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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Haphazard Thursday

Ok, so random thoughts time...

1-I am so freakin' behind today. I don't know what is wrong with me. I have written before about my OCD issues and how I like everything to be in line and ready in the morning. I woke up to no coffee, dishes in the sink, lunch not packed, and clothes in the dryer. I will be entering the mental facility soon.

2-My space key doesn't want to work. Think it's funny, it is REALLY $%^%!@ annoying. My thumbs seriously hurt from how hard I have to hit the darn key to make it work. This is really helping my day. If emails looklikethisfortodayanduntilitdecidestoworkagain,Isincerelyapologize. My friend A mentioned that it could be a secret code that cool kids use. GREAT IDEA! Let's all stop spacing our words.

3-Check out Good Will Grace today. My above mentioed friend Ashley has graciously allowed us to post something of hers...we love it. Be sure to follow us and tell a friend. Perhaps a little giveaway is coming GWG's way...

4-Last night at church, we met a new couple. Let's call them Joe and Jane. They had a little one, Jack. Anywho, Joe kept calling Jane "HONEYBEAR" throughout dinner and then after the bible study was over. "Honeybear, could you go get me some water. I'll stay with Jack." " Honeybear, do you think we ought to send Jack to the nursery during the study tonight? Tonight is the first night they are having one for the little ones."

Are you freakin' kidding me??? I thought it was funny the first time, like a joke, but noooooooooooooo apparently this is normal conversation for them and it doesn't matter that they are in public. If you have little pet names for each other, save it for home. Others around you may throw up their dinner if they have to listen to that. I truly do not have the mental stabilitiy today to completely go off on how ridiculous that truly is. It makes me laugh to think of what Mr. Molly Lou would do if I called him "pookie"*** in public.

(That was totally an example, I do not nor will I call my husband pookie.)

5-Run, or just click quickly over to MLG. We have been working so very hard adding new products and getting our Holiday 2009 page up and running. You will be amazed at what we have accomplished. There are so many fantastic and unique things there. We hope to have everything added by Monday. Keep your fingers crossed.

6-We have just added a new line of bag tags. Perfect for diaperbags, gym bags, luggage, strollers, back packs, overnight duffles, and more. A unique use for them is to add them to packages to use as gift tags and a little extra treat to the package. You decide front and back personalization. They come wrapped in a clear bag with ribbon...perfect little surprise and treat for someone. More to come. Holiday themed ones too! TODAY ONLY, they are BUY 1 GET 1 FREE! They are already marked 10% off to welcome them to MLG. We will refund your money after payment has been made. YAY!

(Blogger turned my photo and won't go back. AHHHHH! So, head exercises, tilt your head to the left. Sorry!)

7-I think I need a separate secret blog to discuss certain family, friends, and neighbors. I recently found out how many blog stalkers I have that don't comment, but lurch this blog, so clearly I can't dish about them here. I guess for now, certain friends will have to offer therapy sessions via email, phone, and text.

I need to go soak my thumbs now. Have a great day.


  1. You know I have the same OCD issues as you...I also had laundry in the dryer overnight (and still do) AND two baskets to fold. Oh the horror! My coffee was also not ready this morning and I really could have used it because I could not fall asleep last night. Torture!

    I have blog stalkers too. :)

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post today. You are too funny. I feel your pain with the spacebar; my little one ripped my space bar off of my laptop. I love the bag tags!

  3. haha honeybear, love it. I checked out your friends blog!

    Hope your space bar works soon! So annoying...

  4. Oh I could write a whole blog post in response to this, but I'll restrain myself.
    #1-May I address you as Honeybear from now on? Pulease?
    #2-My friend absolutely does have a secret blog to discuss certain family, friends, and neighbors. It was a joyous day when I found out about it. I have never been so happy that someone was being so so so honest. It's refreshing, actually, never mean-hearted or anything. Obviously she doesn't let just anyone read it. Hence, the secret part. :)

  5. Cute bag tags! But sorry about the space bar. What a pain! Literally.

    Hope your day goes great, HONEYBEAR!


  6. 1. I can't stop laughing about Honeybear...

    2. I'mtotallyforthecoolkidcode.

    3. Love the new Holiday stuff!

    4. I'll totally accept gossip emails, I need a little fun in my life :)

  7. IneedasecretblogtoobecausetherearedayswhenallIwanttodoiswhineandcomplainbutIgottawatchwhatIsayonmyownblogbecauseIhavestalkers,too!

    Whew...did you get that?

    OK,and I think I barfed a little at the Honeybear stuff. Really? Come on!

  8. OK...Blogger ate my long, run-on, not spaced sentence!

  9. How'd you find out about the stalkers? I wonder about that constantly!


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