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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Could it be true? I am so pumped that there is a great possibility that the 2016 Summer Olympics may be in Chicago. I HEART the "Windy City" and would love for this great city to be the home to the world games. Chicago has so much to offer and if Oprah calls it home, then you know it must be something special!
I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Olympics. At the Molly Lou house, we have an Opening Ceremony party which is an elite guest list and we have been known to make some homemade Olympic ring cookies. I get glued to the television and catch myself getting up to watch television in the middle of the night to catch some events. Last summer, I was about to explode with Mini #2 and couldn't sleep anyway. This worked out PERFECTLY for catching all the happenings in Beijing.
I have a BFF, friends, and family that live in or very near Chicago. Selfishly, I also am excited that our family may get the chance to go. It is hard to believe, but Mini #1 will be 10 (almost 11) and Mini #2 will be 7 (almost 8) when these games are conducted and at ages to appreciate and enjoy what is going on.
I can't wait for October 2nd for the decision to be made...I am rooting for you, Chicago!!!
Have a great day!
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  1. OMG...could you imagine the fun we would have together? Do you like how I decided how we would already be hanging together for the Olympic fun? :)

  2. Yesss Chicago Olympics! Wow...2016 seems so far away, but in actuality...I guess it's not, huh. By 2016, I may have a mini of my own!!!

  3. I know! Chicago would be an AMAZING place for the Olympics - I really hope they're picked!

  4. Oooo yay, I love the Olympics, we watch it every night! So great if it was Chicago!

  5. The possibility of the Olympics coming here in 2016 has been in the news everyday since the possibility came to light. Last night on the news we even saw the inside of the plane that took Maggie Daley (the mayor's wife) and former olympians and reporters and the like over to Copenhagen.
    It would be quite interesting to see what it all would be like if the Olympics come here.

  6. it would be fabulous, I am very dear friends with an olympian that is pulling for this to materialize!

    amazing awaits!


  7. Chicago has my vote! I'd make the trip!

  8. Can I come with you? I LOVE Chicago!

  9. We should do a bloggy meet-up if it happens! My mom was complaining about the evil Obama worrying about the Olympics in Chicago right now and although I usually stick up for the Pres, all I could think of was, " Chicago??? Awesome!!!"

  10. When I was there for work the other week I saw all the signs and thought what a great venue it would be!!!

  11. When do they decide who gets the Olympics? I remember when I lived with 3 roommates and we would run home from work everyday to watch the olympics. We even hosted an Olympic party and made an olympic beer pong table!! :) I miss those days! I'm hosting a cute blog give a way if you want to come over and enter!

  12. That would be amazing! My fiances brother lives in Gurnee, IL, so we could at least see some of the people! I vote yes, yes, YES!


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