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Friday, October 16, 2009

I was a virgin until last week...


virgin that is.
(Come on, you were intrigued by the title and just had to open to read the rest?!?!?!)
I admit it, My name is Mrs. Molly Lou and I had NEVER been to an Ikea until last Saturday. I probably would have never admitted this because I was holding on to every little bit of coolness that I could grasp. Of course, I should have been to an Ikea. Many times at that. You see there has never been an Ikea near me. Of all the places we have lived, you would think that one would have been more convenient. There was one close to us in Toronto, but I was about to BUST with Mini #1 and didn't want to go in to labor while waddling around Ikea.
I have dreamed of Ikea. I have heard others talk about the phenomenon that is Ikea. I had heard all about the deals, the craziness, the quantities, the showcases and room layouts, the colors, the food court, oh my. I have seen some treasures that others have found and longed to join the group with stories of Ikea.
We were in Atlanta last weekend for the wedding and I pretty much had all day to kill. Mr. Molly Lou was with the groom fulfilling his best man duties and I had NO CHILDREN. Talk about a treat. I went and did some other things, shopped a little, enjoyed some "me" time and then remembered we had passed an Ikea coming in to town. I had talked with a few other people about this before. I had about an hour before I needed to get back to get ready...Ikea here I come!
First of all...Holy Smokes that place is huge. You can seriously be lost in there for days. I was in sensory overload the entire time and couldn't quite grasp all that there was to see, feel, touch, pick up, and purchase. I am not claustrophobic, but when it was about time for me to leave, I couldn't find the way to the exit and had a near panic attack.
I was walking in circles, starting to hyperventilate, and talking to myself:
"Rugs, I passed rugs three minutes ago.
Bath fixtures, I passed those right before the rugs.
Frames, I have seen these at least three times.
Kitchen gadgets, I passed those before the frames, but after the rugs the first time.
Rugs, how in the hay did I get back to rugs. I was here just after the frames. I took a right the first time and ended up in the bath fixtures. If I go to the green area one more time. Great...I'm going to miss the wedding.
Stop and breathe...Just follow the signs very closely. You're smarter than this, much smarter."
As I was walking to the checkout, I saw entire areas of things I had not even glanced at.
I did get just a few things and could have purchased more. I was impressed by some things, but also felt let down by others. I didn't find any .99 throw pillows, 3.00 rugs, or .49 useless, but stylish home gadgets. I think since I had waited so long for this experience that it just didn't live up to the hype.
Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to go back with my BFF to share in the madness. Ikea really is almost indescribable. Before my next visit, I am going to get a gameplan and divide and conquer.
Happy weekend! Can't wait to hear about them on Monday.


  1. I think I have a love-hate relationship with Ikea. I generally think "pshhh, what's the big deal?" (and yes, I really make that sound) until I see something at someone's house & they say they got it there. Then I'm intrigued again.

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you've experienced it!

    It is heaven, but you're right. It's heaven in the form of a maze that requires Type-A organization, game plans, and the list-making we totally crave.

    Confession: When I found out we were moving to SC, I Googled the closest IKEA, which is three hours away from Charleston. Which the hubs thought was ridiculous and said he wasn't going to humor me.

    so, if you're interested, I am more than willing to game-plan with you and head back out to that mystical IKE world with you!

    Just saying. We could be a force to be reckoned with in that place!

    (Also, this comes off as a lil creep and stalkerish, but I have to meet you one day. It's a goal of mine...which also sounds creepy, come to think of it.)

  3. I'm an IKEA virgin as well. I don't think I have one anywhere near here. I will have to live vicariously through you! Ha!

  4. I had a panic attack the first time I went to IKEA... there were SO MANY people and the crazy carts that can be pushed anyway and I couldn't get out. I mean you really need more than a hour -- more like a day! We have one in Tampa now so you and Brittany can come and we'll make a day or two of it! And don't feel bad I've only been twice and after the first "HAVE TO LEAVE" panic attack the second trip was to get a desk so I didn't really "look around."

  5. Isn't Ikea amazing??! Pretty much all of our furniture is from there. Bed, mattress, end tables, coffee table, dining room table and chairs, lamps, name it, it came from Ikea. But now that we're Indiana, I have no idea where the nearest Ikea is...if there even is one here. Considering the fact that I live in a city without a major department store, I find it doubtful that there is an Ikea anywhere around.

  6. Here's what I do - I go to Ikea's website and scope out everything I want, make a list from that and then print pictures from their website. Then I just go straight to the items I need when I get there. Ikea is so big/overwhelming that it is just easier for me to get in and get out whenever I go.

    BTW, they have great ice cream there. You need to try that next time! :)

  7. There is so much in our home that is from Ikea...I heart that place.

  8. OVERWHELMING is the only word I can think to describe Ikea. I mean seriously the have like a zillion of everything. I think you need like 4 full days to dedicate to that place.

  9. I LOVE Ikea! I wish I had one closer to me but I have driven to Atlanta & back in one day to go! And they have one in Phoenix so I get to go this weekend! But since I am flying I doubt I can come back with anything. Sad!

  10. Oh, I love IKEA ... only I definitely have to have a plan of attack, otherwise I get way overwhelmed!

    I bet you're going to get some crazy
    traffic based off of your subject of this post :)

  11. I've never been there, either. We don't have one in my town and I don't know where the closest one is. I need to find out though!

  12. I've never been to IKEA either, but now I totally want to go...with you and Brittany! :)

  13. I haven't ever been to an ikea but I am soooo wanting to go!


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