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Monday, November 2, 2009

Let's talk about....

Let's talk about you and me...

Let's talk about QVC!

What is about QVC? I can get sucked in to watching/staring at QVC for what appears to be years. I swear they send out some kind of hallucinogenic waves to suck you in to their world.

Just about every time I am flipping through the channels and I come by QVC, I stop. I get sucked in. I stare and stare and stare. About 15 minutes later, I snap out of it and move on.

This was particularly a habit when Mini #1 was an infant (Mini #2 occassionally, but she is such a good sleeper). I would up in the middle of the night with him and there would be NOTHING on and those hosts on QVC were pretty much the only adult interaction I would get in a day.

I am surprised that I haven't spent their college funds on food dehydrators, diamonique brooches, reversible fleece big shirts, the bejeweled metallic belts, danging snowglobe earrings, 122 piece Rubbermaid sets or the magic crossbody shopper bag.

They actually do have some good things and deals that I have been tempted to purchase before, but just haven't. How fun would it be to be one of the featured callers and chat it up with the hosts and be one of the digits flipping for the number sold!

Have a great day!

PS-click your way over to Good Will Grace to see today's post. It is wonderful and you will be so glad you did. Good luck Whitney!


  1. Nice to know I'm not alone... QVC keeps me company during hours of freelance writing from home. It's the perfect background noise. There's something comforting and inspiring about their voices and I rarely HAVE to look up (although I often do! :)

  2. They will suck you in that is for sure.

  3. Those are the same as those informercials! Every time I see one, I am all of a sudden addicted to making the pefect omlet and must have that piece of plastic that will let me do it! Hahah, they get me everytime.

  4. I have an extreme fondness for QVC. Really, I do. I blame my mother for it. She watched & shopped for years...and, now, so do I!

    I love it this time of the year especially with all of the holiday things coming out.

    I absolutely watch whenever there is something handbag or makeup related. Oh, and those food shows with David Venable as the host? It's my 'crack addiction.' :-)

  5. I wonder if every woman has watched QVC late at night and wondered if she is the only one doing it. They definitely have a wild assortment of produts.

  6. I actually love QVC and bought a pretty cute bathing suit a couple of years on there. Whenever I watch it I am so tempted to buy whatever I see!!!

  7. Can I just say how happy I am that you didn't buy any reversible fleece big shirts!

    ps. Still haven't gotten an email... I think the email fairies got lost!


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