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Friday, August 7, 2009

Etiquette Tips for Imaginary Friends

So, you know I have a husband, two minis, Dorothy the fish, Darby and Sam living up in the Molly Lou crib. For those of you living under a rock, Darby and Sam are Mini #1's imaginary friends.

I have recanted many a tale of ol' Darbs and Sammie Sam's antics and adventures. Remember when Darby ran back in the grocery store to get som M&M's? How about when Sam walked all the way from Pennsylvania? It was a riot when Mini #1 opened up the moving car because Darby hadn't gotten in yet!

So, I am reading If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern. She is the Irish author that wrote P.S. I Love You. If you only saw the movie and never read the book, you really need to. I'm not finished with this book yet, so a full review will have to come later.

Apparently, I have been an awful hostess to the dear imaginary friends that are living in my home. This book is so enlightening to imaginary friend parents. Ivan who is a professional imaginary friend, offers his side of the story to many of the issues that rise with imaginary friends.

Ivan says that the reason that imaginary friends leave food on their plate is that they get so paranoid because everyone is watching them waiting to see the food disappear that they can't eat and most of the time they aren't offered cutlery. It really peeves imaginary friends when they don't get a drink and when parents get mad when the imaginary friends ask for ice in the their drinks.

I hope Mr. Molly Lou isn't pointing out pretty women to Sam or Darby because apparently many dad do that to imaginary friends.

For the record, imaginary friends would NEVER tell their friends to each vegetables, so parents should just stop using that as an excuse.
No wonder it has never worked and Mini #1 just laughs at me whenever I have said "Darby is eating her vegetables and she thinks you should too."

I am so glad that I have seen the light from this book and will now be sure to extend a more welcoming spirit to Sam and Darby.
I think I need to get myself some imaginary friends to help me with this life. When I want to run away and hide from my children and husband, perhaps my imaginary friends could jump in to help.
Happy weekend. Can't wait to hear all about them on Monday. We have some exciting news and new products coming next week. Today is the last day to get Coyne & Pinckney Stationery 10% off. See our collection here.

In thinking of imaginary friends, I found this cartoon and thought it was cute!


  1. I never thought about offering imaginary friends cutlery...haha!
    Too funny!
    Hope you all have a great weekend!

    I'm going to send in a photo for Snapshot sat soon!

  2. Hilarious post. You had me cracking up! Have a great weekend.

  3. Love this post! I saw the film P.S. I Love You, but perhaps I'll have to read the book, in addition to If You Could See Me Now. Have a great weekend!

  4. Great post! I think I need to be a little nicer to the imaginary friends that take residence in our house. My son has 2 - Nathan and Matthew (who are actually his friends but are at our house a lot as imaginary). What is the point of view from the imaginary friend on making a huge mess of toys because Carter says it is all Nathan and Matthew...Ha Ha - nice try buddy!

  5. Okay, you totally made me crack up!

    I'm worried about Darby and Sam meeting, falling in love, and then having imaginary babies. What would you do then?

  6. This post made me giggle! What a sweet imaginary mini you have! My sister had several imaginary friends growing up, and oh the trouble they would get into! I think they were named Pontsy and Macie? Her imaginary firends had a birthday just about every week, which I loved, as I got to share in the birthday goodies mother had to buy to celebrate!

  7. Oh, a book you must find for mini, Sam, Bangs and Moonshine! So wonderful, I know every word of it to this day! (a lot of imagination in this book!)

  8. Always such a pleasure to visit you, your post is always so entertaining. Thanks for all the great giggles!

    My niece had an imaginary friend when she was little. She once called me at work crying hysterically that "Fred" had broken the towel bar in the bathroom and could I come over and fix it before her mom found out and kicked Fred out!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!


  9. These imaginary friends are too much! I love it!

    That cartoon is cute!

  10. haha, I'm so glad you're reading the book now! I thought of it everytime you mentioned Darby or Sam!

  11. Love your Darby & Sam stories!

    I can't recall, but is there a story of how Mini #1 said they got their names?

    And love the cartoon... :o)


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