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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Snapshot Saturday~Thanks Shellback!

I am loving this week's Snapshot Saturday entry. Thanks so much to Jen from Peachykings for sending us this photo...perfect for this holiday weekend too.
Here is what Jen sent us about this fantastic photo: "This picture was taken in South Africa by my Hubby when he was on deployment. It is not very often that the carriers "go over" the equator to South Africa. He got to become a "shellback" (a name they give all those Navy guys that have crossed over the equator). Definitely an interesting story--they have to do all kinds of activities and have a special ceremony at the end (google shellback for more info). The closest thing I can equate it to is "initiation" into a sorority. Besides all the fun of becoming a "shellback", I love to see the F-18 jets! There's something about their sound of freedom that when passing by, I can only be proud to be an American."
It certainly makes me proud to be an American. Thanks for all your hardwork Mr. Peachy-King! Thanks again Jen for sending this in.
Happy Labor Day weekend!


  1. Great picture!! Makes me proud too! Hope you have a great day!! = )

  2. Great photo... and story to go with!

  3. Great picture and awesome story!


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