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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Snapshot Saturday~Awesome Argyle

This week's Snapshot Saturday features the minis sporting their argyle shirts...How stinkin' cute are they?

We have over 20 different shirt styles and colors as well as 16 fonts for your choice of personalization.

We also have several holiday shirt and dress designs.

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Happy weekend.


  1. DARLING is the only appropriate word here ;-) xoxo

  2. These shirts are beyond fantastic! And the minis look so cute that I can barely stand it!! :)

    Are these like the shirt we got for J? If so, they are even cuter in person!!

  3. I just did the loudest "Awwww" out loud for these! So cute!

    Also here's a question: How quickly can you do these kinds of things?

    In a couple weeks, my friend will know the gender of her baby, and once she does, I'd love to give her a little named tee and onesie like that. But I'd need it before Christmas, and we won't know the name and gender until after the beginning of December.

  4. They are so stinking cute!!! Love this picture, I may have to order a shirt. CAn I do it through your blog? Do you sell these shirts?

  5. MLG Mini's are just so adorable and make the best little models!


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