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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Snapshot Saturday~Yummy

Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Take some time over this fantastic weekend and do what we do and make some yummy brownies!!!
Think he was helpful in actually making the brownies???? Here is Mini #2 watching her brother. Instead of brownies, I could eat her cheeks! Have a great weekend!


  1. Ahhh! So stinkin cute, per usual!!!

  2. Look at those cheeks! The first picture looks like me when I made brownies a few days ago... lol

  3. They are both so stinkin cute, I want to eat up both of them!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. How cute!! Don't you just love how she adores her big brother!! xoxo

    I sent you an email about my giveaway that is coming up soon. Did you want to be part of it? Just let me know. Thanks!!

  5. Thanks for making my day with those adorable so sweet...oh to be young again! Love your blog! daughters name is Molly!

  6. Must... make... brownies! :) Bitsy #2 is in that cheeky stage. Delicious! Bitsy #1 HATES when I call him delicious, though... "Mama, not everyone is food!"
    Hm, I wonder... just WHO is food? hehe

  7. too cute & VERY yum! I do not think anyone is ever too old to lick the bowl!

  8. Mini#2 is in awe of her big brother :o)

    Mini#1 loving his brownie mix! no mistaking that he was taste-testing! haha

  9. You have two of the most precious children I have ever seen!! So cute!! :)


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