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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Snapshot Saturday~The Big Race

Last Saturday, my sister and her husband ran their first race, a 5K in town and we went to cheer them on.
This week's Snapshot Saturday features my boys and their race attempts.

Mr. Molly Lou "raced" down to Starbucks to get us cheerers coffee...look at that serious and focused face. I love it that my man takes the coffee run with such stride. :)

The second is Mini #1...he kept racing up and down the street and then running all around in circles while we were waiting closer to the finish line. Oooooh, check out that outfit too...shorts, orange shirt, green jacket, and Lightning McQueen knee high rain boots...CLASSIC. (To be 3 again or perhaps just that darn cute and get away with an outfit like that.)

Both of my boys WON their races with flying colors! Happy weekend!



  1. Love the boots and shorts. The Mr.ML is working it! Happy Saturday!

  2. Ha! This is so cute. I LOVE your husband "jogging" with Starbucks with the runners in the background! Too funny.

  3. Those are two of the cutest snapshots ever!!

  4. Haha, the picture of your husband on his coffee "run" is great.

  5. Mr. MLG is much more graceful than I am... I would never run with anything hot!

    And Mini #1 is rocking that outfit!

  6. Congrats to the Kellers for running a 5K. Mini 1 looks precious!

  7. those pictures made me laugh out loud! Thanks for sharing!


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