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Monday, September 21, 2009

Pity Party Time...

Ever have a moment or two where you just have to throw yourself a little pity party? (Even if you haven't, I so appreciate your nodding along so that I don't feel completely ridiculous.)

Well, that was me earlier tonight. I just broke down, sent out a quick party invitation, got a super fast RSVP from myself and then the PITY PARTY kicked off in full swing. I didn't even have time to set up decorations and get out the good snacks, it just hit me.

You name it, I was crying over it. Still upset about that pet goldfish that you lost 15 years ago? I probably shed a tear over it. The fact that there was no chocolate in the house did not help ease this process. It was as if the flood gates opened and there was no damming it up.

Then, I tried to pull myself together and just checked out the puffy eyes that areinviting the pity party back. Sometimes it just feels so good to cry.

UGH!!! I mean, tomorrow is a new day. :)

**Mr. Molly Lou was not home. If he had been, he probably would have run away as fast as he could and began researching various mental facilities for me.



    So glad I am not the only one who jumps on the pity party train every now and again.

    Break out the wine and let the water works start my friend.

  2. Oh boy do I do that from time to time! I'm glad I'm not the only one who dredges up ALL the old stuff, too :)

  3. yes, i throw them all the time!

  4. I'm RSVPing yes for the pity party. Should I bring wine?

  5. I do this a lot. You just have to get it out or else! I understand. If you want I will burn you a copy of my Pity Party Mix CD!

  6. I had a pity party last night too! Husband refused to join me and I was really upset by it! Let me know when you're having one again and I'll bring the liquor! ;-)

  7. I used to do this... It's been a LONG time. I think it's completely healthy--I should take it back up. :) Mr. Bitsy & I always laugh, though, because this is how we fight. One (okay, maybe two) HUGE fit--yelling, irrational behavior, neighbors are probably calling the police... But it's just once or twice a year. Every other argument shouldn't even be called an argument.

  8. Yes, I've hosted a few pity parties throughout the years. Hope you're feeling better. Every now and then, we need a good cry.

  9. I'll RSVP to your party! Girl, it's okay. It feels so great to cry sometimes and just get it all out. And, I appreciate that you took the time to cry about my childhood cat that died when I was in 3rd grade on Christmas Eve. You are so thoughtful! :)

  10. OH my! There is nothing like a good pity party to get you out of the dumps. I have had a few in my lifetime!! ;-) {HUGS} xoxo

  11. I have had a running one the past month... it's more like a bash! Had I know I would have invited you... we don't have chocolate but we have ice cream.


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