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Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Full of Protein and Iron, right???

Any mother will tell you that you are much more relaxed after your first child. Not that you don't care or worry or love the next children less, you are just more relaxed and know what to expect. You get the routines, you know they will in fact survive the little bumps, diaper rash, sugar, and occassional crying fit.

My two minis are total opposites. I mean Mini #1 screamed for the first six months of life, doesn't like to sleep, is a picky eater, walked at 8 1/2 months, was painfully shy until a few months ago, loves books...just to name a few. With Mini #2, she loves life and is just happy all the time, loves to sleep (we used to have to wake her up sometimes as an infant to eat), and will eat anything you put in front of her, isn't walking yet but really wants to, will go to anyone and is quite the social butterfly, she would rather eat books than actually listen to them, and is just a much more relaxed and laid back child.

With Mini #1 I was very nervous. Purell was my BFF and everyone's hands were washed and sanitized. I used to be so tense anytime he was held by someone else. I worried everytime he cried. Mr. Molly Lou worked internationally, so it was just he and I. He was a terrible sleeper and had such awful colic that some nights it was ALL I could do to get both of us to sleep.
At the beginning of this post, I mentioned being more laid back this "go round." When Mini #2 was about 5 days old, Mini #1 dragged her around our king sized bed and a few days later lifted her up on the bed and then dropped her (it was only a few inches.) Did I freak out???? No.
Mini #2 LOVES to eat dirt, bark, and sand. As much as I try to keep her out of it, she loves it. She could gnaw on a piece of bark all day long. Do I freak out???? No. (If I did, we could never go outside. When we are in the pool, she would much rather crawl out and play in the dirt and grass around the pool deck area.)

The other night after dinner, I was sweeping the floors and cleaning up. I went to do something else and Mini #2 crawled to my pile and picked out a piece of asparagus that she decided she did in fact want to eat. Certainly a little dirt and other crumbs couldn't hurt. Did I freak out????? No.****

Mini #2 is determined to walk, but just can't take the plunge. She is so close and is great at standing independently. She is also getting much faster at scooting all over the place not to mention the speed crawler she has become. She tends to fall and/or bang her head at least 23 times a day. Do I freak out???? No.

She loves bath time and she loves taking a bath with her brother. They normally play very nicely together in the bath. She tried to stand up in the bath tub and Mini #2 was trying to swim a lap in the tub and knocked her over. Did I freak out about this???? No. (I started clapping and she smiled and continued to play with her bath toy. However, lap swimming has been banned from the tub and is only allowed in the pool. )

Are you sensing a pattern here? I adore Mini #2. I can't imagine life without her. She is such a wonderful and loving child, but I am much more relaxed (or this post should just be Terrible Mother Part: 56723) and know that she will be fine. I mean the dirt, bark, and sand are full or protein and iron. A few bumps on the head will only make her stronger and the asparagus on the floor only promotes my teaching of healthy eating. How many 10 month old children do you know LOVE asparagus???

I just worry about Mini #3 whenever his/her times comes. Perhaps I will just start serving his/her meals on the floor and just add a helmet as a permanent accessory for all the bumps and bruises that are inevitable. Lord help us if we have more children...poor things don't stand a chance.

(Mini #2 yesterday...she is darn cute and perfect! She is trying to climb up a chair.)
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***In my defense, my floors and home are pretty clean. Remember that OCD I have discussed before? And, I did slightly freak out about that one!


  1. I am 8 years older than my brother, and it's not only the eating-asparagus-off-the-floor moments that freak you out less with each subsequent child after #1, but it's also the it's-2am-and-he's-not-home-yet moments in high school that apparently seem okay, too. My parents are WAY more relaxed with him than they ever were with me!

  2. That is a cute baby you got there! I am not a mom yet, but I too worry about making sure everything is clean for the little one. I like your post.

  3. presh, just presh- isn't it funny how even though they're cut from the same cloth, kids can be night and day?!



  4. This is why I never had kids...I would freak about everything and the would have turned out to be neurotic idiots!

    Your Mini #2 is so darn cute!!

  5. haha! I hear that's how it is with the 2nd! I love this post - too funny!

  6. That is hilarious!
    I guess I will experience the same thing in April (except it might be reverse) b/c little crab is a delight, loves to sleep, eats pretty much whatever.
    The next will keep me on my toes I'm sure!

  7. Too funny! Yes, it's very different with number 2.

  8. aw, mini#2 is adorable!
    "would rather eat books than listen to them"....ha!
    serving meals on the floor with a helmet, way too funny!!

  9. I was just pondering on this the other day as an 'experienced mom' (I believe she has 6 or 7 children) laughed when I simply wiped the pacifier off on my shirt when it fell. But you're right... it was in my own home and I vacuum about 4 times a day in the kitchen!

  10. haha I don't have kids but I have definitely heard this is true :)

  11. I'm looking forward to next time being much more laid-back! I was a freak with L when he was a newborn!!!!

  12. Frankly, I think it's a good for them;) Toughens 'em up, you know?

    Haha, I'm kind of kidding, but I will say this. I think it's a bit of a blessing in disguise, as it makes subsequent children more laid-back and easygoing. (Traits I envy in my little brothers, close friends, and husband...all of who were not first-borns.)

  13. Too funny! Especially the helmet and serving food on the floor for #3. Heck, I do that with #1, LOL!!!

  14. Such a funny post and SO true! I am the baby of the fam by 6 years. My sisters STILL complain (I got to eat sugar cereal, they didn't, I went to R movies way before they did, on and on!).

  15. You're a great mother -- which is why you know it will be okay!

  16. haha!! love this and love that you thought about what it would be like with a mini#3!


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