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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Haphazard Thursday

It's that time of the week that everyone loves...time for me to rid some of the randomness swirling around my head.

1-Watched Cougartown last night...pretty much exactly what I predicted a few months ago. I feel slightly dumber after zoning out for the half hour while I watched it. (And by using slightly, I was being NICE.)

2-Funny minism take 1: We had a dinner guest last night and when we were at the grocery store getting a few things, Mini #1 said he wanted an apple pie. They have been studying the letter A this week in school and clearly apples have come many times and they did an apple tasting set of activities yesterday.

We get the pie and after dinner, I am getting the pie and vanilla icecream ready for everyone. Mini #1 proceeds to eat all of his icecream and doesn't touch the pie. I say to him "Aren't you going to eat the apple pie. You chose this for tonight."

Mini #1: "I don't like apple pie. Can I have some more icecream?"

Me: "You chose the apple pie. You love apples and you have had the pie before and now why won't you eat any of it."

Mini: "I just wanted the icecream and I could have the icecream if we got the apple pie."

VERY SMART my dear!!!

3-Funny minism take 2: Funny interaction between Mini #1 and I last night when fighting off the bedtime. Every few weeks or so, he gives me one night of stubborn behavior and pulls out all the stops. He wanted to sleep in my bed and this was a no go. This took place after the third time we had gone up to bed and I was in the kitchen cleaning up.

(comes downstairs crying-no tears) Mini 1: "I had a bad dream."

Me: "No you didn't. You didn't go to sleep."

Mini #1: (abruptly stops crying): "Oh."

Told you he was smart. An A for effort my boy!

4-Next week is Mr. Molly Lou's last week on this project. Starting on October 5, he will be on a new project, a government nuclear power plant. This is a great job and position for him, but it means he will be gone each week. We have done this bit before, but have become so accustomed to "normal" life and have added another mini in to the mix that I am in this funk about it.

5-This Mackenzie Phillips ordeal. Between naps and distracting Mini #1, I actually saw some of that interview on Oprah and of course, I turned to my trusty to help with extra details and information. All I can say about this is WOW, WOW, EWWWWWWWWWW, WTF, GROSS, and WOW!

6-200th post giveaway coming soon! Just a few short posts left. I can't wait and we are looking for your help in what we should do for the giveaway and contest! Let us know your creative ideas. Also, use code fallfun to save 15% off your total purchase from Molly Lou Gifts.

Have a great day. FIOF coming tomorrow!


  1. Your minis are so darn cute and sharp. For real. I love the bad dream story...classic!

    I didn't watch Cougartown...but I expected it to be kind of, you know, bleh. Have you been watching Glee?!?! If not, please seek out episodes online asap.

    And yeah, I totally feel you on the Mackensie Phillips thing. And I second all of those thoughts/feelings/emotions. BLECH.

    AND...I will be ordering the baby shower invitations this weekend I believe!!!!!!!!! SO excited!!!!!

  2. I must be living in a bubble because I have no idea what the Mackenzie Phillips thing is. I am off to google it......

  3. I didn't see Oprah but have heard bits and pieces of the Mackenzie Phillips ordeal and can I just say ICK???

    I'm sorry Mr. Molly Lou is on his last week at this project. I wish I could come visit you and keep your company!

  4. Don't even get me started on this whole Cougar concept, I'm the furthest thing from a feminist, however I get irked when it's alright for an older man to be with a younger woman, but if an older woman is with a younger man they want to put a label on it...grrrr! Okay, I'm getting off my soapbox now!

    I just love hearing about the clever antics of your Mini #1, your son is brilliant!

    Mackenzie Phillips...Consensual Incest???? WTF! Crazy!!


  5. i almost peed my pants laughing at mini #1 and the ice cream. you have got one smart cookie on your hand! he's a hoot!

  6. The whole Mackenzie Phillips thing just makes me sick. Ugh.

    Mini is super smart - must take after Mom.

  7. I'm with mini#1 I'd rather have the ice cream too!

    I'm sorry about the hubby's current thing ending and the new one taking him away during the week. If I were closer we could hang out since I'm alone all week too... stupid distance.

    And I was disappointed with Cougartown too, I mean who wouldn't want her since she looks like 25?!


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