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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Playing Real-life

Mini #1 loves to play. We play anything and everything and lately he has been really in to roleplaying and playing different characters from books and television shows and then we recreate the exact scene from said television episodes or book pages.

It is always he and I and sometimes if the characters allow, he will let Mini #2 on the action as well. The same goes for Mr. Molly Lou.

Our resumes include:
Little Einsteins-I am June, Mini #1 is Leo, Mini #2 is Annie (brother and sister in the show), and Mr. ML is Quincy

Guess How Much I Love You: Mini #1 is Little Nutbrown Hare and I am Big Nutbrown Hare

Dora: I am Dora, he is Boots; Diego-he is Diego, I am Alecia

Olivia: I am Olivia, he is Ian, and Mini #2 is William

Sesame Street: He is Elmo, I am Zoe, Mini #2 is Abby, and Mr. ML is Grover. (He does a FANTASTIC Grover voice.)

Thomas: We alternate being different trains depending on the scene that Mini #1 wants to play out. I have experience being James, Percy, Gordon, Sir Topham Hatt, Daisy, Lady, Stanley, just to name a few.

Max and Ruby:He is Max and I am Ruby.

The Berentstein Bears: You Guessed it...I am Mama Bear, Mr. is Papa Bear, he is Brother Bear, and Mini #2 is Sister Bear.

This is just to name a few...I am really building quite the resume with my cartoon and literary starring roles and also have a slight personality disorder as I can't remember who the hay I am supposed to be. Mini #1 is VERY particular that these scenes or play moments go exactly as the writers wrote them. I giggle at how particular he is and how stressed he gets if we don't say the script as written. He corrects me and says "Mom, that's not right. You're supposed to say _________." OOPS! We usually go through a handful of characters a day.

Just last night, we portrayed Curious George and I was the Man with the Yellow Hat from the book Curious George Goes to the Zoo. What a riot it was to watch George feed those animals at the zoo, get in trouble from the zookeepers, and then George and the Man with the Yellow Hat save the day and get to go to the exhibit for free.

This morning he asks me if I want to play Mini #1* and Mom.

Should I be worried that my child wants to know if I want to play real life?

Come to think of it, there are plenty of times when it would be nice to play real life and then move on to playing something else.

*He uses his real name. It would add even more humor to the situation if he referred to himself as Mini #1. Have a great day.


  1. HAHAHA! Well, at least he WANTS you to play real life! That must mean it's pretty darn fun!

  2. That is too cute. Your kiddo sounds adorable and lots of fun:)

  3. I'm with Brittany -- he must love his life to want to play it. And I agree, sometimes I'd like to just play grown-up... but I'd probably let Fenway still be Fenway :)


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