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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Snapshot Saturday~Where the Path Leads...

We went to visit Mr. Molly Lou last weekend at his new job locale and we found the most charming and perfect park. It used to be a large estate, but was left to the city in the 1970's and had to be used as a public park and gardens. There were paths, ponds, an amphitheater, a sensory garden, and live oaks galore. We had the best time roaming around and getting lost in this "secret garden."

I love this picture of Mini #1 running down this path of live oaks...I wonder where his path will lead?

Have a great weekend!


  1. What a wonderful photo! And I love how it really does lend itself to your question: "Where will his path lead to?"

    It is so beautiful and sunshine and shade perfectly sprinkled along this path...

    Blessings & Aloha!

    It's so great to be able to get some blog reading done :o) You are too quick! I was needing to let you know that I have that sweet award (aka "blog hug") for you:o) It stands for the sweetest meaning~thank you for being a follower & for leaving sweet comments! Heartbreaker is doing much, much better...& back to school again.)

  2. Great photo...It looks so pretty!

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment. I hope you guys are all better. It would be so nice if we could all be cooped up and sick together. And this picture is awesome! You should really frame it!

  4. Wonderful picture. It looks like something that would be on a greeting card. You take fabulous pictures!!
    Have a super weekend!

  5. aww love that picture!! And I need to e-mail you about Holly's giveaway that I won which I don't think I need to tell you how super excited I am and how amazing everything you have is and how I can not choose!! Just so you know :)

  6. How cute! With awesome parents like you and Mr.MLG his path will be super bright!

  7. What a darling picture! I want to come hang out at that park - sounds fabulous!!

  8. I LOVE finding new parks and gardens and exploring them.... so much fun! That is a great picture. The sidewalk is really neat.


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