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Monday, August 3, 2009

This is what I need...

I had plans this weekend, big, big house plans. Molly Lou sister was going to take the minis on Friday night as originally planned when we were going to have that shower. I had great plans of getting tons of housework done, some yard landscaping, painting the fireplace, and more. I have mentioned my OCD behavior before, but this weekend, I was going to do some of the deep cleaning that needed to be done. Mr. Molly Lou had agreed to help (shocking, I know.) Then, Friday night before Mr. Molly Lou and I were going to go out on a date (gasp!), my sister called and said that Mini #2 had a fever. Cancel date and go pick up minis. Nothing went as planned this weekend. We did get the fireplace painted and I mowed the lawn, but not the grand plans I envisioned and Mr. wasn't really keen on helping and motivated to get some of his items done.

I was reading People magazine and they did this article where David Beckham answers your questions. Most, were the normal Posh and soccer questions, but one caught my eye.

Apparently he is "very passionate about cleanliness and housework. I love to vaccuum." He also mentioned that he likes to cook.

Ladies, close your eyes and imagine David Beckham in your home vaccuuming, dusting, and preparing your dinner.

Thanks to for the lovely photo.

Wow...Have a great day!


  1. Thank you for the image. Now that is one way to get your Monay going!

  2. You just made my day. You may have even just made my week. Since this is my birthday month, you gave me a great gift this morning!!

  3. Becks is a beauty, but he would be so much more attractive to me less the tatoos.

  4. He's welcome to clean my house and vacuum...ANYTIME!

  5. Now THAT is the Monday mental picture I needed!

  6. I'm sorry your date didn't work out! I hope mini #2 is doing better...

  7. Yes, hope you and your hubby get to go on that date soon and neither of your mini's get under the weather.

    ...and you said you would want a bit of Beckham doing the housework? do you think you'd be able to get all your great plans done if he was about dusting and vaccuming? haha

  8. I have the People magazine where he is doing this and I have to say when I grow up I'm going to marry him..shhh don't tell my boyfriend he's probably going to just laugh at me :)

  9. So I've decided we need to be next door neighbors. Can you imagine what we'd accomplish if we traded babysitting time? Plus it would feel like the kids were getting a treat whenever the other babysat because they'd have each other to play with! I think I need to go make nice nice with the moms in my neighborhood...

  10. Yes, I'm so sure David Beckham actually vaccuums. It would be a sight to see, though! Ha!


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