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Monday, September 21, 2009

In My Previous Life...

I have mentioned once or twice that I am a dork. I feel I should be in a support group; "Hi, my name is Molly Lou and I am a dork."

I love, love, love all awards shows. I get so excited on award nights and have my own little award party.The guest list is very selective and we often feature special themed food or special handmade decorations. (Molly Lou sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and his girlfriend were over for dinner last night since MLSIL was visiting, so I cut the cheesy decorations to avoid abuse from those that just aren't cool enough to see the beauty and coolness in awards shows.)Usually Mr. Molly Lou gets invited, but if he gets too lippy and makes too many snarky comments, his invitation can revoked.

Last night was the Emmy's. YAY! I love the Emmy's as this awards show combines my love for television, celebrities, AND beautiful clothes. (I do love the Academy Awards, but as the years pass I realize that I really need to get out more and these children of mine really do cramp my style as I usually see one of the movies that is nominated and only know any other information about the movies from People magazine or other fine blogs.)

Part of me truly believes that in my previous life I was a famous and beautiful celebrity. I have such vivid images of me walking the red carpet, everyone screaming my name and me flashing that famous smile, then accepting my award for Best Actress and discussing my love for the role that brought me this honor and thanking all those who helped me get all I have accomplished. Of course, I would be on the best dressed lists. Everyone would be talking about my fabulous fashion sense and how I am just such an amazing person and mother. Of course, during interviews, photo shoots, and while in public, my children would be perfectly behaved and just as adorable as they really are. Kate Spade would be throwing things at me to use.

Snap back! Sorry about that. I got off in dreamland for a brief stop. I have a newfound love for Doogie Howser, MD. That guy was a great host and just too darn cute. What would an awards show be without a few "what in the hay is she/he wearing" or "what was that speech all about" moments?

Hope you all had great weekends. Have a great day!


  1. I love award shows too! However, I missed the Emmy's last night. I did catch the red carpet show though! I like seeing what everyone is wearing.

  2. Yes! I love award shows, too. I watched the Emmys last night and LOVED IT! NPH was an amazing host!

  3. I feel so out of the loop! I didn't even know the Emmy's were on last night!

  4. I have a very similar dream like this, too, but for me it's the Grammys or the Tonys. I've always wanted to sing.

    Too bad I can't Not even a little.

  5. I totally have dreams about being on the red carpet but I am normally tripping down it... what does that mean? haha


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