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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Haphazard Thursday

Good morning all! Getting back in to routine and filtering all the random things going on in my head.

1-I am over "country" living. I just don't think I can do it anymore. You know how hesitant I was about this move 20-25 minutes from a Target. (I still get choked up over this and go in to a depression when I need to go to the store and only have eyes for the bullseye.) First, there was the mouse that squatted at our house when we were away for Labor Day, then when we arrived home on Tuesday, Mr. Molly Lou found another visitor outside. I looked at the window while cleaning the dishes and there is Mr. Molly Lou with a shovel and a SNAKE!!!!! was very small, but ewwwwwwwww! I started hypervenilating a little and Mini #1 was concerned on why his mother was convulsing on the floor. Upon finding out what Daddy was visiting with, he wanted to go outside and I calmly told him that daddy already set the little guy free. I have actually been surprised that I haven't seen one yet. Let's pray that word got around to the other little rodents around town that the Molly Lou family doesn't play around and they need to take residence somewhere else.

2-TV! I can't wait for next week. A few shows have already started, but next week is the real deal! Grey's Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives, Oh My! There are many more and it is truly sad that I am this excited...those minis better not give me any bedtime trouble!

3-Want to win something from Molly Lou Gifts? Head over to Gifted Giveaways! We are giving away one of our personalized shirts of choice. We have so many designs, color options, font options, and more! Sizes range from 3-6 months to youth 12! I just added some new designs-have you seen the monkey, holiday tree, dragonfly, or crown yet? Enter by midnight tonight!

4-Mini #1 has his first picture day at school today! My little boy is growing up. He was adament on things he did NOT want to wear and we have been practicing his "nice smile." All of his smiles are sweet, but he has the cheesy, squinched up face smile that doesn't bode well for posed pictures. We don't often do many posed pictures, but let's hope he cooperates for picture day. If they are taking time away from his play time, this might be the shortest photography session ever.

5-We are only 8 posts away from the big 200! That is a whole lot of randomness. I think that calls for a great giveaway to celebrate this occassion. Hmmm...what shall it be? Stay tuned for the BIG day!

6-Yesterday I failed to give a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to my dear Molly Lou sister! I know she is a blog lurcher, so we will just spread the birthday cheer out a little...Happy, Happy Birthday dear sister. We hope you had a great day. (Mini #1 is definitely going to be a should have seen the birthday cake we made and he decorated for his sweet aunt.

Have a great day!


  1. I have to admit - the snake really would have freaked me out!!! I am not usually afraid of snakes, but if I saw one in my yard I would probably be convulsing along with you!

  2. I have full on needed rescuscitation after snakes. Don't feel bad.

    I'll admit, this upsets me, too, as I was hoping a move to SC would leave me relatively snake-free next year, compared to here in Florida:(

    Apparently, not so, huh?

  3. Oh please oh please don't tell me about mice & snakes. And let's just stop mentioning Target being 20 minutes away. That's how it will be for me in about 2 weeks. *sigh* I'll survive, right?

  4. Mice maybe, but a nsake, I may have packed my bags! Hang in there Miss Molly, you will find the charm of your new "country" life!

  5. I hate snakes! The first night The Boyfriend and I were in the house a tiny (like maybe 5 inches long) snake was making his way down my hallway -- I literally stood on the counter until The Boyfriend swept (literally) outside, come to find out we're both not fans of snakes.

    Happy Birthday MLG sister!

    And I hope mini#1's photos turn out awesome -- based on your description of his "smile face" I think he and and my neice have the same one.


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