look so hot with bright red tights adorning them.
I wish that I could pull off this style and pull off this look: polka dots, red jacket, yellow tights, orange bag. If I wore this, it would look like a skittles bag threw up all over me and I let the minis dress me. When written, it sounds ridiculous, but this just looks interesting and "cool" on this model out treasure hunting.
Have a great weekend! Don't forget to enter our Bitsy Creations Giveaway and I am taking answers to yesterday's Figure It Out Friday until the end of the day before I declare the Queen.


  1. Love this post! I too would love to wear that outfit....I just don't know where! :-) It really is cute. I can see my daughter pulling it off without any problem at all. I am loving all of the bright colors out this fall. Have a great weekend! Oh, tell Kate I said Hi the next time you see her!LOL

  2. I got a pair of shoes I really wanted a couple of weeks ago by promising my husband sexual favors. Just sayin.

  3. I wish I could pull off color and patterns like that too, I love the look but it doesn't love me...sigh!

    Hmmm...Gina gets rewarded for doing that? I'm doing it all wrong!!!

  4. These are amazingly cute images...I adore the red and yellow tights...I am always wearing black...I think I need to go out on a limb! Love that polka dot I would wear that!
    Thanks for sharing these creative images!

  5. OH MY GOD B. Those shoes are AMAZING. I think I literally started salivating when I clicked on the link, HA!!!

    I need to tell you about something really important. Have you checked out Plaza Too is this amazing designer shoe website (think KS, my man Stuart, Cole Haan, Tory Burch, etc) and about twice a year, they have AMAZING sales. Like, shoes that you cannot get ANYWHERE ELSE for that cheap. And yes, they are real.

    Two years ago, I bought an awesome pair of Cole Haans for about $30. And last year? As a special birthday present for myself? A gorgeous mustard patent leather pair of kate spade kelley pumps. The grand price? $80. They were $300 EVERYWHERE else. Just...keep an eye out. :)

  6. Oh my goodness, the sale is going on right now! But to be honest, it's not super good this time around. If you wait longer, things get way more on sale.

    Plus, the KS selection isn't fabulous right now.

  7. The jacket is adorable, perfect four season wear!

  8. haha, I'm sure you wouldn't look like a bag of skittles threw up on you!

    I'm still trying to think of a way to convince Mr. Molly Lou that all your purchases are good ideas...


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