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Friday, October 23, 2009

Dear Neighbor...

{Let me start this by setting a scene...The Molly Lou family lives on a cul-de-sac street. Most of the roads that run perpendicular to our street are also cul-de-sac. The point of this is that there isn't a lot of through traffic and most peeps out and about are in the neighborhood.}

Dear Neighbor,

Hello there! Let me take a moment to introduce myself. I am the neighbor that has the charming Cape Cod and those precious little minis running around everyday. I just feel terrible that we haven't yet gotten to officially meet, but I do so hope that we get to soon. I just know we will be the best of friends.

I hate to bring this up on our first interaction, but I really must address the fact that your dog poops in my yard frequently. You see, we don't have any dogs, only children, and I know that my children aren't using the restroom at the top of the yard all along the street.

Unfortunately, I have stepped in this "present" before and do understand that accidents happen, but this has happened on multiple occassions. Walks are lovely and I enjoy them almost daily with my children, but I don't allow them to use the potty on your lawn and then just walk away.

I will be happy to provide bags and paper towels to assist in clean up if that is the issue. I feel that as common courtesy, it is more than appropriate for me to ask that you clean up any gifts that your dog might drop while walking by my yard.

I do so appreciate your attention to this matter and I can't wait to mingle at the next block party.


Mrs. Molly Lou


PS-I love, love, loved Grey's Anatomy last night. Have a great weekend.


  1. Awwww....I hate that! I really HOPE you can resolve that and soon. I have a dog so I understand, but it's kind of what you sign on for when you have a dog. Man, you've just had a week haven't you! Relax this weekend! xoxo, Jenn

  2. OH WHY do people insist on doing that? I mean honestly, if my kid goes over to someone's house and spills goldfish all over the floor, I feel awful and sit there picking up
    Dog 'presents' are so much worse than that.

  3. As a dog owner myself, I get SO upset when people don't clean up after their animals! It makes responsible dog owners like me look bad! I loved Grey's last night too, what awesome camera sequencing, I loved it!!

  4. I have a neighbor whose dog did that too.

    And then the dog died.

    And I felt a little badly about crabbing about the dog.

    But I got over it really quickly.

    I say you send your letter.

  5. It kills me when people let their dogs do that. We always clean up after our dog. It's just common courtesy. But, I guess many people lack that. Love your approach, though. (My kids don't poop on your lawn - hilarious!)

  6. Frustration! We have a guy who lets his dog poop wherever, too and one time it did it's business in my yard while I was outside and all the guy said was "fertilizer"! The nerve!
    Hope you get this taken care of STAT!

  7. I absolutely despise (and I don't often use that word) people that do that. I know it isn't the dog's fault so why don't they pick up after it??

    Being in townhomes, we don't have yards & so we walk Hayden on the street & we pick up after her every single time. When I take her for walks, I take extra bags, cause you just never know. Yet we have someone who lives near us who doesn't. And they have a big dog. And it is disgusting!

    I feel your pain/anger.

    And I cracked up imagining you letting the mini's go in the yard!

  8. You should set up a dog poop pick up station in your yard. Hint hint, disrespectful neighbor!

  9. People and their poop.


    I hate this.

    If I can pick up my Great Dane's poops, they can manage theirs.

    And tell them I said so!

  10. I say you just make a cute little sign that says "My kids don't use the bathroom in your yard" sign.

    It's so frustrating when people don't clean up after their dog... I mean it's not that hard!


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