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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This is where it ends...

Let me preface this post by saying that I vowed to myself many, many moons ago that I would never become "a mom." Not in the respect of motherhood, clearly I have two minis that I love and adore. I would never become the "mom" in those mom jeans, denim handbag, and spoke of that "new fangled technology" like it was trying to learn Arabic.

So, I used to think of myself as a pretty up-to-date person. I might not wear the most stylish or trendy clothes, but I know what is in style and have maintained my Kate Spade obsession. I keep up with celebrity gossip and always felt more or less "in the know" of ALL things important. When I taught middle school, my students thought I was so cool because I knew the trends, knew the lyrics to the "happening" music, and was up to speed on all movies. Even if it wasn'y my favorite genre of music, I at least could pick out the song or artist. I saw many movies (that certainly is history) and knew all the behind the scenes gossip on the movie sets thanks to the web and magazines.

Well, folks that has changed and my "in the know" and stylish days appear to have flown the coop.

In reading People, the music page was devoted to "Songs of Summer '09." Let me run down the list for you:

*The Black Eyed Peas: "I Gotta Feeling"

*Lady Gaga: "LoveGame"

*Kristina DeBarge: "Goodbye"

*Jordin Sparks: "Battlefield"

*Pink: "Please Don't Leave Me"

*Drake: "Best I Ever Had"

*Jeremih: "Birthday Sex"

*Kings of Leon: "Use Someday"

*Green Day: "21 Guns"

*Michael Jackson: "Man in the Mirror"

Dear Readers, I am embarassed and ashamed to admit that I don't know more than one of these songs and could not pick out of a lineup a few of these artists. I have spent far too long listening to children's music in the car and having the most happening CD in my car stereo being The Beatles compilation for children. The Wheels on the Bus, You are My Sunshine, ABC's, etc. have taken the place in my life where "Birthday Sex" and "Goodbye" clearly should be.

This is a very sad and depressing day for me. Very sad indeed.

I need to take back my life and regain my style! Today is the day that I make a pact to work on that. Instead of humming "If You're Happy and You Know It," I will be grooving to "Love Game." All the moms at the playground will be oh so jealous of me.

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  1. Those songs are over rated anyway. Don't worry you are not missing a thing. Just don't go wearing mom jeans on us!

  2. Oh, don't worry, MLG. All you need to do is go on a week-long roadtrip, and you will hear these songs AND ONLY THESE SONGS in perpetuity for the duration of your trip. And yes, 99% of them pretty much suck. Although I have a special place in my heart for Lady Gaga. She is crazy and she knows it. But seriously, I literally think that radio stations play about 10-15 songs on repeat. It's terrible. I'm so bored.

  3. Ummm...I only know the last three songs and don't even have a clue who Drake is (except for seeing a post on him on Perez Hilton) and I have NO CLUE who Kristina DeBarge and Jeremih are (really sorry I'm missing the "Birthday Sex" song though). I don't even have kids! What is my excuse?!?

  4. oh my gosh! so funny about you grooving to Love Game. Hey, I'm 24 and I only recognized one song. Don't feel bad!!! :)


  5. That is really funny...I don't know half of them either, probably because they are not worth knowing!

    (That's what I tell myself anyway...)

  6. I was in the same boat, wait till the kids are a little older and you will know all the "cool" songs and will be so tired of hearing them!

  7. I don't know many of these songs either. Although, Kiss You Through the Phone came on the radio when I was with my niece yesterday & I wasn't really listening to it. She started singing along to the lyrics! I asked her how she knew the words and she told me, "My mommy lets me listen to that." Sigh...lots of work to do...

  8. I don't think you're missing much. I've been known to bust out in song, but much of the lyrics today, I wouldn't dare!

    Can you imagine me busting out to Lady Gaga's Love Game?
    Let's have some fun, this beat is sick I wanna take a ride on your disco stick!

    Nope....don't think so!!!


  9. What excuse can I use if I don't have children, and feel just as out of the loop? I need a life stylist!

  10. Sadly, I know all of the songs on that list...but I have teenagers. I find myself singing along to the DUMBEST songs. Seriously?? Birthday Sex? ...I should not be singing that!!

  11. I agree, just turn on your radio and you will know these songs! I know them all the way from Europe! And while most of them are obnoxious, the Kings of Leon is a MUST HAVE on itunes. check it out!

  12. Ewww...why would you even want to know those songs? Most of them sound downright disgusting! I actually did a post on this a week or so ago. I'm definitely out of the music loop but I'm glad I don't have "Birthday Sex" lyrics running through my head. Sheesh. What is this world coming to?!

    Be happy you're not in the "know" :)


  13. Don't worry, you really aren't missing a thing! I am sad to say I don't know those songs either. I mean I have heard them but some of them are completely inappropriate lyrics (no joke!) and I like the 70s & 80s real music anyway, haha. Now a days the music isn't as good as it was when I wasn't born! hehe

  14. haha, I'm not sure I know these songs either. Please don't tell me I'm not cool...

  15. haha...
    Man in the Mirror is the only familiar one here...and that's an old one anyways, right?

    ..I think you are doing great with the "classics" that you mentioned, ie The Wheels on The Bus...If you're happy and you know it...You are my Sunshine...ABCs

    (I love all the comments that were left...sounds like you got plenty of us to support you and "watch your back!", despite not being "hip". haha)

  16. You're in the mom club officially now! Ha!

  17. I just peed ma pants!!! I too was stylish and I know more about whats going on @the Disney Channel, than anything else!


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