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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Haphazard Thursday

You know, that time of the week you all love...RANDOMNESS! I am excited about some of the news today!
1- I have started a new blog, Good Will Grace! I am very excited about this and hope you all will jump on the bandwagon and tell a friend. This has nothing to do with MLG or me. You can read in more detail, but I have always wanted my children to grow up to be GREAT people and citizens of the world. We all can benefit from little life lessons and bits of grace. I want to make it fun and a place for all of us to compile our life lessons and thoughts. Share your ideas, thoughts, anecdotes, pictures, quotes, or even jokes. This can be an ensemble place for all of our children and friends to come to see these important things. Check it out, let me know what you think, and tell a friend. Grab a button and help spread the word. GWG is on Twitter too. Follow us @Goodwillgrace.

2-Mini #1 is starting preschool next week. This is HUGE for us and for him. He is super excited and is most excited about getting a lunchbox. He has been telling EVERYONE about it and what he is going to take in his lunch. I have pretty much avoided it until the point, but he needs it and it will be good for him. He will just go three days a week, Tuesday-Thursday from 9-1. I'll keep you posted.

3-We have some more new members of the family: Sam, the snake; Sam, the spider; Gertrude, the ghost (she is friendly though and doesn't say Boo!); Sam, the crab; Sam the monkey. Again, are you sensing a pattern here? These animals kind of come and go. Thank goodness that we don't have to set a place for them at the dinner table. They kind of come and go, but definitely are recurring. Ready for the count: 1 husband, 2 minis, 2 imaginary friends (Darby and Sam), 7 imaginary animals (let's not forget the three eyed and four eared cat), 1 stuffed dog pet, and 1 actual pet (Dorothy, the fish). GRAND TOTAL: 14 plus me! I need to move out. Anyone have a room to rent?

4-Thanks for all your kind words of encouragement about Mini #1 and the zebra print shoes. He got out a red patent leather pair of heels today and said he needed to go dancing. Should I be worried about that? Shortly after, he was playing with his trains and dump truck. I shared with Mr. Molly Lou some of your words of wisdom and no offense, but he wasn't as thrilled with it as I was. He is a tough sell sometimes.

5-While I am thrilled that Project Runway is starting tonight, I am sad about Real Housewives of Atlanta. At the Molly Lou house, we don't have that fancy DVR stuff that some have. I guess I will just have to watch the Atlanta wreck during the commercials. Aside from Kelly Ripa, I want to be Heidi Klum and I believe that Tim Gunn and I were meant to be friends. :)

6-DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN GET A PERSONALIZED MESSAGE FROM TIM GUNN??? It if fantastic. Click here to do it. Tim Gunn can call or email your bff, buddy, fashionista, Dad, etc. Go now. You will love it! I sent one and I also did one for Mr. Molly Lou and let him listen to it on my computer and he wasn't as excited as he should have been.

7-Word verification is really starting to annoy me. We all know its purpose, but I feel that the "words" are getting even more bizarre than usual. Southern Living Preppy Style and I were talking about writing a story and including some of our most bizarre "words." We are compiling a list. Wouldn't it be fun to do a giveaway with funny stories or poems written with these word verification things and then choose the funniest one??? Stay tuned!

Have a great day. Hop on over to Good Will Grace. We would love for you to share with us.


  1. Love the new blog! New follower here (I could use a little extra umph!). Today's a tough one too because I've somehow contracted "hermicip." I'm quite "irived." LOL!! (Those are make-up words, I don't really have hermicip, so no need to go Wikipedia-ing it! =)

  2. I'm going to start following Good Will Grace!

    So sweet that mini 1 is excited for preschool!

  3. Good luck with the new blog!

    Yay for Project Runway tonight! And don't worry about the Real Housewives, they'll rerun that episode at least 100 times before the next one! lol

    Word verifications: BOO! I turned mine off! lol

  4. The Tim Gunn message was hilarious. His voice alone makes me crack up. :)

    Yay for GWG!

    BTW, I'm so relieved to hear that the Gertrude isn't a scary ghost. I was afraid I was going to have to call Paranormal State or some reality show like that so we could get her out for you. :)

  5. 1. Love the new blog.
    2. So excited for Project Runway. So excited.
    3. Love the word verif idea. I hate them, too.

  6. -Love, love, love the new blog! What a great idea, you're so creative!

    -How exciting for mini #1! I hope he picked out an awesome lunch box... it makes all the difference.

    -I'm not sure I would let Sam, the snake; Sam, the spider; or Sam, the crab in the house! And I'm not sure if I should feel bad or happy for Gertrude for not being named Sam...

    -I think my word verification today could be Chinese or something like that... sheshu.

  7. I love your new blog and the purpose behind it is fantastic!

    Your house is getting very full indeed, if you ever need an're welcome anytime!

    Yay...FINALLY Project Runway is back. I love, Love, LOVE that show!

    I recently had a word verification of "betch"...a little too close for my comfort. you think it was trying to tell me something????

  8. Sam the spider huh? I'm thinking the dust bunnies will soon have names. We just adopted two kittens and they are running my house!

  9. My niece is starting Kindergarten next week & she is so so excited about it.
    I'm already planning when I can go & eat lunch with her. That's still cool when you're 5, right?

  10. If I change my name to Sam, can I join the fam, too?

  11. Wow! Great ideas here. I also enjoyed 'good will grace'. I think your theme days are also very creative, and I loved your website!


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