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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

House Needed and Donations Accepted

So, we have all gotten to know the members in my home: Mr. Molly Lou, Mini #1, Mini #2, Darby (imaginary friend), Sam (imaginary friend), and Dorothy (goldfish). Now, let's introduce TWO more: Sam the dog and Sam the cat. (Have I mentioned that Mini #1 has a slight obsession with naming things Sam?)

Sam the dog joined our family last Friday. He is an adorable black lab puppy that has a red collar and "has so much love." (Mini #1 words exactly.) Mini #1 fell in love with this adorable dog and we made it our own. It as been so long since I had a dog in the house, I forget how much work they are. Mini #1 hasn't had one allergic reaction to him...must be meant bo be. Full of stuffing and all...he came from Build-a-Bear Workshop. No, I did no have a complete mental breakdown and get a real dog.

Sam the dog has gone everywhere with us. Mini #1 insisted that G.G. (my grandmother that we went to see this weekend) hold him and pet him. He has bowls for his food and water and loves to sleep with Mini #1. He has to go in to his doghouse sometimes when Mini #1 needs a break.

Now, Sam the cat just came to us yesterday afternoon after coming alive from a picture that Mini #1 drew. Now, Sam the cat has three ears and four eyes. Yes, you read that right-three ears and four eyes. Not only do we have imaginary friends and now pets, we are an equal opportunity imaginary friend house and accept all creatures, disabled or not.

With this menagerie that has become my home, we are running out of room and funds to feed and house these "beings." I am thinking there isn't really enough room for me and they might not even know I'm gone if I made an escape.

It wouldn't be until a child needed a drink, lost toy, or diaper change, an imaginary friend needed a snack (apparently Darby gets sick from grapes) or a ride (Sam is still exhausted from his walk from PA). or a pet needed fresh water, clean tank, or a trip to the vet (what do you suppose the long term effects are from three ears and four eyes?) Mr. Molly Lou better be extra nice to me or he is going to be hating life when he is solely responsible for two children, three pets, and two imaginary friends.

My bags are packed!

Psssst: Did you hear that Boatman Geller is coming soon to Molly Lou Gifts???? YAY! Also, a NEW member of the Molly Lou family is being unveiled tomorrow and you know that means a giveaway. See you then!


  1. Oh my, you are one tough cookie, I really don't think I'd have the patience! Kudos to you!

  2. You are so funny!! My children NEVER had imaginary friends or pets like that! So cute and you must have the patience of Job!! :)

  3. OK, we may need to see this cat know, just to assess the long-term side effects...

  4. woooo hoo!
    Love Boatman Geller stationery

  5. Okay, you totally tricked jaw was just hanging open because I was thinking there was NO WAY you really got a dog!! LOL!

  6. Oh gosh, did I tell you? We went to PA about a week & a half ago for a family reunion. I couldn't find Bitsy #1 for a second & one of my SILs said, "Oh she's over there talking to herself." and I immediately thought, "Great, we're coming home with an imaginary friend. What is with PA?" She was totally talking to a cousin, though. :)
    And GOSH I love Boatman Geller.

  7. Ohhhhh, I can't wait to see who it is!

  8. I just love your sense of should write a book!

    Your kids are fabulous and I love their vibrant imaginations, we should all think more like kids!

  9. It's so funny you said that on my post, about the sandpaper, because that is truly how mine are - I was just trying not to embarrass myself! :-)

  10. I'll pay you to figure out how to scan that drawing! Your stories make me laugh outloud. My brother's name is Sam!

  11. Please scan the drawing. I know you think I am crazy but I hope my little man has an imaginary friend one day.

  12. My goodness! I really was thinking you got a new (real-life) puppy... wow, you do have a full house! haha

    It really sounds like Mini#1 would do a stellar job taking care of a (real-life) pup :o)

    Look forward to your surprise...

  13. Sam the dog makes me puppy hungry! My yellow lab "puppy" is all of 80 pounds. They are precious! Sam the cat also sounds like quite the character! Keep your eye on that one!

  14. haha, Sam the cat sounds like a fun guy!

    At least he didn't have G.G. talking to and doing things with Darby or Sam the friends :)


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