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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Haphazard Thursday

You know today is the day when all the randomness just comes out. I know some of you are thinking that happens everyday, but today it just comes in list form.

1. Vanity Fair left me off their International Best Dressed List again!!! I was shocked to see this month's copy and see the faces and style of folks like Carla Bruni, Penelope Cruz, Tiki Barber, Kathy Freston, Brad Pitt, Anne Hathaway, Michele Obama, Kelly Ripa, and NOT Mrs. Molly Lou. Someone is going to lose their job after I write my strongly worded letter to the editor. I mean last year they swore it was an oversight and gross mistake and would never happen again. You just wait until next year...

You know I look like this everyday while grooving to the new tunes in my head at the playground. I also get the opportunity to wear all those swanky clothes when I go out and mingle with my celeb friends at night.

2. Speaking of Kelly Ripa, I LOVE HER. I want to be her. Seriously, I really do.
3. Thanks to those of you that sent emails about how I shouldn't want to know those songs on the "Summer '09 List." It was meant to be more funny and pathetic that I wasn't as up to speed and hip as I used to be. Trust me, the minis and I will not be grooving to "Birthday Sex" or "Love Game" over their waffles and canteloupe at breakfast.
4. Many of you know that I work part time for a realtor friend of mine. I have known this man and his wife since I was a small child. They are very dear friends of mine and I have had the priviledge of knowing them and being around them for years. Yesterday, Marian gave her kidney to another member of our church that just three weeks ago was put on the kidney transplant list. She immediately volunteered and it has been a whirlwind few weeks going through testing, more testing, traveling, counseling, more testing, etc. Both are doing well and I am just so completely in awe of this woman and her selfless act. If I didn't adore this woman, I really would hate her.
5. Mini #2 really, really, really wants to walk. She can stand for long periods of time and is quite the "scooter" between furniture and things. We were sitting on the floor with her trying to get her to take a step between Mr. Molly Lou and I. We called Mini #1 over as she worships him and would do anything for him. He obliged and was calling his sister and smilling at her. Finally he says "Come on Mini #2*! You can do it. Take a step towards brother. Come on. I can't stand here forever waiting for her." She didn't do it and he was too busy to wait. Keep you posted.
6. Jon Gosselin is really getting on my last nerve. I want to pinch him so hard. He just keeps going. I feel like we reach a lull in the Jon & Kate scandal and divorce fiasco and then Jon just pops up again about his new girlfriend and new single life. Then, flash over to paparazzi pictures of Kate taking care of the kids. I also saw that Jon's new BFF is Lindsay Lohan's dad! THAT IS SO SMART JON...he is a role model father, so be sure to take a few tips from him.
There are many more random bits going on in this head of mine, but I will stop for now. Hope you all have a great day!
*Thanks to for the pictures. Mini #2's name was changed...the minis don't refer to each other as #1 and #2 at home. *


  1. They left me off the international list too. How insulting. I think my Nike running shorts and haines white undershirt are pretty snazzy, but that is just me.

    I agree about Jon. He is not acting like an adult at all.

  2. Yeah, I wasn't on the list either. I think it's time for a protest.

  3. That's pretty awesome about your friend and the kidney transplant.

  4. FIrst of all, amazing friend for donating the kidney! Nice to hear some good news about some compassion and caring! Second, LOVE Kelly Ripa. She is adorable. And third... yes... Jon, Jon, Jon. I just cringe every time I see or hear anything new about his antics (please, media, be exaggerating)! I used to think Kate was too hard on him - but if she was dealing with these tendencies behind the scenes... yikes. (not judging - just sayin'.) :) Have a great day.

  5. What an amazing thing your friend did!

    I didn't even know there was an International Best Dressed List but now I'm kind of mad I'm not on it...

  6. So tired of being left of that list. Let's start our own!!!!

  7. They also left me off the list. So confusing!

    How nice of your friend to donate an organ! Wow!

    I have to admit I was on Team Jon originally but now I'm on Team Gosselin Kids. I'm so over both J+K.

  8. What a bunch of morons over at Vanity Fair! Speaking of morons, yes I want to pinch, kick and slap Jon, he's acting like a 17 year old boy in heat!!

    What a wonderful and selfless friend you have, I think that's wonderful!

    Hope mini #2 is off and walking soon...the fun really starts then!!!


  9. eh Jon is bugging me too! I try to stay away from "celebrity" gossip but he just needs to focus on his children, seriously!


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