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Monday, November 23, 2009

We're Off To See...

the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz.

This year marks the 70th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz. Isn't that amazing!

This was on television in the hotel over the weekend and the minis got to watch it some of it. Both of them were mesmerized by it. Mini #2 kept smiling and clapping during the munchkin scene after the bad witch was found under the house.

We continued watching after mini #2 went to bed, and Mini #1 was really studying it and kept asking questions. When the witch disappears in to that red/orange smoke, he got this really disgusted look on his face and said "what is she doing?"

Watching this movie, I kept thinking how truly amazing this movie was for being made in 1939. What creativity and imagination it took and even after the 100th time I have watched it, each time takes me back to seeing it for the very first time as a little girl.
**Mini #1 started singing "follow the yellow paved road." :)

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Have a great day.


  1. My kids just discovered this movie within the last couple of months as well. They can't get enough of it. In fact, my 4-year-old dressed as Dorothy for Halloween and my 2-year-old was the Lion. It's made quite the impression!

  2. Love the movie! Being from Kansas, I should be one of those people who loathes it and gets tired of the Toto jokes. I really do agree with you that the level of creativity for back then is very high. It's so cool that the Minis are captivated by it and not afraid! :)

  3. I agree!! the effects were perfect for this movie. I think if someone tried to recreate it now, they would do too much and it wouldn't be the same! LOVE this movie

  4. We watched it last night! (as wea re going to see Wicked on Saturday and wanted to have the story of the Wizard of Oz fresh on our minds!) I love this movie!!

  5. Congrats, Whitney!! :)

    I love the Wizard of Oz...I so need to watch this again. It has been a really long time!

    And thank you for the sweetest blog comment I've ever had in my life. Right back at 'cha! :)

  6. Okay, here's my news for the day. I've always been freaked out by this movie. Isn't that sad?! So many people love it & it scared me as a child. Oh and fun fact for the day, when people talk to me & do the "you look like (fill in famous person here)" I often get Dorothy! Crazy, crazy.

  7. My dad is the biggest Wizard of Oz fan out there. He has passed on the love to L, who loves to tell anyone how Dorothy gets taken by a "tomato!!"

  8. Hey sweets! Shoot me an email at

    Need to get swap deets!


  9. The old theater I used to dance at still had props from when they first did it on stage in my area... it was so fun!

    It's such a timeless movie.

  10. I love this movie! It reminds me of when I was little!


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