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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sunny Days...

keeping those clouds away...

Happy Birthday/Anniversary "Sesame Street"!
WOW!!! 40 years old...
We all need to take a moment of silence to pay homage to the creative genius talent of Jim Henson.
What a cool place to be. I always wanted to go to Sesame Street.
I think it is so fun and neat that parents that grew up singing the "sunny days" tune can now share it with their own little minis. I was totally one of those parents with Mini #1 that didn't allow him to watch ANY telelvision until after 2. One day, I turned on Sesame Street and he was completely in love. Sesame Street is such a fun, educational, loving, diverse, and somewhat magical place for children of all ages and across the world.

I stumbled upon some interesting facts about "Sesame Street":
Big Bird is 8'2".
Only 1 person has played Big Bird.
"Sesame Street" was orginally created to teach inner-city kids English.
"Sesame Street" has won more than 100 Emmys in its 40 year history, more than any other show.
Before trying cookies for the first time, Cookie Monster's name was Sid.
Ernie wears horizontal stripes on his sweater to make him appear more relaxed; Bert wears vertical stripes on his sweater to make him appear more uptight.
Snuffy Snuffleupagus wears a 65 GGG shoe.
So now, you can successfully beat everyone at "Sesame Street" trivia today. Check out the Google homepage today. Thanks "Sesame Street" for 40 years of fun education.
Have a great day!! New Birthday month giveaway coming tomorrow!
{Thanks to AOL for the Sesame Street gang picture.}


  1. Grew up with Sesame Street and loved it! Now I'm watching it with my kids and it's fun to see what has changed and what has remained the same after all of the years.

  2. Oh how I miss the days of sitting on my grandma's couch, eating yogurt raisins and watching Grover report the news, Bert&Ernie pretend to be straight and Oscar yell at people.
    But seriously, I miss it.

  3. I just love them! HEre is to hoping they are around for another 40 years so that my someday children can enjoy them as much as I did growing up!

  4. Sesame Street taught me to read before I was three. I love that show. I loved it more back in the day, but any Sesame Street is good Sesame Street!

  5. I love Snuffleupagus, he's always the forgotten one! I got to meet Bob McGrath when I was younger during a dance performance and it was a highlight my childhood! He was such a sweet man.

  6. i looooooved sesame street as a child! my mom made the most wonderful sesame street cake for my 3rd birthday. what a wonderful show!


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