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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


If you look up the definition of snarky in the dictionary today, you would find a big picture of Mini #1.

Exhibit A: He is going to be "studying" the letter M in school this week, so yesterday I started talking about it. We were pointing out and thinking of words that start with M. This morning at breakfast, I was talking about it again. We rattled off half a dozen "M" words. Then, he says

"Mom needs more money." He was so proud of himself that he made an M sentence. Enter his 3 year old laughter.

-Be oh so impressed at how smart he is or want to _______________?

As we are getting up from breakfast and getting ready for school, he says "Mom makes Mini #2* messy when she eats breakfast."

He looks up and says "I did it again." So flippin' proud of himself again.

Exhibit B: He comes running down the stairs this morning shortly after getting up (he was supposed to be up there getting his clothes) and says "This is so cool. I made a bubble with my nose."

Me: "What?"

Mini: "Oh no. It's gone. Now, that is funny."

Snarky, I tell you. If this is what he is like at 3, what will 13 be like. Oh, dear me. I am sure that I will not survive.

PS-This is just funny. My friend sent us a box of hand me down clothes and one was an Adidas jacket. We were looking at them and I said, when you wear this you can look like David Beckham. Mini #1 says "Who's Daddy Beckham?" Oh, if only that could be true! :)

*Mini #2's name happens to start with M. He doesn't go around referring to his sister as Mini #2 in normal conversation.


  1. Daddy Beckham! He unknowingly put into words the fantasy of the majority of the world's female population! Snarky, and wise!

  2. Seriously, how did Mini #1 get so smart and cute and - most importantly - witty? I have thought about this long and hard, and decided it is because of your startling wit and wisdom, clearly. You are shaping the world's funniest kids.

    Please. Teach me. :)

  3. I am dying of laughter at the Daddy Beckham comment!!!

  4. Huh. My little man has a Daddy Beckham too.

    In my dreams. But still.

  5. Um...I just blew coffee out of my nose with the Daddy Beckham comment! Mini #1 definitely has his mommy's wit and sense of humor! What a hoot he is!!!

  6. Oh mini#1 -- I just adore him!

  7. Kids are too funny. I love the Daddy Beckham comment.

  8. haha...this has made my day! Your little mini is so witty.

    BTW, I tagged you over at my blog. Go check it out ;)

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  10. oh thats funny... and yes very snarky. "Daddy Beckham".....yum!


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