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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Squatter Found

You know the Molly Lou family went away for the Labor Day weekend. I am happy to report that everyone in the family, including parents, sister, brother-in-law, children, Mr. Molly Lou and myself all came back alive (last week I mentioned that there was a slight possibility that this wouldn't happen) and the Tigers won, so overall the weekend was a success.

When we got home, we realized that an unwelcome visitor or squatter decided to take advantage of an empty home and celebrate the holiday weekend in style. Who or what might this unwelcome guest be???


First two responses...


and then


We never saw the mouse, but it did leave us little presents in two cabinents and a drawer (all three connect) letting us know of his visit. You know I was freaking out and totally grossed out. I couldn't figure out how this could happen. I started whining about how clean I keep this place and how could this happen. Mr. Molly Lou, the calm, anti-OCD one took a more thorough look and believes he knows how it came in (thanks a lot "interesting idiot" who lived here before and did a half-bum fix.)

A trip to buy caulk, Decon, and other various rodent repellent to put under the house makes me feel a little better. It still creeps me out and yes, I did bust out copious amounts of bleach after the children went to bed.

Pray for me that this is the end of our little squatter***.

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend. Can't wait to catch up!

***Mr. Molly Lou found the little squatter floating in the swimming pool. Coincidence or karma????? Let's just hope that there aren't any other little rodent babies or family members lurching around.


  1. Oh no!! I would freak out!!

    I'm glad you had a great weekend otherwise! :)

  2. I would have to MOVE OUT. Immediately. I am terrified of little rodents like that. Seriously, it is my worst nightmare! I hope you get that figured out!! Don't leave ANY food out!!

  3. Oh dear lord! I would freak out. I bet you are paranoid that there are rodents every where. Yikes!

  4. Ewwww! Knock on wood, we've never had a mouse here but I had one in my classroom one time and absolutely freaked out. I am talking, standing on a chair, screaming for help. Mice. *shudders*

  5. We had mice before, and I am a very clean person, too. Our problem was that we were surrounded by fields, and every harvest time, in they came!

  6. This happened in our old house! It was, pardon my French, hell! Praying you only have one!

    And don't worry! Apparently, mice can set up camp despite the cleanliness of a house. It's not a reflection on you. I was freaked out about my housekeeping abilities, but apparently, even Martha Stewart is susceptible to mice.

  7. Yuck! Best of luck to you Miss Molly Lou ridding your home of the little pesk!

  8. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

    My word verification is "supdatt." That sounds a lot to me like "s'up with dat?"


    Sorry. I'm tired this morning.

  9. I'm glad everyone made it back alive!

    At least mini#1 didn't claim the visitor as a pet...

  10. I had one of those free loaders for awhile, I was hoping that he had on red shorts, gloves and shoes so I could hold him for ransom and get lots of money from Disney, but noooo...this guy was a nobody!

    I used a humane trap and released him miles down the road in a large open field. Hope your guy leaves soon.

  11. icky! i would have the same reaction! i hope there are no unwelcomed visitors!!

  12. oh No!! That sucks! I would have freaked out too... I am glad you guys found him later... he definitely had some bad karma :)

  13. Ewwwww, yuck! I'm glad you at least found the little creature!

  14. Dearest Sis-in-Law: you know how well I can relate to the unwelcome bugger. I just wanted to let you know that sometimes those pesky fellas can chew through the caulking... seriously, I've seen it. Though I'm not sure how strong those southern rodents are compared to the rough and tumble Boston mice:-P If you wanna be super safe, lay a bit of steel wool and then use the caulking.


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